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Bungee Mummy: Challenges 1.3.1
The funny but helpless Geemies are relying onyou - their survival is in your hands! Tap, swipe, pull, and flickto master this exciting easytouch, free arcade game. Make yourunkilled mummy ball jump like spiderman and shuffle up, down, andsideways on crumbling pillars like surfers riding the tide to helpKing Phero save the Geemies!Based on simple physics, Bungee Mummy: Challenges is a greatexample of free arcade games that don’t need wifi. This easytouchand funny game takes you on a joyride exploring Egyptian legends inwhich you need to surf through dangerous areas, arena by arena, tosurvive. Engage your hopper hero in a fun run across various stagespacked with endless pesky, fishy snakes and scorpions to kombat andsmash, cramped cages to bungee blast through, arcane scarabs to becollected and crates to drop accurately into escaping carts.A task that may seem simple at first soon becomes a heart racingchallenge that you will be super determined to overcome using yourown wit, tactics, and gameplay style! Think you can outpower andoutsmart the mortal competition?Challenge your friends with score duel on the global arena andconquer the leaderboard in each fanduel like a boss! Arcane legendsare waiting for a new hero. Do you have the power and skillsnecessary to be crowned King?First four challenges to master:• BUNGEE BLAST - Bungee launch through the cages and boom them tohelp the Geemies run and escape to survival. How many can you save?Expect heavy surprises as the challenge gets harder!• SNAKE SMASH - Prepare for mortal kombat with fishy snakes andscorpions but avoid the inquisitive, lovable Geemies! Speedy andsharp reflexes are needed to win fanduel - it’s between your smashyhopper and the clock.• CRATE ESCAPE - Drop valuable supplies into the escaping cartsfor the Geemies. There is a limited amount of crates to drop andtime is tight so make sure you don’t miss the carts. Think ahead,survival depends on your sharp mind!• WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE - Collect as many arcane scarabs aspossible while surviving the booby trapped and riddled Wheel ofMisfortune! Prepare for unstable structures and mortal fireahead.We will be granting you more super mini games with incredibleEgyptian legends graphics and crossy challenges to dominate as welaunch updates to Bungee Mummy: Challenges.Follow the challenge on your favorite social networks:- Facebook: Twitter:
Bungee Mummy: Reborn 2.0.5
The King is Reborn! Bungee Mummy Reborn is anawesome, fast-paced, instinctive adventure mystery game whererisk-taking, sharp reflexes and sheer determination are essentialfor victory! Swing, skitter and bungee launch through thefascinating world of Hagareem and complete crazy fun challenges tocause jeopardy and claim the throne of the mighty king. Why not winsome real-life 3D printable rewards while you’re smashing throughthe levels?- Gorgeous graphics that bring the game to life in yourhands- Mind boggling puzzles increasing in difficulty- Upgrade your character with sheer power-ups and superskins- Two encapsulating yet funny worlds to conquer - Sharpen your reflexes- Fun, instinctive and addictive warfare gameplay- Win real-life 3D printable collectable rewards- Battle brutal bosses and outsmart your enemies- Amazingly realistic physics and mechanics- The King’s secret treasures, mystery boxes and throne touncover riddles- Challenging and funny achievements- Come back every day for your daily rewardsFacing countless baddies, tricks, traps, skitter through thetoughest riddle, learn warfare tricks and the mission of a lifetimewith sheer grit - King Phero calls upon his loyal buddy Madu tojoin the ride andlight the path to victory. Collect vital scarabs to get your handson super power-ups and fantastic skins to make your adventurousquest even more awesome!Be warned, a challenging evil boss awaits you at the end ofevery mystery but guess what?! We will reward you with a 3Dprintable trophy for each boss you defeat! There are lots of otherfantastic 3D printable rewards for you to find and win! Do you have quick reflexes and instinctive moves that can putthe opponent in jeopardy? Do you have what it takes to reclaim KingPhero’s stolen throne, escape the hazardous and mystery worldofHagareem and free your beloved people by getting victory? Grab yourmobile phone or tablet and overcome anything that tries to stopyou. Show the baddies there’s only one true King in town!The moment of truth has finally arrived…To get the latest on Bungee Mummy news check out the linksbelow:- Facebook: Twitter: Google+:
Whack A Geemie 1.2
Welcome to the Crazy world of our beloved Geemies. The Geemies havegone wild and are causing mayhem everywhere they go!! You're theonly hope to restore order so drop whatever you're doing and playWhack a Geemie! Whack, Smack, Smash those furry creatures and tryand get the highest score possible!Whack a Geemie adds a freshtwist to a classic game, offering you free enjoyable gameplay andhours of fun. - Unlock whacky mallets and backgrounds!- Challengeyour friends and get to the top of the leaderboard!- Go gem-crazywith the new Bonus Round!Download the game today and teach thoseGeemies some manners!
