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Cargo Train Drive Simulator HD 1.0
Cargo train drive simulator 3Dgame istheperfect combination of simulating for both kids and adults whoarereally fond of trains in which there is adventure andfun.Cargotrain drive simulator 3D is an adventure packed,challenging traindriving and simulation game, you have to handlefast cargo trainand some heavy duty steam locomotive train enginesloaded withdifferent types of rocks to be transported. The ultimatespeedtrains game is here to take you on a railway tracksjourney.Control the railroad express as it makes its way throughthecountryside delivering a fleet of cargo from one railway stationtoanother. Experience the thrill of express train driving andenjoythe beautiful remarkable environment.This Cargo train drive simulator 3Dgame is perfect foradventuregame lovers. Keeps your locomotive railway engine runningon thetrack lines with perfect speed in order to enjoy thegame.Carry outcargo transportation as a pro train driver. Don't letthe vehiclederail from the railroad crossing tracks with yourprecisiondriving. You have controlled bullet trains and subway, nowdrivethis huge steam engine.Have you ever dreamed of becoming a train driver, deliveringcargoand exploring railway? Explore your dreams in Cargo traindrivesimulator 3Dand transport cargo consisting of hard rocks inCargotrain drive simulator 3Dwith realistic steam trainsimulationcontrols and an awesome gameplay andyou dreams may cometrue withour new awesome train driving game in 3D!Control your train perfectly with your fingers locomotiverailwayengine keeps it running on track line with perfect speed.Don’tspeed up or cruise too fast as you have precious cargo ofdangeroushard rocks, over speeding will result in derailing fromthe railwaytracks. While simulating into the Cargo Train drivesimulator 3D,pick rocks from factories and facilities and drop themto final andrequired destinations make sure they don’t fell down ifthey do thegame will be over so you have to start the game alloveragain.So come enjoy the cargo train driving game for as long as youwant.You many have tried other train simulator games like subwaytrain,cargo train car transporter or some bullet train gunshipbattles.But it’s such a different and interesting game. Now is thetime tohave fun with this free train game and enjoy cargotransportertrain into subways, express lanes, metro lines,undergroundsubways, ride through tunnels, pass through the lonedeserts andhigh mountains, hills and forests and dark jungle, seethe livelycity views, carrying rocks from different stations andcites anddropping them off to their destinations safely. Be anexpertawesome cargo train driver and enjoy playing this realisticCargotrain drive simulator 3Dgame. Share with your friends andfamily orcompete with them so you can enjoy the game more with fun.EnjoyStepInn Tech new game!!Features:- Awesome Train driving with amazing environment.- Very Realistic railway with dangerous stretchessemaphoresandstations to deliver cargo.- Highly detailed cargo train to transport goods and stones.- You can actually see the rocks falling down thebeautifulenvironment.- Different types of goods to deliver and routes for yourcargotrain.- Beautiful environments options available to make your moodgoodand refreshing.- You have the best possible options in trains too so you canplayor choose the train.- Thrill of a superfast railway ride but you have to controlthespeed in order to stop at the right time.- Detailed environment for a realistic driving experience toenjoythe game fully.- Stunning 3D graphics which you will love to play and enjoythewhole game.- Best feature is this beautiful and awesome game is all freenoneed to spend something on it.
Car Tow Truck Simulator 2016 1.0
Do you like driving games? Try Car TowTruckSimulator 2016! Drive huge recovery truck to transport brokencarsto the emergency service center!Find broken or damaged cars as a tow truck driver and transportitright to the car service! Is it a car accident across thestreet?It’s kind of work for a recovery truck driver! Evenmoreentertaining that driving a simple car transporter! Feel likeareal tow truck driver with this driving simulator in 3D!Drive, park and transport! Become the best car recoveryservice’sworker with this 3D simulator! Rescue wrecked cars asaprofessional tow truck driver, transport cars and have fun withCarTow Truck Simulator 2016!Cars are damaged or broken right on the highway or citystreetsbecause of bad car accident! Drivers are calling 911! It’s akindof work for an emergency tow truck driver! Find out and driveyourrecovery truck towards the car accident spot. Find damaged carsandtransport it to the service center to repair. Drive to thecurrentplace, park and get broken cars you need with Tow Truck:CarTransporter 3D! Do your transport job within the given timebecausethere are many wrecked cars, which need to be mover to therecoveryservice! Get them off the streets with Tow Truck: CarTransporter3D! Upgrade your parking, driving and transportingskills with thisamazing 3D simulator!Tow Truck: Car Transporter 3D features:- Realistic tow truck driving simulator- Driving, parking and transporting experience- Lots of damaged cars to transport to the recovery service- Amazing 3D graphics
City Police Tow Truck 3D 1.0
Start your duty as the ultimate policetowtruck driver to lift , park and save busted cars. Trafficisblocked on modern city roads due to accidents and damagedcarsstuck in between rush. Be ready for the emergency 911 callforhelp. Relive the experience of handling a heavy crane andforklift.Drive your tow truck on the city roads and rescue thepeople introuble. Some missions will be completed with the help ofcrane andsome with forklifting. Simulator games have providedaddiction tousers in 2015. Help those who are having trouble withtheir wreckedcars. Tow cars and lift them safely to the garage.Enjoy manualdriving and car lift. Be the car transporter totransport cars tothe garage. Tow truck simulation and parking willgive you thethrill of driving inside the city.Those who love driving heavy vehicles will love to drivemodernpolice tow truck , crane and forklift. Provide the citizensthebest trucker recovery services to transport the bustedvehicles.Show extreme and reckless driving to drop the vehicles tothegarage. All challenging levels awaits for you to show yourdrivingand parking skills. Provide emergency services to the peoplein themodern city.FEATURES• Real Experience of Driving Police Tow Truck , craneandforklift• Explore the Big City• Addictive & Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes & Lifting• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment
Jetski Speed Boat Simulator 3D 1.0
Jetski Speed Boat Simulator 3Dis super-fastandmost popular 3D motorboat racer game, go boat racing with thebestSpeed Boat Racing 3D game in play store to do daredevilandadventurous stunts in turbulent sea waves. Speed Boat racing3Dgame is set on the rough seas with missiles and rocks to tackleandtest your reflexes. Steer favorite speed boats atmind-blowingspeeds to collect rings and power ups.Speed Boat Racing3D gamewill test your reflexes, timing and accuracy as your perfectskillsto gain maximum speed. Collect the rings as many as possibleto buynew speed boats. Stunning high definition 3D graphics andsoundeffects giving adrenaline rush over every game. Watch outforobstacles in the way, as 3 crashes and its game over. Downloaditnow and enjoy your passion.Jet boat driver enjoys the high speed thrilling race intheseashore’s splashing water, away from city on bestparadiselocations. This power boat game offers you addictivespeedygameplay and reckless competition. Drive speedboat at topspeed allships are fully upgraded and customized. Glide throughobstacleswith speedboat in the ocean, leaving rival super boatsbehind. Inthis sailing quest avoid crashes in buoys, take downopponentsships. Perform massive insane aerial stunts by tapping theturbobooster. Jump into thrilling ocean games that challenges andboostadrenaline rush in racing fans. Test your motorboatdrivingskills.Drive powerboats in arcade racing with ultimate gameplayforhydroplane racing experience. This speed boat racer offersanexotic mix of wild stunts and intense challenges. As youracethrough hairpin turns at breakneck speeds on lakes andrivers,you’ll find yourself struggle to control and reach thefinish linein record time. Tap the turbo button of your hydroplanefor fastspeed and ultimate racing experience for the pilot. Crushopponentsand win crazy drag race on your motorboat using expertdrivingskills.Features:- High speed boats fully upgraded for stunts- challenging missions full of thrill and stunts- Amazing driving, jumping and ship sailing experience- Realistic physics and high fidelity 3D graphics- Smooth controls to steer through obstacles- Ultra Realistic 3D graphics in realistic sea waters- Tilt your device to steer at high speeds to collect coins- 3 different boats and 2 level selection with night anddaysettings- Simulating authentic 3D physics and feel good graphics- Excellent sound effects and engine sounds!- Easy to learn, a challenge to master- Awesome boats and sea tracks to explore
911 Fire Rescue Truck Sim 3D 1.0
911 Fire Rescue Truck 2016 3D is aFirefighterTruck Simulator it’s a new kind of 3D 911 Fire truckhero game. Asa player you take control of a fire truck. If you wantto become areal firefighter you need to learn the ropes of drivingand parkinga fire truck in this fun and new exciting fire truck 3Dfirefighter game. You also need to control your mighty water cannontomake a stop to the burning building!Rescue 911 - there’s a widespread fire emergency & peopleareinjured. Be the firefighter & rescue services guy andsavelives. You need to drive the fire truck in a big urban cityandrespond to emergency situations. Use the water gun to put outthefire.The fire brigade department also runs a first aid unit. Drivetheambulance in the city and reach the emergency scene quickly tomakesure the injured people get medical attention. It is anemergencyrescue simulation game so you can think of yourself asafirefighter from Sidney or a fire fighter from SanFranciscofiredepartment. Just make sure you drive carefully and don’t bumpintotraffic and fixtures as it will only add delays and injuredpeopleare depending upon you. The fire truck and ambulance areready forfirefighting and rescue duty.Drive rescue and emergency vehicles in the urban city.Fireextinguishing can be tricky so make sure you throw the waterwithpressure and keep the direction of the water gun steady. Keepthefire truck emergency siren on and speed away. Rush towardstheemergency scene to save the day and be the superherofireman.Use your water gun to put the fire out sensibly as you willalsohave to collect water from multiple points to fill up thefiretruck. Since it is a big urban city, there can be various firesandemergency situations. A fire in a high rise building, an airplanelanding gear on fire, fire caused due to a traffic accident –allthese emergency situations can arise in a big urban city and itisyour duty to make sure you respond to all theseemergencysituations by driving the fire truck in time forrescue.Features:- Different powerful Fire trucks with lights and siren- Real world 3D environment- Realistic controls- HD Graphics- Animated fires and smoke- Animated fire hose and water- Different camera angles that give you more control
911 Airport Plane Simulator 3D 1.0
Mayday Mayday!! Aero plane goes down!!Thereare stack of very important million dollar boxes in thisflight andthere are many top level basketball stars, children,magicians anddifferent royal people of different kingdoms importantpoliticalmen travelling. Everybody is in a panic they are in aclash theyare switching seats even the colour blind people are init veryhectic situation for them too. The aircraft is in distressso thepilot is repeating mayday mayday because this gives itpriorityoverall other aircraft and ensures that all radio contacton thatfrequency will be related to the emergency. It might be fastbut itis dangerous too. Aeroplanes are the fastest meansoftransportation for most humans and depending on who you askthemost comfortable too.Aero planes are made by humans at the end of the day andnaturally,sometimes things can go wrong with them during flight.Sometimes itmay be due to Mother Nature such as weather conditionscausingturbulence which may lead the aircraft to go down. At othertimesit may be due to some sort of human error which might affecttheaircraft like faulty wiring which would cause trouble a mileabovethe ground? StepInn Tech game apps brings you 911 airportplanefire fighterin which you will have to rescue the passengersofaircraft which include basketball stars, magic people, royalpeoplefrom different kingdoms, colour blind people and mostimportantlyinnocent kids and children you have to save these humanswhich havecaught on fire for one reason or another. You will haveto use yourfire trucks to put out the fire and immediately take theinjuredpassengers to the hospital using ambulances. Aero plane hasfallenfrom the sky you don’t have the time to be easy you have abig rolein this be an amazing awesome fire fighter you have tocontrol theambulance it life and death situations very rushsituation it isemergency!!You have to put out the fire fighter truck in this plane rescue3dgame and you have to rush through the place where the planehascrashed it is your chance to be the saviour of theseinnocentpersons innocent lives it is a life time experience to be asuperhero and tell everyone how crazy fire fighter driver you are!!Youare a fireman you will put out fire but you have to show yourcrazyawesome amazing driving skills too in order to save people’slifeso drive fast and save them!! By driving fast you can make wayforambulance too they can take people to the nearest hospital whoisin a very difficult situation. 911 airport plane firefighterisfree right now so take full advantage of it! Play andshare withyour friends and family as this is not a game to miss outon! Be asuper hero!Features:-Amazing real 3D world environment with awesomerealisticcontrols.-You have the option of different powerful vehicles withsiren,lights and controls.-20 awesome exciting different levels and camera angles thatgiveyou control.-Map of the whole city and in city traffic trucks, buses, bikesandcars.-Totally free 3D game and with HD graphics.
