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HeyFlow 1.1
HeyFlow is a fun puzzle game for young andold. When you start to play this high addictive game it isimpossible to stop again.Connect the matching hearts with pipes, pair the hearts andcover the entire puzzle on the board. But be careful! Each pathmust begin and end at the same colored heart and no pipe shouldcross another one. Challenge many levels from a 5X5 board up to a10X10 board.Test your intelligence and your patience through hundreds oflevels that are getting more and more complex and larger.The perfect brain training game that makes lot of fun.HEY do you FLOW already?#HeyFlowFeatures• 6 Packs• Every Pack has 50 Levels• Connect matching hearts• Pair all colors to solve each puzzle in a Flow• Colorful graphics• You can use hints if you are stucked• No hints anymore - No problem you can purchase new hints• This is a perfect game to train your brain and keep yourselffitThe Best feature: You can play each level separately! No need tofinish every level when you only want to play the most difficultlevels in Pack 10X10.
Dolphinsplash 1.0
Entertainment, Challenge, Thrill, MeettheChallenge are the assets of this GameClick on the Start-Button on the Screento start the GameSee the Actions of your lovely DolphinSave your favourite Dolphin from the Black Hack DotDolphin is Enjoying the WaterSee its Activity while tapping on the Mobile ScreenAvoid Your Dolphin to crash into The Black Hack DotMake the Dolphin to Your Pet in Your Mobile!
The Football Champions Quiz 0.1
How well do you know the best europeanfootballleagues? How well do you know the teams? How well do youknow whatfootball teams won the most national championships?Check if you are a top expert when it is about football! Canyouaccept the challenge? Are you an Expert when it is aboutFootball?Wanna impress others with your amazing Knowledge ofFootball?Features:• It is a Quiz• It is a Sports Quiz• It is a Football Quiz• Choose the right Answer among 4