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Lifestream - A Text Game 2.3
Lifestream is a haunting and innovative text adventure game thatplunges players into the roles of Randolph and John Holton, afather and son desperate for answers to the mysteries surrounding amysterious realm known only as "the Lifestream" and an enigmaticbrotherhood. ABOUT "Father Randolph Holton was dead. Not literally,of course. But in his heart, he knew he could not live on...notafter everything he had learned. Sitting at his dark oak desk inthe corner of the dimly lit, cozy study, the white-haired, frailCatholic priest--even frailer of late--dipped an old quill into acontainer of jet-black ink and began to write..." Lifestreamrevolutionizes the genre of interactive fiction, combining classicroom-based explorative text game mechanics with a stylish graphicalinterface and plenty of modern bells and whistles like pictures andsound. The result is a game that looks and feels modern whileremaining true to the essence of interactive fiction. Lifestreamplays like an interactive novel. You make a series of choices thatdetermine what happens next in the story. But unlike in traditionalgamebooks and visual novels, Lifestream also features more advancedadventure-based game mechanics, including locations to explore,items to interact with, characters to meet, and puzzles to solve.STORY John Holton's father, a Catholic priest named Randolph, hasbeen missing for two weeks. Unable to go to the police for help,since doing so would tarnish his father's reputation as a celibatepriest, John takes it upon himself to search for his father. Overthe course of Lifestream, players take on the roles of both John inthe present and his father, Randolph, in the past. While Johnsearches for answers, players see the troubling events that led toRandolph's disappearance firsthand. FEATURES - Explore multipledetailed locations, including a quaint Victorian home and smallvillage church - Enjoy over 150 pieces of original artwork - Solvea multitude of challenging puzzles - Interact with a variety ofinteresting characters - Play as two separate protagonists acrosstwo time periods - Unlock 30 achievements to view a specialpost-game bonus scene - Experience an emotional, hour-longsoundtrack - Play 8+ hours of content with over 78,000 words--thetext equivalent of a full-length novel! - Adjustable font size forsmaller devices IMPORTANT LINKS Developed by Unimatrix Productions- View more games like this atStorycentric Worlds - Like us onFacebook - Follow uson Twitter -
The Filmmaker - Text Adventure 1.1
Relive the days of classic gaming with The Filmmaker, a textadventure tribute to the traditional Hollywood "B-movie" in whichplayers take on the role of young cinephile Brianna Auberon as sheexplores a haunted theater. ABOUT: The Filmmaker is the third in aseries of text adventures that combines the best elements ofinteractive fiction, visual novels, and gamebooks with a graphicuser interface that emulates the look of early 1990s textadventures. It features beautiful artwork and cinematic music. Inplace of a text parser is a context-specific multiple choice menu.A compass allows you to travel from room to room, and separateinventory, map, journal, and character screens are available at thepush of a button. It plays like an interactive novel. You make aseries of choices that determine what happens next in the story.But unlike in traditional gamebooks and visual novels, TheFilmmaker also features more advanced adventure-based gamemechanics, including locations to explore, items to interact with,characters to meet, and puzzles to solve. STORY: The Carson StilesGateway Theater was once the hotspot of town, featuring its ownseries of low-budget B-movies produced by renowned filmmaker ClaudeFerucil. Unfortunately, the theater closed several months ago aftera series of gruesome murders. This came as a huge disappointment toBrianna, a huge B-movie buff who faithfully attended every newshowing with her recently-passed father. Imagine Brianna's surprisethen, when she received a letter in the mail inviting her to thetheater's grand re-opening. Little did she realize, however, thatshe was in for a bit more than she bargained for... FEATURES: -EXPLORE a haunted theater and five distinct black-and-white films -DISCOVER the terrifying link behind a series of gruesome murders -INTERACT with a variety of interesting characters - PICK UP,COMBINE, and USE a multitude of inventory items - SOLVE a multitudeof challenging puzzles - ENJOY over 400 pieces of original artworkand an hour-long soundtrack - UNLOCK 25 achievements to view aspecial post-game bonus scene - ADJUST the font size to your likingon smaller devices - EXPERIENCE 6+ hours of content–a true"B-movie" experience! THE FILMS: You'll go INSIDE five distinctblack-and-white films, each of which features unique exploration,visuals, music, and puzzles! These include: - A DETECTIVE STORY - Afilm noir tale about a down-on-his-luck detective - THE COUNT - Ahorror story about a young maiden captured by an evil vampire - THEFUZZIES - A cartoon about a small village of rabbit-like creatures- ALIENS FROM MARS! - A sci-fi epic about a war with the Martians -PRIMAL ATMOSFEAR - An action thriller about a new man-eatingpredator IMPORTANT LINKS: View more games like this at StorycentricWorlds - Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Developed by UnimatrixProductions -
Shady Brook - A Text Adventure 1.4
Relive the days of classic gaming with Shady Brook​​, a dark andmysterious text adventure. Inspired by the television series TwinPeaks, Shady Brook places players in the role of author JakeTorrent in his search of a small town's twisted secrets. ABOUT:Shady Brook puts a unique spin on classic interactive fiction,combining classic room-based explorative text game mechanics with astylish graphical interface. It plays like an interactive novel.You make a series of choices that determine what happens next inthe story. But unlike in traditional gamebooks and visual novels,Shady Brook also features more advanced adventure-based gamemechanics, including locations to explore, items to interact with,characters to meet, and puzzles to solve. STORY: Author JakeTorrent, alongside his blind father Wayne, moves to the small,peaceful country town of Shady Brook. At first, everything seemsidyllic. His neighbor, Tim, is always willing to lend a hand, andthe Ekan family invites him to dinner. But soon, Jake learns thathis home's previous occupant committed suicide, and mysteriousthings begin to occur. When another resident also commits suicide,Jake starts to suspect foul play. Could this town take part in aconspiracy to cover up a murder? As Jake investigates, he gets morethan he bargained for: a town secret so terrifying that there is noturning back... FEATURES: - EXPLORE a small country town - INTERACTwith nearly two dozen characters - CHOOSE your path--your actionsalter the course of the story - PICK UP, COMBINE, and USE amultitude of inventory items - SOLVE a variety of challenging andunique puzzles - DISCOVER the town's terrifying secrets in a trulydark and mature storyline - ENJOY over 250 pieces of originalartwork and an hour-long soundtrack - UNLOCK 33 achievements toview a special post-game bonus scene - EXPERIENCE 8+ hours ofcontent--the equivalent length of a novel! CRITICAL PRAISE: ShadyBrook is based on the 2005 adventure game of the same name. Thegame's storyline was critically-acclaimed. AdventureGamers.compraised its "dark, quirky characters" and "twisty story." ShadyBrook was the recipient of Adventure Archive's prestigious "BestIndependent Game 2005" Award. IMPORTANT LINKS: View more games likethis at Storycentric Worlds - http://www.storycentricworlds.comLike us on Facebook - us on Twitter - by Unimatrix Productions -