Cruise Ship Simulator 3D 2016 1.0
Cruises are giant boats which are trulyavacation on the sea. They come installed with theatres,ballrooms,swimming pools, bowling alleys and pretty much anythingthat youcan think of. At one time they can hold thousands of peopleso it’slike a mini town in motion on the ocean! To be in charge ofsuch ahuge ship is a task which involves huge responsibility asthecaptain has the lives of thousands in his hands along withthehundreds of millions required to build it. As we all learnedfromTitanic, it is no easy task as even the most experiencedcannotprevent disaster when it is meant to strike.StepInn Tech brings you Cruise Ship 3DSimulator Drive which istheclosest it gets to actually being behind the steering wheel ofonethese gargantuan machines. You will have to steer the cruiseshipin different types of environments from sunny skiestothunderstorms and wavy conditions. After all the passengershavearrived safely on board your ship can leave the dock to startitsjourney to the next dock and it is your job to make sure itreachesits destination while keeping everyone safe andeverythingintact.Give it a go and make good use of your crew, it will not be aneasyride! Get your friends involved to challenge yourselfevenmore.Features:- Tree beautiful ships to steer-20 different and interesting missions- Limited Time challenging- Real water physics- real world environment, visually stunning- Free super addictive and realistic simulator
Garbage Truck Simulator 3D 1.0
Sit behind the steering wheel of stinkytruck& realistic garbage truck on city streets byrubbishtransporting the trash in challenging 20 driver levels.Keepfollowing arrow pointer on city route collecting garbage, reachatrecycling plant. Your task is to cleaned up all locationswithrubbish garbage truck. Not ordinary park game try drivingrealisticgarbage dump truck with hyper gaming experience. You can’taffordto miss this latest update in driving sim game. Your missionis toclean the garbage from town. Once you collected all garbagewithroad sweeper / stinky truck drive your dump truck to dispose ofallthe trash in junkyard with road sweeper.Done with a lot driver parking, rubbish transporter, oil tanker;road sweeper games that offers you just to park yourgarbagevehicle. This game is unique with challenging drivermission. Pickup trash from streets, you will love realistic hauleranimation forcollecting garbage and disposing off in recyclingplant. Downloadrubbish road sweeper this wonderful in your androidtablet andphone for unlimited fun for youngsters.FEATURES◆4 custom garbage truck hauler to ultimate drive stinky truck◆20 levels of extreme truck challenges fun in this mega dumphaulertruck cleaner sim◆Two modes to including free drive mode and career mode◆Multiple camera views to enhance garbage truck driverexperiencewith real physics◆Amazingly HD realistic graphics with superb background music◆User friendly interface with smooth graphics and trucksteeringcontrol
Cash Delivery Van Simulator HD 1.1
Ever wanted to drive a mega truck full ofcurrency notes? Cash Delivery Van Simulator Hd is here to provideyou with a crazy journey from bank to bank in the state. Get in thearmored truck with the security team and steer the van full of cashmoney. The most thrilling and extremely exciting truckerexperience! Race to the destination in time! You can also have funracing with the other cars in the road traffic. Don’t break signalsor bump your ride into other buses or vehicles.The year is going to end and ATM machines are empty. Banks needmore cash as public needs money for Christmas celebrations, NewYear Eve shopping and New Year parties. You need to take up theoff-road driving challenge to deliver cash money to all the banksin the state. You may pass through streets, city or hills. Thesecurity team with you is well trained and equipped with modernweapons like guns, rifles and snipers. So you don’t need to fearwhile transporting cash money. There will be different missions tocomplete in time. So you need to drive the truck furiously fast.You can also perform wild and outrageous stunts. Don’t let thethieves steal cash money from your mega truck. And don’t let thecriminals and robbers to snatch or loot money from the lorry.FEATURES:• Realistic 3D environment simulation• Unique 3D Bank cash van simulator game• Real physics controls applied• Missions and objectives to complete in time• Smooth van parking controls• Smooth and easy van driving controlsDownload Cash Delivery Van Simulator Hd and enjoy the extremelyamazing and one of the best free truck driving duty games. Time toburn some rubber now!
Cargo Forklift Simulator HD 1.0
Get yourself in the heavy forklift madnesswiththe all new Cargo Forklift Simulator HD. It is time to fulfilyourdestiny as you are presented with an epic extremeforkliftingopportunity with the fun of both heavy forklift drivingand cargoforklift parking simulator game!The forklift parking school is now open for all, and whatispresents is something very interesting! Cargo Forklift SimulatorHDis nothing like the typical forklift simulator game, in thiscargoforklift you will have to overcome all the city forkliftchallengethat you will be presented with.Cargo Forklift Simulator HD brings you something very differentthanthe city forklift challenge games, it’s your chance to getbehindthe controls of a forklift loader truck and enjoy an epic3dforklift truck parking simulator game. Just aim to masterextremeforklifting that a forklift loader driver faces every day.Work asthe cargo simulator as you load and unload crates, andsupplies inthe given time.Start from rookie forklift driving and master every levelbylearning how to maneuver your forklift truck and fulfil thecargosimulator tasks. This is nothing like the most of theparkinggames, you have to first pick up the cargo crates andtransport thecargo crates to the indicated area and then you parkyour extremeforklift truck. This extreme forklift challenge is sureto keep youentertained for several hours of forklift madness.Cargo Forklift Simulator features:- Realistic 3D Graphics- Realistic Forklifting operating control- Multiple challenging different levels with different tasks- Real heaving cargo lifting experience- HD graphics and optimized performance- 100% absolutely FREE game.
Horse Riding Simulator HD 2016 1.0
They say a good rider can hear his horsespeakto him but a great rider can hear his horse whisper. It takesrealtalent to tame a horse and make it obedient but it is when thefeatis accomplished, it is a very satisfying one. But overherescenario is totally different this is a wild horse in which heisgoing to kick everybody comes near him he will smash everyobjectwhich he hits!! It’s a very hilarious game you will not leaveyourseat while playing this our new simulator game.Come and take a ride on this wild horse in a verybeautifulenvironment and it is available in a very high quality,excellentand amazing 3D graphics! It includes thirty stages whichwill giveyou the complete crazy wild horse riding experience everwhich youcan never forget. This game is not for only horseenthusiastic youcan all enjoy this game it’s not just funny game itis addictivetoo. This game is one of the best simulation games, weare sure youdon’t want to miss.With this game you will be in control of a highly detailedandaccurately designed horse which will mimic the movementandbehaviour of an actual one. You will have fun and you will enjoyalot by smashing everything comes near this horse whichincludescars, helicopter, goat, sheep and even the horsesthemselves andmany more objects to smash in the farm house. Youdon’t worry aboutyour horse’s energy because the more you get thepoints the moreyou unlock more horses which our locked in thisgame. Already darkbrown, light brown and black colors horses areavailable.The sensitivity of your touch can make or break thehorse’sperformance in the virtual world so you have to masteryourmovement to become a true horseman or if you don’t want to beatrue horseman no problem just enjoy this game in a funny way.Thekey to this game will be staying focused and nailing yourtimingabsolutely perfectly by smashing the object from which youwill getpoints. It will be a great challenge for those of you withlittleto no experience with horses as this will be a completelydifferentand funny concept which you would love to play so downloadit nowand get galloping along with your friends and family. Startridingthe wild horse by being a crazy cow boy! Wohoo!!Features:-Huge 3D environment and amazing graphics.-Choose your favourite color horse with threedifferentcolors.-Cows, horses, bears, sheep, cars, helicopters to smash.-Absolutely free and mind blowing experience.-Very simple and easy to play.
