Startrack S.A. Apps

Si! TAXI (Taxista) 1.7
Este app es para taxistas.Permite registrarse al servicio de Si! TAXI para compartir yrecibir solicitudes de transporte.Paso 1. Registrarse, ingresando foto, número de teléfono ydocumento de identificaciónPaso 2. Ingresar datos de un vehículo, foto del vehículo, detarjeta de circulación y de permiso para operar taxi.Paso 3. Compartir y recibir información de clientes que pidentransporteThis app is for taxidrivers.Allows registering the service of Yes! TAXI to share and receiverequests for transportation.Step 1. Register by entering photo, phone number andidentificationStep 2. Enter data of a vehicle, photo of the vehicle,registration certificate and permit to operate taxi.Step 3. Share and receive information from clients askingtransport
Skydata Costa Rica 3.5.7
Aplicativo para acceder a recorridos devehículos con el servicio de Skydata CRVea ubicaciones actuales, recorridos, geocercas y alertas de suflota usando este interfaz ágil y fácil de usar.Application to accessroutes for vehicles with CR Skydata serviceSee current locations, routes, and geofence alerts its fleetusing the interface streamlined and easy to use.
Aerobots Map Viewer 1.9
El app permite acceder a sus datos desde elcampo y confirmar desde cerca los problemas que aparecen en lasfotos tomadas por Aerobots. También puede marcar zonas de problemasen el mapa y cambiar de mapa (fecha).Debe ser cliente de Aerobots para poder ingresar y para que hayadatos que consultar. Favor contactarnos por el sitio web.The app lets you accessyour data from the field and committing from around the problemsthat appear in photos taken by Aerobots. You can also mark problemareas on the map and switch map (date).Must be customer Aerobots to enter and to have data query.Please contact us via the website.
Startrack LLC
Allows easy and quick access to tracking datafrom Startrack LLCView your vehicles' current locations, location histories(trips), geofences and alerts.Supports english and spanish locales.
Order Entry 2.4.2
When you visit a customer, you will be able to register his/herorder.
Startrack Tracker 5.18.10
This app lets you record your trips and plot your location in realtime on the Startrack server. Use it to check-in at client sitesand report fuel expenses and wear & tear.
Comertrade 3.4.3
App for accessing data from Comertrade
Aplicativo para ver recorridos, alertas,geocercas y asignar conductores,
Seguridad Móvil NI 3.4.3
Si usted o su empresa cuenta con servicio deSeguridad Móvil NI, use este app para ver recorridos, geocercas,conductores y alertas.If you or your companyhas NI Mobile Security Service, use this app to view tours,geofencing, drivers and updates.
Vea ubicaciones actuales, recorridos,geocercasy alertas de su flota usando este interfaz ágil y fácildeusar.See currentlocations,routes, and geofence alerts in your fleet using thisflexible andeasy to use interface.
Aplicación para acceder a recorridosdevehículos con el servicio de MextrackVea ubicaciones actuales, recorridos, geocercas y alertas desuflota usando este interfaz ágil y fácil de usar.Application forvehicleaccess routes with service MextrackSee current locations, routes, geofencing and alerts itsfleetusing this quick and easy to use interface.
Aplicativo para acceder a recorridosdevehículos con el servicio de SígueloVea ubicaciones actuales, recorridos, geocercas y alertas desuflota usando este interfaz ágil y fácil de usar.Application toaccessroutes with service vehicles SígueloSee current locations, routes, and geofence alerts itsfleetusing the interface streamlined and easy to use.
Startrack Supervisor 3.18.11
Startrack App lets you, as an admin user, see trips from yourassets (vehicles), manage geofences and drivers, see alerts, andmany more. ** To use this App you must have an active user accountfrom Startrack or a reseller. **
Dispatch 1.10
This app allows you to make a group offriends,taxis, associates, etc. When a call comes in, you candispatch thenearest one to where they need to go.
Startrack Forms 3.0.3
** This app will work only if you are a Startrack client orreseller. ** Startrack Forms is the new service from Startrack,S.A. that lets you pass and send surveys from your phone to yourStartrack dashboard. Start creating your surveys by communicatingwith us at
Localizador Tigo v3 5.18.4
Localizador Tigo is a localization platform designed for mobilephones. For more info please go to our where you will find the features of thesystem. Localizador Tigo is available for all corporate phone linesfrom Tigo Guatemala. You can acquire this service by comunicatingwith a Tigo Buissiness adviser to the number (+502) 2428-0099. Itwill be a pleasure to help you!