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Stickman Battle Royale 1.8
Please note that this game is in no related to games from anyotherdevelopers. And does not try to impersonate any otherstickmangames. The game is unique and the name and content of thegame isbased on the non-patentable stickman character. You are oneof thehundred of unknown’s, landing on a hostile island. Thebestunknown’s players will fight in an epic deadly battle for lifeonthe battlegrounds. Ready to try your luck? Then join! Your goalisto survive. 2d shooter with deathmatch mode. Collect thenecessaryammunition and find other unknown’s stickman. Hereeveryone yearnsto be the last survivor. In the end there will beonly one. In thisbattle royale sitckman game you can play battleroyale offline andonline. WEAPONS The island has everything youneed for survival.Collect weapons, ammunition, medicines and bewareof enemies. Youcan fight with your fists or get long-range weapons.Do not forgetto grab ammo for your gun and definitely beware of theguys withthe bats! MINIMAP A large number of locations makes thegame evenmore exciting. Use your minimap to avoid getting lost!Show alldexterity and skill for victory, fighter. But do not forgetaboutthe deadly zone! There is less and less security space. Itisnecessary to clean the territory! Become the lastsurvivingStickman! This stickman game like sitckman mobile butdon't needinternet. FEATURES: ⚔Battle Royale ⚔Stickman games⚔Stick⚔Deathmatch ⚔Battlegrounds ⚔Shooter ⚔Don't need wifi 와이파이없이하는게임