Limo Driver Simulator 3D 2016 1.0
Class and extravagance on wheels, which iswhatperfectly describes a limousine. They take up as much room asa buson the road but they normally have three passengers insidethem, atthe most or in the bigger customize ones they have morethan 8passengers in it. They are actually differ3nt types of limossomepeople make jeeps a big one and some people make a normal carbutstandard limo is only one it has own class and power. Some comewitha built in Jacuzzi some have a mini movie theatre while somecanfunction as your own private dance club! They signify aluxuriouslifestyle that is not for everyone. A-list celebrities,importantpolitical figureheads and wealthy people in general,they’re theones who are usually seen riding in the backseat ofthese chicmachines. Being a real crazy limo city driver is morefun than totravel in it so you have the chance to be a real limodriver in thislimo simulator game. Your job is quite simple youjust have to enjoyyour driving and drop off the passengers on timemeanwhile you canenjoy the surroundings which are amazing andbeautiful. We have thebest motivation music for you to enjoy thegame even more and makeyour task easy.Go ahead and download it to see how well you can respond to thisnewexperience of being in charge of a limousine’s movements. Sostartto pick up some city passengers and follow the arrows on cityroadwith your beautiful luxury limousine and take to theirrequireddestination which you will be directed to in your luxurylimousineand take them towards their destination. You have 20exciting,amazing, awesome and fun different game levels in orderto make thegame more interesting and especially not boring at all,yes we knowfun is the most important part.Game features:-10 different awesome and challenging exciting levels in ordertochallenge yourself.-Totally realistic 3D environments with real life crazy andawesomelimo driving situations.- You have real life limo parking situations available to pickthepassengers and dropping them off.- Very realistic 3D limousine controls which you will also enjoyandyou will go in the real journey of limo.- Great astonishing game play which will keep you playing andwillabsolutely totally amazing, awesome and fun.- Very extreme accuracy driving simulator no bugs and totallysmoothdriving simulation game it will not stuck.- You have to be careful and park according to the arrow intheparking place in order to save your time because it’sveryimportant.- Timing is very important so you have to see that in ordertocomplete your mission and make it successful and fun.-Most exciting fun awesome 3d limo game for the lovers of limoanddriving simulation fans.- Tree different beautiful and awesome colours oflimousineavailable for your mood for change so you can switchcolourstoo.
Car Transporter Train 3D 1.0
Car transporter train 3D is the besttransportgame of its kind. Manage the transportation on cargo trainthat cancarry heavy load! This car transport cargo train game 3Dsimulatorwill give you the train simulator cargo experience ofdrivingtransporters with the heavy load. In this ultimate cargotrain andcar games 3D automobile transportation, you’ll test yourdrivingskills at parking cars on rail carrier freight and drivingthe bigtrain sim yourself. So get ready for the king of all cartransportgames, in the newest train transportation apps. Shiftgears like areal cargo driver!This city cargo car transporter is a new kind of cargo traingamewhere you need to load and unload the high value racing andmafiacars and sports cars on top of your train hauler freight. Inthisextremely fun driving and parking mania game you will be givenwithsome amazing cars to park on the train load carrier. Drive andloadall the cars carefully and maneuver them on the train so theyfitin perfectly within the indicated spot. After loading all thegivencars you need to drive & operate cargo train withloadedtrailer. These high values beautiful racing cars do notbelong toyou, your duty is to transport them safely. Make sure tofulfillyour duty and transport these awesome cars to themarkeddestination within the given time.Big jumbo cargo train car transporter 2016 edition simulationgivesyou excitement of cargo games in a standard parking games. Soifyou love to play 3D parking and cargo truck trailers games withablend then you should try this new speed car transporterparkinggame. Play the Car Transporter Cargo Train 2016 editionwithextraordinary gameplay that will increase your interest. Getyourtransport & car game and make some noise with the cargotrainsimulator!amazingly realistic driving gameamazingly realistic parking situationsShow off your skillsChoose out of many roads to driv
City Ambulance Rescue Driver 1.0
Play a brand new 2016 City AmbulanceRescueDrive 3D and get a chance to save lives of citizens bybecoming askilled Ambulance Rescue Driver during ambulance drive.Drive thisambulance rescue simulator game and become a hero bysaving livesof citizens; along with challenging your driving skillsbyoperating a rush fast speed ambulance. This ambulancerescuesimulator game allows you to experience the spectacularfeeling ofthrill and excitement, both in one surprising package. InthisAmbulance Rescue Driving game, you will have the opportunitytobecome an ultimate Emergency Ambulance Driver; and to fulfilltheutmost prospect of rescuing wounded citizens by providingthemexceptional health care in time. So get ready to have theprofoundexperience of playing the amazing AMBULANCE RESCUEGAME.City ambulance rescue drive 3d is a new kind of ambulancerescuesimulator driving game in which our responsibility is toreach onthe scene of accident immediately and save precious lives.So, asan expert emergency ambulance driver, we have to maneuvertheambulance by operating the steering wheel and pedals providedonthe screen. And we need to have full control on themtosuccessfully complete our valuable mission. By parking onahighlighted parking spot near the accident scene, we have toloadthe patient carefully inside the ambulance, and drive theambulancecautiously back to the hospital. Once we are inside thehospital,the patient has to be unloaded and taken inside forexceptionalhealth care. We have to rescue different patients fromalteredaccident scenes; levels will become more challenging anddifficultas they progress.All in all, we believe that if you have the true passion ofbecominga savior and protector for your fellow citizens, this isthe bestambulance rescue simulator game for you. By presenting adelicateroute for city ambulance driver, we can assure you thatthis wouldbe a fabulous hill station driving ride. So turn on yourengines,and get ready to have some exciting fun in saving lives byplayingthe very innovative City Ambulance Rescue Driver 3D2016.An accident has been reported on the highway and you mustrespond.Get in your ambulance car and drive fast to the accidentspot. Oncethere “at the Location", you access the scene and decidewhat todo. Do you drive the Ambulance? Maybe the Fire truck? Schoolbus?Or maybe, you can handle this yourself. Choose correctly, andyourwill advance to the next level. Choose wrong and you willfindyourself back behind a desk doing paperwork. Think the same waya911 first responder would think to solve the scenario.GOODLUCK!Features:--Race to the scene of an accident in your police car--Decide on the best rescue action to take--Drive an Ambulance to, School Bus spot, fire spot andmanymore--Awesome 3D graphics and exciting gameplay--Rushing Missions to Complete--Real Radio Chatter--Realistic accident scenariosEnjoy!
Mafia Driver Simulator HD 2016 1.0
“Keep your friends close but your enemiesevencloser.” “Never hate your enemies, it affects yourjudgement.”“Great men are not born great, they grow great.” “To me,being agangster was better than being president of the UnitedStates.”“Look at me, never rat on your friends and always keep yourmouthshut!” These are just a few of the quotes taken from TheGodfatherand Goodfellas, two classics when it comes to gangstermovies.Sometimes we think that we want to be part of the moviewhich isyour type gangster type or mafia type we like the swag ofthem too.You must be bored of all the mafia games this game istotallydifferent you know what actually gangster or mafia is?? Theyarethe bad guys with money, gangs, hot beautiful classic carsandbeautiful pretty women you definitely want to download thisgame.“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Well we hereatStepinn-tech games have definitely have an offer which you won’tbeable to refuse you have the chance to become a one.It is our latest new venture in 3D, Mafia Driver Simulator 3d.Haveyou ever wanted to be a gangster? Have you ever wanted to ruleandrun the streets of the city while not being part of theofficialgovernment? Well this is your chance of making your dreamareality, well, in the virtual world at least! Mafias are asecretsociety which organized in Southern Italy as apoliticalorganization, but is now widespread among Italians, and isused tofurther or protect private interests, reputedly by illegalmethod.But they are not in Italy they are widespread in UnitedStates ofAmerica too. They are many mafia families they spreadterror theybribe politicians and many businessmen not even thejuries are safefrom the mafia gangster people they even are bribed.Apart fromthis all they drive very expensive cars and beautifulclassic carswhich nobody can’t afford or get easily too. The otherspecialthing about them, they are very good awesome drivers whichmakesthem even more classy and they drive expensive classiccarextremely good.Features:▶ Awesome and amazing realistic old school 3D Mafia citysimulatorgame with lively traffic.▶ Classic and stunning vintage car collection which are four andyouwill love the cars.▶You will feel like a mafia driver, and will have realisticdrivingfeeling and experience.▶ Very easy gameplay and you can control the car usingsteeringwheels and pedals.▶ 10 different exciting levels with many classic awesomeparkingdelivery missions.▶ You have to see the time during your racing mission anddeliverthe cargo in time.▶ Avoid hitting to anything because this will result tofailedmission and game over.▶ Very addictive and awesome good gameplay which will keepyouexciting.▶Real 3D gangster and mafia classic environment which you willfeelin the game.