Neon Gliders 1.1.1
Can you handle the speed? Strap into yourseat! Here comes another crazy, boundless, speedy driving game,only this time with a retro twist.Neon Gliders is an immensely fast paced dodge ‘em obstacleflying game. Start at a slow pace and use evasive manoeuvres tododge the infinite vast obstacles the game throws at you. Beforeyou know it - you will be driving at lightning speed, so make sureyou avoid any pesky blocks that get in in your way. Have yourfingers ready!Don't forget to collect your neon speed breakers should thespeed be too much to handle. These babies will help slow your shipdown and keep you from plunging in the void. So activate your warpshields, protect yourself and learn to glide in true style!Here are just some of the key features you can expect within thegame:- Boundless vessels to be unlocked by collecting more and moregems!- Endless colourful backgrounds bursting with retroinfluences.- Cool and catchy tunes.- Unleash your competitive nature and beat your friends in theleaderboard.- Easy user interface with settings to be toggled to yourpreference.Why not connect online and try to beat your friends high scores?collect those gems, activate extra features and unlock new glidersto continue your limitless journey!
Dead Hand Drive 1.0
Jump into your cars, buckle those belts andhit the gas – here come the nasty zombies in a post-apocalypticdread world that you need to outrun!Pick yourself a smart, powerful four-wheeled beast of a vehicleor you will find yourself caught by these horrible undead creaturesthat will not think twice about ripping you apart! Bloodthirsty asit sounds, Dead Hand Drive is one of the most fun zombie-killingfreebie games you’ll find!Check out the features of the game –-Immersive zones, each with its own zombie-crushing feast-Challenges and missions to earn coins or ‘Zollars’-Collecting multiple weapons to destroy the deadly nasties-A list of vehicles to run with, each with uniquecharacteristics of its own-New cars and levels to unlock as you further advance into thegame-Drive tons of vehicles with unique properties like cars withdeadly missile-Finger-licking tasty graphicsYou must go on regular supply runs so that humanity can live,you have to find the valuable collectible items that you need andpick a weapon of your choice, including a strong, powerfulaccelerated car that can withstand your mad driving and the zombieattacks!The more people you save, the more Zollars you earn. And moreZollars you earn and the longer you survive, the better theupgrades to your cars – you can unlock newer automatic cars andnewer levels to contest your strength against the undead out foryour blood.Warning: Make sure you get a driving license to kill; when youdrive it will serve you well! Players who enjoy speed, action and agood storyline – Dead Hand Drive is just the thing to keep youoccupied for hours on end! You can kill, you can save and be thehero of your own tale; the undead will keep coming and you must beable to protect the whole human race!The user interface is simple and easy to navigate your wayaround and the storyline is narrated as you play, giving youinsight into a world of pure mayhem, chaos and a struggle forsurvival. Designed with colourful, creepy graphics, the game’ssoundtrack is disturbingly apt and will leave you shivering inblood-curling anticipation. The end is nigh, after all – thesehorrible undead are here to destroy and eat you. Are you up to thechallenge of escaping and repopulating the world?