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Pikashu Dash 1.0
By force, the new game "Pikashu Dash" isanadventure game. The storyBegan when all pokemons of the camp become enemies of thepikashuthe gladiator,Besides, he is also angry and will decide to fight them all toliveandContinue his way to his master.How to play :- In your screen you will have:* Button A to run fast or launch an attack* B button to jump* Four arrows to move left or right- Try not to approach your enemies- Jump on your enemies to kill them, but be careful not all!- Collect as many hearts as you can to increase your scoreCharacteristics :- High quality chart- Easy to control joystick- Over 70 levels with increasing difficulty- Compatible with all smartphones and tablets- Play for all agesSo, are you willing to help Pikashu? If yes ... So you must beagood teacher for him! ...Download the game "Pikashu Dash". Enjoy and share withyourfriendsGood luck for this adventure.
Super Ant Jumping 1.0
The brown ant "Super Ant Jumping". It isanadventure platform game, the super ant runs by picking cherriesinroad, besides it must avoid all blocks by jumping ontheseobstacles.How to play :• Choose the level that suits you from 3 levels ofdifficulty.• In your smartphone, touch the screen to jump to the blocks.• Try to pick up all the cherries on your way and increaseyourscore.Characteristics :• High quality graphics• Free game• Compatible with all Smartphones• If you fail, you return to the level where you were lost• Game for children (girls and boys), and also for adultsInstall "Super Ant Jumping", enjoy and share withyourfriends.Good luck.