Bus Stop simulator HD 1.0
Bus 3D simulator is a highly realistic newgamereleased by StepInn Tech in 2016. Why do we want you to playourgame? Well, for one, it will allow you to experience the reallifedecisions that a bus driver has to make on the road, throughthepalm of your hand! You will be in complete control of thevehicle ina meticulously detailed environment which includesexternalitiessuch as; pedestrians, cars, traffic signals and ofcourse,bus-stops. You will have to mastermind your bus’s paththrough itall taking particular care of your precious passengersand the busitself.The complexity of the details are bound to leave youastounded!While designing the binary universe of Bus 3D simulator,we paidclose attention to the sensitivity of your touch and theamount ofcontrol it will have on the digital metropolis. Weguarantee hoursupon hours of captivatingly challenging manoeuvringand notoriouslyfun enjoyment for all users.As the one in-charge, do you have what it takes to guide thebusthrough the mayhem of our intriguingly designed concretejungle?Tell your friends about it and start competing with eachother tosee who can handle the intensity! Get Bus 3D simulator nowandstart driving! Challenge accepted!!Features:- Locations of any kind especially beautiful andtallbuildings.- Traffics car system and realistic bus physics applied.- You have different options of colors for buses to drive.- Damage will be realistic and Tilting, buttons and steeringwheelcontrols.- Inside you have the interior camera with cool, awesome andsmoothgraphics.
Offroad Pickup Truck Sim 3D 1.1
offroad pickup truck sim 3d on interesting ondifficult terrain like a swamp, sand, forest and so on. Get behindthe wheel of powerful cars and show your extreme driving skills inthis game. Do various tasks and unlock new cars, Go around heaps ofstones, force water obstacles, climb up steep slopes and go downtreacherous hills. Conquer the roads and become a winner!Get ready for the realistic and exciting driving experience.This is the most realistic truck game in market. Deliver heavycargo from one place to another. Drive to explore off-roadenvironment and test your driving skills.Start your adventure on curvy roads. Load a heavy wood logs, drums,boxes, steel box and wheat bags to transfer them from one place toanother with safely in busiest offroad. Driving on off road is thetoughest job for you so you have to do it very attentively. Taketurn with very smartly without losing or damaging things. Pick upyour device to install this game and enjoy the 3d game play withoff-road realistic environment.Remember! your attentions are the essential part of this game ifyou are not showing your attention or you are not succeeded totransfer things from one place to another safely then it will causeof your level failedYour Feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us to keep ourselvesbusy in creating more fun in the games to entertain you, yourfamily and your friends. In case if you find any bug that needed tobe addressed just send us an email, we will improve it and reply toyour email as soon as possible.Game features:-Great graphics-Different cars-Cool gameplay
Car Transport Trailer Truck HD 1.0
Have you ever seen cars in showrooms? Theylooklike they’ve never been driven before. But have you thenwonderedhow they got there in the first place from themanufacturing plantsif they have 0 miles on the counter? Wellthat’s where car transporttrailer trucks come in, cars are loadedonto them and they take abunch of cars from A to B without thecars ever having their enginesstarted. Now that this mystery issolved wouldn’t it be fun toactually get behind the wheel of oneand drive the truck aroundtown?Well, for that you would probably need to be old enough to haveadriving license and have a job with a company who wants atruckdriver. But fear not for stepinn-tech brings you CarTransportTrailer Truck 4d! If you want to have a career as a truckdriver?Then the best way to practice your truck transporter drivingskillis to pick up this fun and newest truck simulator 3D games.Chooseyour truck that you like to load with cars, load them onyourtrailer of the car transporter truck. Get behind the wheel ofyourtruck and make sure you successfully complete your missions.Nowyou get to drive around in one of these trucks without evenmovingfrom your sofa! You’ll be assigned a truck with numerousluxury andclassic cars loaded onto it for you to transport from thestartingpoints to the various destinations. You will have to beverycareful with the traffic around you while managing the time forthedelivery as well.If you make money you’ll be able to visit the car dealer andloaddifferent cars for delivered on your car trailer truck. Soparkyour truck in the truck parking lot of the showroom garagethereare many cars ready for delivered and drive the cars on thetruck.Do you think you can easily drive a huge transporter truckthatcarries a heavy load? Your job in this game is load the cars onthecar transporter trailer and drive the trucks from the truckparkinglot to the showroom garage unload the truck there and earnsomecash. You complete this task if you transport all the carswithouttaking any damage as you drive to the destination. This gamewillonly be mastered through practice and it will provide youendlesshours of fun and excitement. Get your friends involved asthis isnot a game to miss out on especially when it’s free!Features:• One of the best parking truck simulator 3d game physics.• Different camera view, check the position of your truck andcarsas you park it them.• Drive slowly and carefully to check your ability.• Real 3d environment with beautiful graphics.• Huge open world to drive around.• 20 different beautiful missions.• Amazing multiple coloured trucks for selection.• Internal view of truck by pressing a button on the screen.• Different Classic and Sports cars.
Euro Speed Train Simulator 3D 1.0
For daily traveller or commuters, time isofthe principle or essence, one simply values it more thananything.To get from one place to another in the shortest amount oftime, inthe most comfortable way possible, is the goal for everytraveller.Travelling these days costs quite a lot if you look atit, thejourney to and moving from one place to another really addsup toones expenses especially if it is part of one’s daily routine.Whenit comes to travelling by land, there isn’t a faster meansofreaching a destination than by train. Due to the nature oftrains,their speed can be lethal and it is very hard to stoptheirmomentum once it reaches a fast enough speed on the tracks. Ifyoucan’t afford cars train is the best option for travellingandmoving from one place to another cheaply and fast too. Thosewhotravel by cars they stuck usually in traffic and they haveparkingissues too you don’t have the problem so that’s a big pluspointfor you. With multiple camera modes you are allow to seeyourfavourite angle to see that how is the train moving and in thatwayyou can see and enjoy the beautiful village environment. Youhavethe most advanced realistic mode control system and animatedpeopleentering in the train and exiting. Picking up and droppingoff thepassengers on time with very easy and fun gameplay.At the same time, the travellers and commuters inside itarepowerless once they board it as their lives are in the hands ofthetrain operator. This is why the handling of a train is not justforanyone, it is a task which requires experience, knowledgeandfocus. StepInn-tech brings you Train Simulator Euro Trainsimulator2016 3D which is its latest new journey and venture in3Dsimulation. You will have to take control of a train and it willbea highly realistic task. Our design team has made suretoincorporate most of the interior found in most trains’controlpanels. You will require a lot of playing time to fullyunderstandtheir functions while managing the speed of the train. Itis not asimple simulator as the challenging tracks will come as arealsurprise for most. It’s a very simple gameplay in which youjusthave to pick the passengers on time and drop them off totherequired destination which you don’t have to worry about it atallbecause the train will automatically go to the track andthedestination. Euro Train simulator 2016 3D is perfect funforeverybody no age issues whether they are adults or kids. Lovefortrains and train games will definitely make you want to playthisamazing and awesome Euro Train simulator 2016 3D game. You havethetotal control on you Euro Train simulator 2016 3D game bysittinginside the train or from the ground when you see traincoming toyou.Euro Train simulator 2016 3D Game Features:-Amazing and awesome realistic 3D graphics which youwilllove.-Four realistic 3D Trains in which you have the option ofbeautifulcolours.-Amazing three realistic 3D environments which make the gameevenmore interesting.-All types of views within train and getting out of train andevenhave the bus service for passengers.-Very realistic and awesome train sounds which keep youmotivatedand you can enjoy the game fully.-Amazing places for you like desert, snow, countryside andbeautifullocations in order to enjoy the game more.-Animated people for you guys to have the realistic feelingtheywill be entering and exiting the train inside outside.-Very easy controls and very easy to play and the best part is noinapp purchases totally free game for you guys.-Challenge your family and friends with the detailedrealisticinterior provided in this train simulator 3D game.-The most exciting part is you have five options of awesometrainsavailable to choose.-Now it’s your choice to select the environment and varietyofunique trains available.
Emergency Police Boat Rescue 1.0
The best action packed game on playstoreEmergency Police Boat Rescue 3d, this boat simulator gamewillcharge your inner pursuit in this latest boat crime and gangchasesimulation game. Driving a luxury yacht and especially apoliceyacht is everyone's dream. Make your dream true with thisbeautifuland luxury boat in this realistic police boat in the citycrimechase game. you must have played police dog crime chasegames,police horse stunts and crime chase game and other policehorse,car and dogs crime training and chasing games but this gameislaunched with a unique idea of Emergency Police Boat Rescue 3dgamewhich is entirely different crime chase games as compare toallother police crime chase city games on the play store.A police yacht like this is hard to get in real life unless youhavewon a lottery, but this free 3D boat game can you give thefeelingof sail on the surface of ocean like a ship or cruisewanderingaround in sea. Your goal in this game is to set yourtarget, driveand escape the dark ocean water and pilot your boator yacht to killthe criminals. To catch the criminals in a sea youmust be trainedenough to pilot your boat one the rough and cruelsurface of oceanespecially taking your yacht out of the parking,controlling thespeed and steering of the boat. It’s a bet you willfind this boatcrime chase game far better than all other boatparking and boatsimulation games, as this game is not a simpleboat simulator game,you will certainly enjoy the jumping speedyboat with a firing soundof machine gun on the criminals.-Kill or catch criminals.-Awesome ocean and sea harbor environment-Real and amazing sound effects-High Quality 3D graphics and gameplay-Realistic speedboat physicsEmergency Police Boat Rescue 3d: Crime sea and ocean policecrimechase yacht would be the best game of 2016. It’s time toplaypolice crime chase games with the speedy police boat forpolicecrime chase missions. This unique chase boat simulator is thebestgame in all other police chase games or crime chasegames.This fascinating boat simulator is a unique game in 3Dgames.StepInn Tech Games believes in delivering top qualityentertaininggames.
