Steampunk Apps for Android Apps

Cyborg Live Wallpaper 5.0
Interactive Cyborg Live Wallpaper-You've been targeted by the interactive Cyborg live Wallpaper! Thefuture is in your hands! Terminate your boring desktop! Transformyour phone into a real Android!This LWP pays tribute to fans of all great sci-fi movie robotsincluding the Terminator, Transformers and even the Star Warsdroids. But, just don't call him an "Iron Man" (excuse the pun!) orhe'll get angry!• You can turn the cyborg robot sound on or off in settings (Itdefaults off)• Touch his eye to activate the "AI "sensor" mode similar to theTerminator movies• Enjoy hours of fun with this interactive artificial intelligenceandroid!This is not officially associated with The Terminator, T2, MGM,Fox or Arnold Schwarzenegger; nor is it meant to be represented assuch. This is a Parody and homage to all great Science fictionrobots and is all original generated fan art.
Steampunk Star Fighter LWP 1.0
• Interactive Steampunk Live Wallpaper App-Touch the center of the Star Fighter to shoot lasers!• Classic fantasy "Jules Verne" theme for fans of Steampunk,Cyberpunk, Science fiction, Sci-Fi and retro tech goth.• Inspired by the upcoming Star Wars™ Movie• Steam powered technology- complete with clockwork gears, gauges,rigging and smoke stacks held together by brass and rivets!.• ZOOM MODES: Switch between Classic look and zoomed in (BiggerShip) mode• TO INSTALL: Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> LiveWallpapers- Steampunk Star Fighter Live WallpaperMay the Force be with you!Star Wars™ is a trademark of Disney and Lucas filmThis is not officially associated with Star Wars™, Lucas Films,Disney or Tie Fighters; nor is it intended to be. This BackgroundWall Paper app is a parody (smokestacks, gears, steam valve etc)and is subject to fair use.
Anarchy Live Wallpaper 6.0
Anarchy Live Wallpaper explodes in a ball ofFire when triggered!• Celebrates Chaos, cyber anarchy and anonymous anarchist allunder one banner!• It's not left vs right- it's the state vs YOU!• Press the center of the symbol, and watch the exploding fire ballerupt!• If you oppose authority and support the independent thinking ofAnonymous then this Live wallpaper is for you!• The classic Anarchy symbol is set against realistic flames!If you are active in politics and call yourself a Democrat,Libertarian or Republican; or if you fall anywhere between BarackObama to Ayn Rand... the time is NOW to stand up for ourselves andwhat we believe in!
Dollar Sign Live Wallpaper 2.0
GREED IS GOOD!! to quote Gordon Gekko, WallStreet 1987It is nice to be rich... whether you are the wizard of WallStreet, an OG gansta Rapper, Hip Hop or NBA Superstar, then thissparkling dollar sign is for you! NO ADS!This Golden 3D dollar sign with maximum BLING is The ultimatemoney Live wallpaper!Designed For Fans of Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged, the Fountainhead)or anyone who wants to be a Millionaire and not afraid to show offtheir wealth!Who is John Galt!
Fire Live Wallpaper 1.0
Real Fire Live Wallpaper- The most realisticflames on the market!• This Real Fire Live Wallpaper uses actual flames! (not 3D)• Relaxing and beautiful HD fire, Sharp Contrast and Vibrantflaming colors.• Hi-res animated flames- so real, it is like having a fireplace onyour phone! (All that is missing is the heat!)A Beautiful virtual fire wallpaper for your Android phone! NOADS!
Cassette Live Wallpaper Retro 4.0
Classic Retro Cassette Tape LiveWallpaper• Give your Android smartphone a vintage old school look and feel.1980's era tape player (similar to a Sony Walkman).• Make your classic music look and feel like it originally did backin the days when MTV was new. • You might be asking yourself "if itis real, or is it Memorex!"• For fans of all thing's vintage or retro, such as AMC's Mad Men,that 70's show or even steampunk retro tech chic.• Re-live music Before there were music downloads, mp3's or dvd's:1970's, 1980's and 1990's.
Dragon Live Wallpaper 6.0
Fantasy Dragon Live wallpaper with flames.Inspired by the Dragon in Game of Thrones and Smaug in the Hobbit.Also In celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dragon & allthings fantasy.• You can turn the Dragon sound ON or OFF in settings (defaultsto off)Please email me if you have any questions, suggestions, or issueswith the Dragon Animated Wallpaper.