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Stickman jailbreak 1.9
You need to help Stikmanu escape fromprison.Many escape options will be granted to you, but only a few of themwill be feasible.You will sit in solitary confinement, and the door you will guardthe guard.Relatives gave you a watermelon, so you can escape. Because nobodyknows what is hidden in this tasty watermelon.Various tools are waiting for you to escape.Non-linear storyline will give an interesting story of thegame.If you select the wrong option, you will see a funnyanimation.At any time, you can repeat the selection of actions.Humor and fun animations will raise your spirits.Cool graphics and audio will give you an unforgettable atmospherein the game.Playing like, both adults and children, the game is not violentscenes.The game is free.
Masha rescues grandma 1.7
Once there was Masha in the hut, which waslocated in the woods. One day Masha received a letter from hergrandmother, where my grandmother invited her favoritegranddaughter to visit for the cakes.You will play Masha, your job is to go on an adventure through thewoods to grandmother.On the way you will meet a variety of fabulous creatures such asthe water in the swamp, forest, goblin, dwarf underground, bad wolfand other fantastic characters.The game will not be a bear and the bear, but it will be bad wolf,who will try to stop you successfully reach your favoritegrandmother.Masha will travel in a red scarf.In the game you need to perform tasks fairy-tale characters.Pick up items and combine them with each other.You are waiting for various beautiful locations. You will wanderthrough the cottages, beautiful fields and forests, and also youwill visit in the swamps and caves.You will be able to escape or fight the evil wolf.You can play a variety of mini-games, where your finger will needto move various objects. Enjoy beautiful sound, beautiful graphics,interesting plot and animation.Playing like children and adults.This is one of the best games of Dmitry Starodymova for all time tothe end of 2016!On the development of the game took 3 months. In the game, Dmitryput his soul. The game you enjoy.You have to be careful and to enable maximum performance of yourbrain. Your intelligence and logic will be developed with thisgame.If you love quests, interesting puzzles, detective stories and tolook for items, then you just have to download this wonderfulgame.The game is free.
Urban legend Escape 1.1
Dangerous criminals kidnapped a girlnamedKate. She needs your help. Inspect the house in which shefoundherself, through surveillance cameras. Tell her what's goingon andhow to do is. Just depends on your decision how will acttheheroine of this story, and whether it can be saved.Features:● Non-linearity: The development of the plot depends onyourchoice. Only you decide how to develop the story of thegame.● Surveillance cameras: They are placed around full ofdangers,home.● Three endings: to make informed decisions, save Kate is notsoeasy.● Tense thriller: Fascinating story, spectacular graphicsandatmospheric music will immerse you completely in theevent.Cruelty, unexpected turns and difficult choices will notleave youindifferent.
Aqua fish 1.1
Welcome to the next colorful and exciting gamefrom Dmitry Starodymov.You are waited by the amazing live, underwater world of Aqua Fishwith your life and trials.Your task is to develop and decorate the aquarium for points thatyou can earn by playing "three in a row." The more coins you have,the more beautifully you will be able to decorate your aquarium andfill with different living creatures.Fish can feed and clean the aquarium.In the store you can buy beautiful decorative objects, such asalgae, corals and various artifacts, as well as beautiful livingcreatures for this aquarium.During the game Aqua Fish "three in a row" on your way will meetenemies who will stop making coins. Collect all the marine coloredobjects and defeat all the bosses!You are waiting for a lot of beautiful different levels, with eachupdate will appear new levels and new aquariums! Match 3super!Beautiful graphics, animation and music will give you moments ofhappiness in your life. The game will appeal to both an adult and ayoung audience.The game Aquafish is free, but there is an opportunity inside thegaming shopping.If you want to add something new to the game, then write to thedeveloper's mail.
Stickman jailbreak 4 1.3
The main character Stickman is in prison withother prisoners. Your goal is to find successful ways of escapingfrom prison. It is very difficult psychologically to be in the areabehind bars, so you need to turn on your brains and mindfulness tothe fullest extent to get out of here. There will be only oneescape in your head!Your hero Stick will be sitting in a cell with a formidablecellmate and lowered, which will prevent you from escaping fromprison. You are given ten items to choose from, many of which willlead you to a loss, but some items will give you victory.On the way to you, apart from criminals, there will be policemenwho will do everything possible to prevent you from escaping fromprison.You are waiting for puzzles, fights and a little shooting. The gamehas funny moments and black humor.Interesting variants of the plot development, funny animation andanimation will help diversify your life. This game will appeal notonly to players who are at large, but also to prisoners incustody.The game is free.
Stickman jailbreak 5 1.9.3
You have to play for the protagonist Stickman,who was put in jail. Your task is to find all ways to escape fromprison. A lot of options for choosing an escape will make you thinkand enjoy a fun animation. Be careful with the choice, your lifewill depend on it. One wrong step and you die from the enemies, andthey are in the game is not enough. To enemies it is possible tocarry not only guards and policemen, but also a fighting dog withthe custom killer. Everyone is in prison and strict regimecolonies, and every Stick wants to get out as soon as possible fromthis gray and boring place. Let the wise man escape!You are waiting for animated, funny videos with sound. Immerseyourself in this convict romance with your head. Prison adventuresare waiting for you!The game is free.