Crazy Police Prisoner Chase 3D 1.0
Have you ever wondered who are the bad guysatbackside of the car in cop cars you might be thinking they arenotwearing uniform or something that is because they areprisonerswhich are moved or taken to one place to another. Aprisonertransport vehicle is a specially designed vehicle for theprisonersusually a van or bus but sometimes police uses cars too itistransport which use to transport prisoners from one securearea,such as a prison or any other place, to another. Sometimesthey usetrains, aircrafts and the other transports too such ascars. Thesevehicles are highly protected with bars and wire overthe windowsand protected driver seats by bars too. We have a policeprisonercar over here which is full bulletproof car withbulletproof glassin order to any mishappening it will protect thepolice car driverstoo because criminals are dangerous they can doeverything youcan’t trust them!So StepInn Tech3D gaming apps brings you Crazy Police PrisonerCar3D in which you have to become a prisoner transport driver yesitmight be hard job but at the same time it’s totally fun and fullofexcitement too. You have to bring hard core and crazy criminalstotheir final destination and be a crazy police driver too it’syourjob you have to do it on time you have been assigned asprisontransporter so be crazy and drive that cop car crazily. Youmakesure you get the police cop car in time and save your job ifyoudidn’t you will fail in the mission too. This is verydifferentsimulator game it gives you the excitement of catchingthecriminals, thieves, gangsters, robbers and many bad guys in averyfun way. Be very fast in order to save the time!Give it a go as this game is absolutely free and guarantees hoursofendless fun. Enjoy yourself to the fullest be a crazypoliceprisoner car 3D driver through all the filled streets of abig hugeand crime city. Make sure you complete the all excitinglevels fullof fun and amazing crime show you will love it if youlovesimulator games and you have to transport the bad guysandcriminals. Share it with your friends and family to make it anevenmore enjoyable experience by making it a competition betweeneachother! Be a crazy police prisoner car 3D driver!!Crazy Police Prisoner Car 3D game features-Very realistic and awesome 3D environment in the bigcrimecity.-You have to complete the 20 levels which are full of excitementandfun.-Extreme challenging level with beautiful city environment andHDawesome graphics.- Awesome racing 3 transporter police cars with moresteeringcontrol and engine horsepower.-Be a awesome and crazy police driver absolutely free with veryeasygameplay and smooth touch and tap controls.-Explore the world large city map with dynamic gameplay andwithawesome background music in order to motivate you anddrivefast.
My House Cleaning 1.1
It’s time to clean up the mess in MyHouse Cleaning. With the amazing mini games you will have allot offun in My House Cleaning . In these game you can clean upthe bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dinning hall, dishwasher, arrangethe dining room and clean the fish tank and decorate it, all in avery fun way. Are you ready for these amazing funtasks? Cleaning up a house was never this much fun to do!THE BEDROOM IS SUCH A MESS!Could you help us to clean up the bedroom? Pick up all the dirtycandy packages, newspapers, and throw it away. Wipe away thespiderwebs, clean the dust and vacuum the floor!CLEAN UP THE KITCHEN!Mom has just cooked and you may clean up the mess. Throw away thepackages, salad rests and much more. Pick up your sponge and cleanup the sink and table. Mom will be really proud!CLEAN AND DECORATE THE FISH TANK!It’s that time of the month again to clean the fish tank! Catch thefishes and start to clean up the fish tank, wipe the tank clean andput fresh water in it. Now it’s time to decorate the fish tank!It’s gonna be so much fun!This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motor skills,visual perception and hand-eye coordination My House Cleaning is simple and fun :Open the game and choose the roomclean and shine all the bathroom tilesuse the sponge, the bathtub and the washbasin are so dirty !remove the limescale from toiletclean the floor perfectlythe bedroom is so messy !put in their place all the objectsclean the window and water the plantswipe the table and remove all the dustuse the vacuum cleaner over the floordo the laundry and wash all the dirty clotheshanging washed clothes to dry and iron the clothesthe kitchen is so messy and dirty !put all the dishes in the kitchen sinkwash all the dishes, forks, spoons, knives, glasses and drywellclean the kitchen area and the tableMy House Cleaning Features:game for toddlers and kids from ages 2-13 years old, suitable forthe whole familyentertaining and educational gameeasy to use for children and preschoolers, babies, little boys andlittle girlssimple and intuitive : just a few commands to useexercise your toddler fine motor skillsPromotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordinationa lot of different cleaning games and activities that toddlers canlearnfun way for kids to learn how to make their bedroom neat andcleanPick all the things and put them at right placeClean the dirty window and the dusty tableKids will be inspired to clean their roomMop the floor, wash dishes and do other house chores !make the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and laundry room shine again!take care of dirty clothes: do laundry and iron the clothes
Surgery Simulator Doctor 1.1
Surgery Simulator Doctor is great funforgamers of all ages, looking for casual fun surgery simulatorandmedical games!Become even more qualified doctor use new tools and suppliesforyour surgeries - lasers, x-rays and other to perform operationsyouhave never tried before! More patients, more illnesses andinjuriesand medical stuff for you to help! Try new meds, suppliesandperform the craziest operation with updated SurgerySimulatorDoctor Try yourself as a surgeon, brain surgeon, eyesurgeon,vascular surgeon, gastroenterologist surgeon dentist orjust acrazy doctor who wants to have fun Perform brain surgeries,lungs,eye surgeries, heart surgeries and even lobotomies mix orremoveorgans, remove tumors and enjoy an ultimate medicalgame.Does one of these organs looks strange? It's a kind of diagnosisfora crazy surgeon! Let's remove one of the organs or replace itbyanything around! Perform all kinds of crazy surgeries or try tosavepatient's life - brain surgeries, lobotomies, tumors removing,eyetransplantation, kidney removing or just throwing organs out ofthewindow. Are you interested in becoming a crazy surgeon? Justtry ourSurgery Simulator DoctorCheck out new types of operations! Transform your patient intothereal-looking vampire or try yourself as a pathologist making afullautopsy! As usual, act like a savior or a maniac – it’syouroperating theater! Try your skills at different levelsofdifficulty or check a random mission! Do your best to achievethehighest results Earn money to buy new tools and supplies! Usetheanesthesia to ease your patient condition or buy specialstrangetools like chainsaws, hammer or even lightsabers! Newpatients arewaiting for your help! Save lives or have fun! Join ourteam ofcrazy surgeons with this Surgery Simulator Doctor gameSo many surgeries to choose from with hours of fun wrapped upintoone game! The best part is, you get all the tools, accessories,andmore!Surgery Simulator Doctor features:Lots of different crazy surgeries - mix or remove organsVariety of instruments and supplements for surgeriesDo what you want - treat your patient properly or just replacehishead with a potRealistic organs and surgeriesBe a crazy surgeon!
Kids Halloween Tailor Designer 1.0
Kids Halloween Talior Designer is ready foryouto make amazing and fashionable Halloween clothes!Choose your favorite color, design your own style, and putspecialHalloween decorations on! Kids Halloween Talior Designerwillrepresent you best Halloween costume!There is a party at school in few days and the kids needtheirHalloween dresses to be ready before the party. Would youhelpthese kids, there is chance for you to become the HalloweenStylistof your Dreams!It's time to get busy with those design skills you have!Create& combine between lots of clothing design, matchcolors,prints, patterns textures and much more and bring out yourcreativesoul.First, choose quality fabric from a palette of colours. Then usethepuffing iron machine to remove all creases from the fabric. Nowitis ready to scissor your cut. Set a cut so that you won'thaveproblems later when sewing.Select your favourite thread and turn the sewing machine on.Directit carefully so that you won't break a needle. When yourlovelypiece of clothing is designed, you can decorate it withcolourfulaccessories, embellishments, pockets, buttons, stickers,andcollars.Kids Halloween Talior Designer Features:• Tons of new fabrics and clothes styles• New tailor shop with Halloween elements• Halloween style decorations for clothes• Enjoy being a grand Master Tailor• Share your experience of managing a Tailor Shop withfriends• Fashion kids up like never before, match everything forthem,includinghairstyle/sunglasses/earrings/dresses/shoes/handbag
Halloween Makeup After Breakup 1.0
Come and give your girl an incomparablebeauty.Here, countless festival themes are offered on purpose,such asbeautiful monsters, lovely witches and bloody vampires.Hurry toshow us your sense of unique style!Prepare yourself to witness the absolute horror thisHalloweenbecause we are bringing you the best spooky HalloweenMakeup AfterBreakup. This Game provides you the facility to makethis Halloweenmore remarkable by adding horror faces on your simplepics.Choose a beautiful skin tone for your girl to start off, thenusethe tinted BB cream on her face and neck. If you are tiredofhaving a dull hair color, we'd like to give you our bran-newhairhighlighting, which will absolutely lighten the young ladywithbright and vivid colors. By clicking the hair dye, you can alsoaddsome bold, warm highlights, even 2 or 3 colors can be used atthesame time. For example, try to mix pale pink with abrighterfuchsia or copper reds in dark brunette hair, you can haveso muchfun here. And you will definitely be amazed by theHalloween-themedcosmetics, these eye shadows, mascaras andlipsticks will help yourlittle girl to achieve a magical look. Ofcourse, surprise willnever end, drawing tattoos and addingaccessories like rhinestonesand earrings are also essential foryour monster girl to makedifference. Now it's time to check outwhich awesome spooky girlwill win her designer the firstprize!Highlights:★ Realistic haunted face effects★ Spooky ghost heads★ Scary and horrible eyes★ Horrible ghost stickers★ Haunted face objectsHalloween Makeup After Breakup Features :★ Add the most scary Vampire Teeth★ Apply the most deadly Ghost eyes★ Affix the realistic ghost head or hats.★ Add spooky halloween stuff to images
Pak Army Cargo Truck Driver 1.1
The trending games of these days lie in thecategories of Pak army cargo truck driver, Army games free, Armytruck driver, truck games, Truck simulator, truck Driver 3Doffroad, Army games 3D real mission, Truck simulator games, Truckdriver 3d, Truck driving games hd 2016, Play Pak army cargo truckdriver with your friends now.Pak army cargo truck driver is the game in which you transportcargo filled with things that are necessary for the war areas , andmilitary use. Its your duty to relieve your brothers fighting foryour country and provide them with things that they need.You will see how Pak army cargo truck driver game will let cargotruck transport goods and luggage to places where there is a severecondition, like drought, flood or earthquake. People rely on armyand you, as an efficient soldier have to fulfill people'sexpectations.Playing Pak army cargo truck driver you could be assigned totransport army guns, tanks, heavy machinery, and army vehicles tothe army base or their checkpoints. There are different landscapeslike hilly areas, mountains and places that need more attentionwhile driving, so be aware while you are operating the steeringwheel, because, you are driving a heavy truck and any mistake couldlead damage to your things, and you surely don't want that. Youhave to complete the mission assigned to you, stay attentive,because the areas you will travel to are very sensitive, there canbe dangerous curves in high mountains, or complex roads leading toplaces you have never seen. After each level of game, the trackwill be long, more complex and difficult.FEATURES:• Truck simulator free game with dynamic HD graphics.• Most realistic army cargo truck with jumbo tyres.• Realistic war situation with stunning sound effects.• Real 3D soldiers animations with guns.• Live score board and level end score based on timely missioncompletion and efficient driving.
