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Abandoned house 1.9.5
Here is the most terrible and funny mobilegame in the world. You will find in a dark, abandoned house hisgirlfriend. 250 and 250 the darkest places paranormal will not letyou do it safely. Children's laughter and the gnashing of theclutches of the monsters in the dark will not let you relax. Coldsweat will act on your skin from the icy fear and terror. Abandonedhouse will not be as abandoned. Many ghosts, ghosts, monsters,zombies, mutants, walking corpses will scare you to death. You caneasily get lost in the numerous corridors and rooms. In the housethere is a lot of floors and doors. Will appeal to fans of horrormovies and scary games. Dead children, rotting corpses, ghosts inthe mirror, blood, scary monsters sounds will frighten youconstantly. Do not relax, because the game Screamer also present.You can enjoy black humor and then get into a psychiatric clinic.You will not be able to help a psychiatrist, because the demons arein your head.Try playing other games from the developer StarodymovaDmitry.- When the game starts a few seconds wait for the blackscreen.Game Group game is free