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Network Tools Library Sample 0.4.1
This is a sample application from the open source project AndroidNetwork Tools. If you are looking for a more complete networkscanning tool, please see my other app Portdroid. It demonstratesthe following features of the library: • Pinging • Port Scanning •Finding devices on your network • Wake-on-lan The project is hostedon github. Bug reports, feature requests and contributions are allwelcome:
PortDroid - Network Analysis Kit & Port Scanner 0.6.17
PortDroid is a Network Analysis Application that helpsNetworkAdministrators, Penetration Testers and Hackers with severalusefulnetworking tools including: • Port Scanning • IdentifyingDeviceson Local Network • Ping • Traceroute • Wake-On-Lan (WoL) •DNSLookup • Reverse IP Lookup • Whois Lookup Port scanner - ScansandIP for open TCP ports, optionally it will use Banner Grabbingonwith each port in order to gain more information or discover awebservice. When a service is found on a port externalapplicationswill be offered to deal with certain protocols (ssh,telnet, http,https, ftp, smb etc.) Local Network Information - Findout who's onyour wifi network. This will identify all devices onthe samenetwork and from here you can probe further and open theportscanner on any of the found devices. Ping – Check if a hostisonline and how fast it responds Traceroute - Perform atracerouteand geo-locate IPs to view on map Wake-On-Lan - Wakecompatible WOLdevices. DNS Lookup - Lookup the DNS records for awebsite ReverseIP Lookup - Find out websites that are hosted on anIP addressWhois Lookup - Find out the registration information fora domainPermissions Required: • Internet - Needed for remoteconnections(ping, port scan etc) • Wifi Connections - Needed toanalyse wificonnections • Network Connections - Needed to analysenon-wifinetwork connections • In-App Purchases - To upgrade to proversionto receive additional features This app is highlyconfigurable andin active development, so feature requests and bugreports areappreciated!
Nexus Revamped Pro 1.99.20
An ultra customisable moving particle wallpaper. Features include:*Custom background image * Custom particles colors * Reactiontobattery level (Color and speed) * Power saver settings *Min/MaxSpeed * Spawn density * Touch interaction * Multi-Touchinteraction* Many more settings * Daydream support If you have anyissues,please try removing and reinstalling the app. Languages:Danish,English, French, German, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish &Swedish.Email me if you'd like to translate into anotherlanguage.Permissions: Internet access is only required foranonomous usagedata to help improve the app, can be disabled insettings >advanced. External Storage/SD: Used to load custombackgroundimages (pro version)
Nexus Revamped 1.99.24
This livewallpaper shoots brightly colored particles acrossyourhomescreen screen. * Touch interaction - tap to createmoreparticles * Multi-Touch interaction - works with severalfingers atonce * Change the speed, colour and appearance of theparticles *Power saver settings to help save your battery *Daydream support -show this livewallpaper while docked / charging *Many moresettings Pro version has: * Reaction to battery level(Color andspeed) * Custom background images * Custom particlescolorsPermissions: Internet permission is for anonomous usage datatohelp improve the app, can be disabled in settings > advancedandunobtrusive adverts to help fund development of the app.ExternalStorage/SD: Used to load custom background images (proversion)Languages: Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian,Russian,Spanish & Swedish. Email me if you'd like to translateintoanother language. Development: You can follow the developmentofthis live wallpaper on facebook