Hoverboard Rider Simulator 3D 1.0
Love riding hoverboards?Lets have some fun enjoy riding hoverboards.People go crazy, mad and insane whenever they see new impressivetrends like we all remember when awesome cool Segway’s ( olderversion of hover board with the cool handle bars) first came out atthe back end of 2001 and how everyone wanted one like crazy full offun, joy and entertainment. They were the lazy person’s ultimatetool of luxury; they allowed you to move all around while juststanding on them. Two wheels with a standing area and handle barsto control their direction, it was really that simple and theybecame popular worldwide. They were shown in movies to TV shows andwere really the ultimate must-have item. No one really thought thatanother modern adult version of cool awesome machine could reachthe Segway’s level of popularity and for the best part of 14 yearsthat seemed to be the case. As the time passes things changes eventhey are a big hit no matter what, at the end of the day after sometime people want something new which is different of course andmore cooler awesome than before.In 2015, a better, more portable type of transport came out and itwas the hover-board. Now they didn’t necessarily hover but thatdidn’t matter and the title became so popular that people just wentalong with it. They were Segway’s but didn’t have handlebars whichmade them much more convenient to travel on and carry around. Youstand on them and control the direction with the force you applywith your friend on the standing pad. What could be better thanhaving a hover-board? Having a game designed to simulate that veryexperience! Nucleus3D gamin apps brings you Hover-board Simulatorin which you can get to go all around the city performing tasks andgetting through various obstacles using a cool hover-board! It willtake you on another level and another journey which will give youfull of joy and entertainment and the best part is you will behaving full control of it. You can go crazy you can go out ofcontrol because this thing is way more cooler than anything. Theyare so much twist and turns in this game that you will enjoy alot.Get playing and sharing as not everyone has the money for ahover-board but anyone with a smartphone can easily download ourapp for free! This game will provide you with hours ofentertainment so why wait? You have to use your fingers basicallypoke and use your fingers on the screen in order to have fullcontrol. It is hilarious it is very funny you will go crazy andwill have a lot of fun you will have to adjust the speed so you canstay up your feet. Just a poke and here you go! Share it with yourfriends and family and have fun! Ready get set go!- Awesome graphics and you have all the control of the speed ofyour personal hoverboard.- You can choose and have the options of awesome cool amazingcolors blue, red and yellow.-Very detailed game with good easy game play and awesomecontrols-One poke one finger you will be in your dreams and run thisawesome hoverboard.-Best part it is totally absolutely free.Hoverboard game simulator features:• Awesome graphics and you have all the control of the speed ofyour personal hoverboard.• You can choose and have the options of awesome cool amazingcolors blue, red and yellow.• Very detailed game with good easy game play and awesomecontrols• One poke one finger you will be in your dreams and run thisawesome hoverboard.• Best part it is totally absolutely free.• Awesome 3D Graphics• Real game physics• Surreal visual effects• Realistic Hoverboard Physics and smooth controls• Awesome environments
Secret Agent Bomb Halo Mission 1.0
Welcome to the secret agent's world who spiesand operate under the radar, moving to locations around the worldto complete secret army missions. Agent Mob you have been recruitedand trained by army secret service agency to ensure the security ofyour nation. Be a spy and operate under the radar, complete secretagent missions hit harder or get arrested in challenging spystealth games. Train yourself as ghost spy for stealth missions,exhibit quickly move and sneak skills to destroy enemy base. Plantthe bomb and move from Shadow to Shadow to strike enemies withdeadly force.Become a ghost agent remain out of sight from enemies and cams inspy Stealth game. Enemies are planning for something big, you willbe our undercover secret agent to execute them by destroying theirbase with their deadly weapons. Training missions over now showelite spy skills and stop them stealing blacklist files. Savefellow spies from getting dishonored by nation. The intelligenceoffice want you to kill all possible threat with zero civiliancasualty by all means necessary .Now you are elite spy to completedifferent missions by destroying different targets like enemyhelicopter, trucks, buildings and their command center.As professional spy trained get ready to execute dangerousoperations in enemy base, keep absolute silence anyone sees you thealarm will blow and missions get failed. It’s an impossible missionbut the secret service agency want to complete this army mission bythe best secret agent spy in this stealth mission game. For sure!You haven’t seen such delightful challenges even in secret agentrescue games. So let the excitement of spy games begin bydownloading Secret Agent Bomb Halo Mission and retaliate bydestroying the enemy base.Secret Agent Bomb Halo Mission Game Features:* Amazing gameplay for a real spy who love to play secret agent 3Dmission games.* Realistic environment with 3D Graphics to show the real life ofsecret agent spy games.* Sneak your way through the levels, in different stealth gamemissions. And stay out from watch guards eye.* Be a Swat Spy with a task to destroy all the targets with c4explosives* Modern battle field enjoinment
Santa Christmas Gift Delivery 1.1
Santa Christmas Gift Delivery, Collect therewards from santa clausMerry Christmas to all! It's that time of year when happinessprevails and smiles are at every turn. Play a part in spreading thewondrous joy. Drive around in the gift delivery and deliver thegifts on time to all the children! Do not leave anyone out for itis the holiday season and everyone must get their presents!If youwant to make your Christmas day memorable then install "SantaChristmas Gift Delivery" and enjoy Christmas.Christmas is comingwith a lot of fun and excitement for all ages. santa claus used todistribute Gift to all gift to the children. Addictive for bothkids and grown-ups, Santa Christmas Gift Delivery Fun is ourholiday present for you to revive the Christmas magic and brightenup your festive spirit in the best time of the year,the maincharacter of the Game is santa claus.Christmas holidays gives justfun and lot of gift. Embrace the snowy adventure to become thegood-will missionary and save Christmas from turning into acomplete disaster.It’s Santa Claus Game for kids free and toddlers that hopefullylike by you and your friends. So you should catch Santa on thisChristmas and also say your children, family and friends :-). Santais delivering gifts to whole world. This good game like SantaChristmas Gift Delivery, Santa escape, Santa tracker and otherSanta games for toddlers and kids. Santa Claus is coming down totown.A small boy is sleeping, surprise him and bring the happinessin his face by offering a gift along with Santa Claus.Santa Christmas Gift Delivery game is an addictive Christmas kidsgame. This year Christmas gifts are falling from sky likesnowflakes, because of Santa riding his sleigh too fast.Santa is bringing us gifts every year, he comes with many gifts foreach and makes us very happy. Especially children are those who arewaiting with great impatience. In this kids game with Christmas youwill meet Santa Claus, he is in his living room. .If you do notwant to disappoint him you have to pay attention to all the detailsof this game for children.Now the girl is ready to wait for Santa Claus, you have to sit heron a warm fluffy carpet in front of the fireplace, she will waitthere and you will have to stay with her until we get home. Thechild of our neighbors will have to have some of the same attentionfrom you.children are very happy, Santa will bring more gifts and secure inhis bag with gifts you will find something for you because you havebeen a very good child. You can come back anytime you want to SantaChristmas Gift Delivery game.Santa Christmas Gift Delivery is a fun and addictive game withone-touch gameplay and suitable for players of all ages, from kidsto adults! challenging levels and awesome graphics and control willmake sure to keep you entertained for hours and enjoy thisChristmas and New Year’s Eve holidays. It’s the best adventure gamefor the family!The Santa Christmas Gift Delivery game was developed from thespirit of Christmas. Magical sounds and unusual images combine toplay based on simple mechanism: you're a Santa and you need todeliver presents to all houses.Pay attention to clues and everything will be wonderful.Enjoy the game and Merry Christmas!Santa Christmas Gift Delivery Feature• t’s FREE!• Santa Gift Delivery Missions• Cool Winter theme with snow!• Have the music and sound effects.• Collect all the gifts for the christmas kids.• Beautiful graphics• beautiful design Christmas game• A game with real Christmas feeling• great dynamic gameplay• realistic sledge controls
Vector z 1.2
One who knows the darkness shall learn tolivein the light since darkness and night are mothers ofthought.Vector Z is thrilling, rich in variety and it reminds us ofStickRun, but offers much more elaborate animations. Vector Z isanexciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptionalfreerunner who won’t be held down by the system. The game openswith aview into a totalitarian world where freedom and individualisnothing more than a distant dream. But the heart of a freerunneris strong, and you soon break free.Run, vault, slide and climb using extraordinary techniques basedonthe urban ninja sport while being chased by “Big Brother”whosesole purpose is to capture you and bring you back.Time to run with the vector in Vector Z !Game Features:• Intuitive and realistic controls!• Beautiful graphics!• Super fun!• Vector Z lets you break free and run!• Challenging levels.• Quick to learn, challenging to master.• Arcade Game play.