Stickman: Shooting 1.0.4
Welcome to the shooting range of Stickman!Youwill be given 60 seconds to shoot as many of theStickmancharacters as possible. At the moment you can use 3 typesoffirearms. If the game will be in demand, then I will addnewweapons and characters.Shoot from the first person, both sides will run and walkcharactersStick, you will have a lot of patron, but not enoughtime to destroyas many characters as possible. Shooting Stickmanwaiting foryou!In the game there is a tournament online table of players,competewith other players around the world! The game differs fromothersimilar games in that it is executed in color and holes remaininthe location from the bullets. Write what you want to see intheupdated game and then the developer will add new features.Convenient management, colorful graphics, sound and a goodgameoptimization will help you spend your leisure time with a smileonyour face.The game is free.
Stickman jailbreak 7 1.3
You will play the character Stickman. Yourcharacter was behind bars in the jailbreak cell.Your task is to find three successful ways to escape fromjailbreak. You will be presented with ten different items in theparcel, which you can use to escape. In the game you will encountermany problems that need to be solved in order to feel the taste offreedom. In the game, you can apply both physical strength andintellectual interaction. The game is better to be careful,otherwise you can not successfully escape from jailbreak.Funny animation, interesting skits and cartoon graphics will cheeryou up and dip you into the jailbreak atmosphere of the zone. Thegame will be attended by jailbreak, guards are also policemen andother characters. Different locations with pre-New Year themes willcheer you up because soon a new year!The game is free.
Stickman jailbreak 8 1.3
And again Stickman was in prison, only forChristmas. Santa Claus does not matter, through the chimney threwyou a red bag with gifts that you can use to escape from prison.Your job is to find two lucky gifts out of ten that will help youescape from the detention cell. Be careful, on the way you willfind guards, wild animals, obstacles and even zombies! They willnot want you to successfully escape from prison. Funny sketches,nice graphics will cheer you up for Christmas! In the game you willsee a beard of cotton wool, salute, icicles and much more on thewinter theme. It's time to escape again from prison!The game is free.
Jailbreak Craft 1.7
You have to play the character Stickman, whowas put in jail. Your task is to find two successful ways of escapewith the use of crafting. Kraft should be at every step, so as notto become a victim of guards and dangerous creatures.In the prison chamber of, you will have a box of chest, which willcontain the necessary ingredients for crafting. Use differentblocks, weapons and wit to make a successful escape fromprison.Among the monsters you will see zombies, spiders, dragons, wildhorses and many other characters and monsters. Also you will seedifferent weapons, among them there will be a sword, a pickaxe,dynamite and more.The game will encounter various switches, and portals, with whichyou can travel. Also in the game there are mini games thatdiversify the whole game process. For example, in one mini-game youhave to climb up a large tree, avoiding spines. In anothermini-game you have to work with different blocks to build a solidbridge and pass it.Good luck to you free game.
The girl rescues Lucy 1.2
You have to play a little heroine girl, whowaswalking in the old forest with her dog Lucy. Everything wasfineuntil the dog Lucy made an escape deep into the forest. Ourgirl waslooking for her in the old woods of Lucy and did notnotice how darkthe night came. Soon she found an abandoned house,where, in heropinion, her dog could hide. The girl now needs tospend her owndetective, you can say you are not playing achildren's fairy tale,but a real investigation. Now you have toenter this abandoned houseand find your dog Lucy. But the girldoes not know what fear awaitsher outside the door. The game isexecuted in an excellentperformance. The girl spent the whole daylooking for her dogthrough the terrible forest. On the way shecame across rabbits whowanted to escape from the girl. In anabandoned house you arewaiting for beautiful, gothic locations inwhich you will wait formystical gifts. Surprises can be veryscary, because of fear, anyplayer will want to escape from thisgloomy home. This super escapegame you will definitely like! Thehouse will have many rooms, aseach door will have its own serialnumber. You will need to do asearch for all objects, things, todeal with thismisunderstanding!A lot of different locations, objects, rooms with puzzlesandmonsters. Collect different things by combining them to opendoors.Find ways to destroy all the terrible creatures in thishouse. Havetime to save your beloved Lucy, your favorite puppy.Arrange theescape from this abandoned house! Mystique is waitingforyou!A fabulous and mystical atmosphere will dive you into anamazingadventure of pleasure and fear. Beautiful graphics and musicwillrefresh you, and soothe from the terrible moments ofthegame.You are waiting for a variety of puzzles and differentmysticalcreatures. The game will appeal to those who love mysticalgames,where you can play slowly. Just like the players who likegames inthe style of the game escape and puzzle. Like the game alsoloversof horror and fear. Another game will appeal to those wholikegames in the style of searching for items and things.The game is free.
Unusual test 1.6
You have to go through a lot of differentunusual tests. You will find a quiz with a lot of tasks, puzzlesand rebuses. A lot of mini games and tasks will appeal to people ofany age. Men, teenagers and boys will be able to play various minigames. Women, girls and girls will be able to enter the beautysalon and embody all their fantasies with hair, manicure.Throughout the game, you will be accompanied by Mr. Red. In thelower right corner you will always have an active hint, which youcan use at any time for free! If the game will be in demand, then Iwill constantly release new levels!Logical and tricky tasks will develop your mindfulness, intellectand brains. Turn, rotate your mobile device, click to complete alltasks.With every correct level you will move to a new level. If you losethe level, then automatically will be transferred to the previouslevel.Logic, intuition and non-standard thinking will help children andadults to pass these fascinating and beautiful levels. You cancompete with friends for a time for how many you will pass throughall levels. For example, the creator Dmitry Starodymov passed thefirst 50 levels in 30 minutes! Find out how great your brainis!Beautiful graphics in minimalism and pleasant music will cheer youup.This free game will appeal to all players regardless of the levelof iq.