Stephen Wailes Apps

Pendulum Clock LiveWallpaperV2 2.5.1
A pendulum clock using real physics andsounds. Pendulum and second hand are synchronised.The clock has an hourly chime along with chimes on the quarterhour, which can be swithed on or off.Choose between four different clocks.The background can be changed to whatever color you like, andcan be set to change randomly from between 10 seconds to 24hours.Please remember you will need to select the Live Wallpaper fromsettings to see it on your homepage.Please note: Users of Version will need to download this versionand delete the old version.
Custom Colour Clock Widget 1.0.1
Choose any colour bezel or set to changerandomly between 5 seconds and 24 hours.Second hand can be turned off in case of performance issues.
Button Badge Clock Widget 1.0.0
A collection of clock widgets in a ButtonBadgestyle.Comes in two sizes, large (4x2) and small (2x2).Designs include:Eyes - Blue, Brown and GreenLancashire and Yorkshire RosesFlags of BritainPeace SymbolYin Yang SymbolLove HeartSmileyRadiationand others
Planets Clock Widget 1.0.0
Homescreen clock widget showing the planetsofThe Solar System plus The Sun, The Moon and the Milky Way Galaxy.Has 2 widget sizes: large (4x2) and small (2x2).