Kids Injection Simulator 1.3
Kids injection simulator Free game. The appthat lets you play Doctor. This app was created to let people ofall ages "play doctor" as well as educate children about whathappens at the doctors office. Learn about the doctors office whileplaying doctor on Kids injection simulator a free game. Kidsinjection simulator was created by stepinn tech, you will love Kidsinjection simulator.Treat patients with professional doctor tools like syringes andmore! They feel sick and need injections, hurry up !This doctor’s office is so much fun ! Let's be a doctor or a nurse,healing the wounds for those kids !These little patients need your help ! Choose from these adorablepatients and let the doctor fun begin!Treat patients at the office with crazy cool doctor tools but becareful !Do a blood test, an injection or give a vaccine. There are manythings to do so hurry up!This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motor skills,visual perception and hand-eye coordinationin the world of doctors and surgery games.These patients have very diversities of conditions andingections, you need to choose proper methods of injections forthem. To identify the cause of disease, some of them have to drawblood, so that’s also part of your responsibility. We provide you 8methods of injection and more that 40 helpful tools. We believethat under your great care, patients will recover soon.Injection methods are:Choose the kid that you wish to cure1. 7 Levels2. CheckUp3. Draw Blood4. Blood Test & Blood Reports5. Diseases Diagnosis6. Polio, Hepatitis, Chicken Pox and Measles Injections7. Drip TreatmentsThis is girls and boys game in casual games, fashion games &kids games category!
Lips Surgery Simulator 1.1
Lips Surgery Simulator is a Lips doctorsurgerysimulation game.These awesome doctor games with real doctortoolsadd more fun. Are you tired with the dryness of the lips and the skin cracksthenhere it is the crazy lips surgery doctor surgeon game. Get thebesttreatment from the panel of doctors and experts in this skinandcosmetic surgery hospital. Give your lips a shiny, glossyandsmooth look by consulting the beauty and cosmetic surgeondoctorsand experts and treat the lips accordingly. Treat the lipcracksand dryness with the help of doctor's prescriptionandmedicine.You’ve already been to a spa salon for your legs and your back,butdid you forget about your face? Worry not! Witty Apps bringsyouthe best surgery game in town: Lips SurgerySimulator. Give your princess’ face a whole surgery with this beautifulDoctorgame. There may be a party that your princess wants to go to,shemight have to go to a wedding, or your little princess mightbegoing on her prom night party with the charming prince. Shemustlook like a gorgeous prom queen, with stylish hair, amazingnails,great face makeup and last but not least, her lips must besoattractive that everyone would want to kiss them.Her lips are all torn apart and a surgery with drasticmeasurescan save her lips. This emergency requires a person withdoctor andmakeover skills. Do you have both to cure her lips and atthe sametime make them look beautiful.She might need stiches in this emergency surgery and evenaninjection to cure the pain.This emergency doctor game will make you play more and more.Trythis awesome game and let us know.Lips Surgery Simulator Features:Select from the four emergency lip surgery patientsmake sure the lips are properly clean for thisemergencyoperationChoose from various different lip styles to make yourprincesslook beautiful.Use different doctor tools to perform the surgery and make themlookbeautifulSave lives using real tools used by Lips Surgery SimulatorRestore your patients’ damaged looks with your expert LipsSurgerySimulator techniques! Discover how serious injuries are treated by real LipsSurgerySimulatorLearn all about the incredible human body as you fix it up
Jet Pack Santa Christmas Game 1.0
Jetpack Santa Christmas Game- ChristmasGamefor Kids.Game is full of entertainment and advanture. Holiday Has NeverBeenso Awesom-Jetpack ,Santa,Advanture! Addictive for both kidsandgrown-ups, Jetpack Santa is our holiday present for you torevivethe Christmas magic and brighten up your festive spirit inthe besttime of the year. It’s an epic Christmas tale your kidswill LOVE!Parents will adore this Jetpack Santa game too - it takesthe bestof a classic Christmas game and adds exciting new elementsto theholiday spirit. You have to drive the jetpack as fast aspossible.Be aware of the trees. Don’t Collide with them, DriveSafely andcollect all the check points,Jetpack is too fast. Try totravelSanta a long distance so you can score more. The only way tosavethe holiday spirit is to help Santa Claus run. Santa isbringing usgifts every year, he comes with many gifts for each andmakes usvery happy. Especially children are those who are waitingwithgreat impatience. In this kids game with Christmas you willmeetSanta Claus. You are going to fall in love with our greatJetpackSanta Christmas game once you see the stunning 3D graphicsand hearthe magical Christmas Carol soundtrack! DRAG left &right toCOLLECT Coins!DODGE & Avoid the oncomingobstacles!How far you can Go! It totally depends on your skills. JetpackSantaChristmas Game is full of thrill and advanture.How to Play :- Do not Collide into the trees.- Collect all the check points.- More Distance you travel more you score.- Be a champion this christmas.Features:Awesome game for celebrating ChristmasSanta on his new Jet packScenic background with snow and Christmas treesSingle touch game with amazing game playRich graphicsbeautiful design Christmas gameA game with real Christmas feelinggreat dynamic gameplayrealistic sledge controlsChallenging goalsTricky obstaclesEnchanting Christmas music
Real Drift Racer Car Game 1.0
Real Drift Racer Car Game is very easyracinggame to play and this game carries a lot of Fun with it. Sogetready for the full time enjoyment with Real Drift Racer Car Game.This game is specially for the Fans of Drifting games, guyswholove racing cars with drifting will be pleased to see ourRealDrift Max Car Racing. There is so much thrill and fun totacklewith in this Drifting game.Real Drift Racer Car Game has beautiful environments withnewpowerful cars and excellent setup. This drifting game isveryunique when you compared it with other Drift Racing gamesbecauseit has Real drifting tracks to run your Racing cars and youcanshuffle your cars too. So you will not get bored by driftingonlyone car again and again in Real Drift Racer Car GameDrifting is the act of maneuvering a vehicle through cornersatspeeds and angles that exceed the vehicle’s grip. A drift is whenadriver performs a controlled slide through corners whileadheringto the racing line. Drifting involves fast cars, superskilleddrivers and hardcore fans.Real Drift Racer Car Game : Driving and drifting with a realsportscar may not be that safe but we can promise you about ourdriftgame play in Real Drift Racer Car Game It is super-duperexciting!It’s easy to understand the drift Racing, but you willfindChampion the trick is really, really challenging!In this latest thrill driving game, you are trapped in aperilousmaze full of destructive obstacles and deadly paths!Youwill fillthe roads with dust thanks to specially developed carphysics andeffective drift system for you to feel the realDriftexperienceWith a wide range of racing cars all ready to Real Drift RacerCarGame and lots of race tracks to compete on this stylishandexciting race game you can be sure you'll drive forhours...Awesome Industries support safe driving, we strongly advise younotto drag race or perform any type of real racing if you are notatrained racing car driver. Real Drift Racer Car Game is intendedtoremain on you mobile and tablet and not to be taken to thestreets,it is both illegal and dangerous to perform theseactivitiesTest your skill by racing through the hurdles and escapetheportcullis. Jump over fiery paths! Speedily dash throughspiked,vicious gates for survival.Real Drift Racer Car Game Feature• The most realistic 3D drift racing simulation onmobiledevices• Customizable difficulty: from total novice toprofessionaldrifter• The most realistic 3D drift racing simulation onmobiledevices• Backfire effects with sounds• Insane feeling of powerful sport cars• Different maps with real Environments• Easy to control with one finger• Real 3D graphics• Career mode and quick race• Real racing car game• Realistic drift and car sounds• Super Cars• Real physics• Easy to Play
Christmas Dental Hospital 1.0
Christmas Dental Hospital - Christmas GameforKidsLovely Little Dentist Office is opening! Patients are liningupoutside the little dentist office to check kidsteeth/toothproblems... This is a lovely little dentist game forChristmasspecial version, and it's a good Christmas game forkidscreationLook at these poor buddies! They suffer from different kindsofteeth problems like bad teeth,tooth cavity, dentalcalculus,.etc... It makes them crazy and painful...Director of the crazy dentist office is looking for a smartdoctorwho can clean, color and beautify teeth. Are you the bestkidsdoctor? Are you the best dentist? Are you the best monsterdentist?Are you the Come to check it out! You'll be a cool littledentist!You will be a crazy dentist!*****It's a good dentist Christmas Dental Hospital and dentistkidsgame, it helps to learn about how to protect teeth! It canalsoimprove the kids creativity! It's a cool and interestingdentistkids game for Christmas! And also a Christmas game forkidscreation*****How to Play the Game Christmas Dental Hospital:Brush teeth to Santa ClausCleaning gumRemove cavitiesPut fillingsRemove wheelsClean your tongueChristmas Dental Hospital is a very easy game and you can playallthe time, get your patients to have a nice smile, can downloadtheapplication through your phone or tablet, do not hesitate andhitthe button to start to play, good luck!Santa Claus and his fellows eats too much cookies and now havingsomany dental problems! They are suffering from a horribletoothacheand needs a dentist to help clean bacteria, removingplaque andtar. They need you to fix their teeth.Christmas Dental Hospital Features:4 different Christmas characters to choose from.Clean Bacteria; remove plaque and tar and much more.Replace ugly and unwanted teeth with new teeth.Latest equipment to treat each character painless.Decorate teeth with different colors and Christmas patterns.Share to impress your friends & family in thisChristmasseason.In Christmas Teeth Doctor your can select your character forthisChristmas and make your favorite Christmas character’s teethshine.Show off your dental skills by become a Santa Claus's dentaldoctor& make them get ready for an awesome Christmas this year.ThisChristmas game will amuse you for hours.Merry Christmas!!!
Christmas Tree Decoration 2016 1.0
Christmas Tree Decoration 2016 – Kids gameforthis Christmas season. Get your Christmas spirit in shape andreadyfor the holiday season with Christmas Tree Decoration app!Kidswill be encouraged to explore festive season by decoratingaChristmas tree themselves.Decorate your own Christmas tree and set as wallpaper or sharethemwith friend as Christmas greetings. Simply choose ornamentsdragthem on the tree, place wherever you like. You can easilyresizeand rotate decorating ornaments as per your can chose from many beautiful items to decorate your Xmastree.At the end, you can view your masterpiece within animatedscene,play one of the minigames or take a photo and show yourChristmastree to your friends. You can also use it as a Christmascard,wallpaper or even Christmas or New Year’s gift.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!Christmas Tree Decoration 2016 Features:beautiful high quality HD graphicsintuitive, easy to use interface with draggable and mirroringitemsfor better positioninginfinite game play with unlimited combinationsover eighty different decorationsanimated scenescreenshots of your Christmas tree can be saved in yourphotogallerysnowflakes minigameslide puzzle minigameOver 50 different ornaments and lights to use8 different Christmas Trees to choose fromChange the backgroundKids will have a blastEasy to use
Christmas Hair Salon 2016 1.0
This christmas brings for you anattractiveChristmas Hair Salon 2016 game. By playing this game youcan trylot more hair styles on christmas characters. You can cutyour ownstyle, gives funky look etc. Even get more stylish look bymakingyour hairs curls and strait. Not only that you can evencolour yourhairs with lots of different shades. Have you ever seensanta inany salon??? Then Come and play with santa and make hishair stylesuitable for christmas.There are 3 male characters and girls don't get upset there isonegirl character also with long hairs. So enjoy playing this gameanddo give us feedback.We are ready to satisfy you in allways.Does your kid want to be a barber ? Does your little girl want tobethe best hairstylist ? If your child want to play in the Christmas Hair Salon 2016andBarber you have found the right educational game !There are a lot of customers and they need thebesthairdresser. In this you are also the beard barberforsanta.Please help the hairstylist in this fun game for kids.This app is a challenging and fun way to develop fine motorskills,visual perception and hand-eye coordination in the world of Christmas Hair Salon 2016. The best app to beabarber and design various hairstyles for your customers.Christmas Hair Salon 2016 Features:game for toddlers and kids from ages 2-13 years oldentertaining and educational gameeasy to use for children and preschoolers, babies, little boysandlittle girlssimple and intuitive : just a few commands to useexercise your toddler fine motor skillsPromotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination4 cute characters to choose from a lof of styling tools such as scissors, electric razor, comb,hairstraightener, curling iron, crimper, hairdryercharacters will have various expressions and sounds when youarestyling themFun accessories to complete the makeover such as hats,necklaces,glasses, hair decorations, shirtsDozens of hair colors to choose and combineUse the magic hair grow gel to make hair grow back again
Pk Van Simulator 3D 1.0
Let's get ready for a real fun of Simulation.Areal fun of adventurous dragging become when you drive your PKVANin city and overtake the traffic rush to collect all thecheckpointsand reach to destination in given time. A realchallenge of drivingis ready to thrill you with asphalt speedytraffic tracks and nitroracing turbo engine. So let's start yourPK VAN and drive to collectcheckpoint with this free 3d game andenjoy a free real sim ofBerlin city with PK VAN and other gmcnitro cars. City jeep 3D is anadventurous racing game for thrilllovers. So if you're a realoffroad and drag lover then must playthis free game to become a prtof offroad legends. Let's get readyfor a real fun ofSimulation.So if you're a real lover of offroading and dragging so let'sgetready to drag a car and overtake the traffic racer onBerlinhighway with your PK Van cruiser and become a real CityDrivelegend. You've many options and traffic racer which readytocompete with you. So let's show your real thrilling face to alltheracing rivals and begin your racing in car with racing +engine.Ruined the track with your speedy booster and collect allthecheckpoints before time runs out.So begin a real Pk Van Simulator 3D Pick & Drop Service andturnon a real crazy racing fever mode and smash the traffic withyourracing skills of dodge and drag. Enjoy a free simulation ofultimate2016 racing and enjoy another chapter of endless journeywithextreme adventurous PK VAN.If you're getting sick with a traditional truck driving,metrobus driving games and other pick and drop games then pksuzukidrive can bring a real offroad fun for you. And if yourebeing inlove of coach driver then 4x4 offroad Suzuki should beperfect foryou. So play this free game today and get a simulatingdrivingskills. Avoid to hit your 4x4 suzuki with trafic cars anddrivelike a real rc car to show your skilled drive. A singlehittingwith city traffic will ruined your game so be careful.You'redriving metro suzuki. So be attentive at every stop. Saveyourpassengers from real danger while driving suzuki and Enjoyanextreme offroad trip.Pk Van Simulator 3D Features:• Real simulation of offroad driving.• Endless traffic journey.• Real simulation of Northern PK.• Enjoy smooth graphics and lovely environment.• Highly tuned physics of 4x4 suzuki.• Become a real offroad legend with ultimate driving.• Enjoy endless 2016 road trip.• Reak music tracks to show thw real PK culture.
Police Van Prisoner Delivery 1.0
To live within a society, one must live byitsrules. It starts from childhood, from a young age, childrenliveunder the guidance of their parents and if the child misbehavesordisobeys, he/she is punished with a timeout. As childrengrowolder, those timeouts turn into groundings and detentions asmoreand more institutions become part of a person’s life suchasschool. Pretty soon the child becomes a young adult and has toobeyall sorts of laws which he/she has to live by. It soundssimpleenough but those rules and laws are not for everyone andthose whotransgress authority end up in prison. Simply put, youbreak thelaw, you go to prison.When a person has to go to prison, he is arrested by the policeandhas to be transported to prison. The jail at the police stationcanonly hold so many people; a time comes when the dangerousfelonshave to be taken to prison. Here’s where you come in asStepInnTech Games brings you its latest game, Police VanPrisonerTransport! Your job is to take convicts to jail in your vanthroughthe chaotic city that we have designed for you. Yourmissions willbe only being over when you arrive at the destinationon time andany slipups could cost you dearly. You have the chanceto become acrazy police van transport driver and you willexperience the lifeof a police van driver too. It is your duty yournational duty tobecome the real hero and get on time.Take advantage and try the game for free as you go throughthethrilling levels especially designed for an extreme sense ofdangerand excitement! Download our new police prison transport 3dgamegive yourself a quality fun time and your prisoners athrillingride. Get riding and be one of the best high securityperson driveryou will totally love it. ENJOY WITH YOUR FRIENDSANDFAMILY!!Features:- Very smooth controls and extremely easy to play.- Awesome realistic 3D graphics with beautiful environment.- The most amazing bus simulation experience ever so trythis.- One of the best prisoner transport experience in a crimecityenvironment.-Best part is that this game is totally free do whatever youwantwithout paying any cent.
Taxi Simulator 2017 1.0
Have you ever overslept and found out youarerunning late for a meeting? Have you ever spent too muchtimegetting ready and have realized that you will be late forthefamily dinner with the in-laws? Or a date? Or work? If youhave,you would wish you had a crazy cab driver as the person inchargeof getting you from A to B. We have amazing background musictomotivate you and boost your game play. You have city map forwholecity to help your way to get easy and explore morefunpossibilities. We at StepInn Tech bring you exactly that withourlatest new game, Crazy Taxi 3D!You take charge of a taxi and your mission is to get yourpassengersto the destination in the fastest way possible. You willget a veryrealistic feel of the virtual city as the traffic thatyou wouldhave to navigate through will be highly detailed. Fastturns, sharpmaneuvering between traffic and other such actionswill be whatyou’ll have to master if you are to progress throughthe game. Agame with a pulsating concept and a well-designedvirtual world issure to keep you glued to the screen. It is nextgeneration 3D carracing simulator game for all you guys, who loveto drive fast andespecially the ones who love fast cool racingsports cars with anawesome realistic graphics, cool environmentand easy fungameplay.This game is guaranteed to provide you with hours upon hoursofentertainment as you come to terms with the game. You play as anewcool crazy taxi driver, pick passengers and drop off them totheirdestination and make them crazy too with your wild crazydrive. Yesyou can drift and make crazy turns during the traffic andyou willenjoy it. As thrilling as Crazy Taxi 3D already is, it iseven morefun when you’re competing with friends. Share it with yourfamilyand friends to see who can handle the pressure behind thecrazytaxi’s wheel! Let’s drive and be crazy totally free!!Features:-Crazy full packed 20 levels to experience the thrillandspeed.-Three really cool colors racing taxis options available.-Pick up your passenger crazily and drop them off crazily.-Awesome and amazing 3D graphics with fullsimulatorenvironment.-Pick your favorite character to start the wild crazytaxidrive.-Astonishing different camera views for bestdrivingexperience.-Hours of easy fun 3D game play with map and with traffic inthecity.-Increase your gaming experience with real physics motions likehighspeed and drifting of the sports car.C