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Total Split 1.1
TotalSplit makes it easy to split bills, rent & everydayexpenses.TotalSplit helps you to divide costs between you and yourfriends. It is perfect for vacations, weekend trips, nights outwith friends, and even for household expenses. Split costs any wayyou want, see who’s paid for what, and instantly check who shouldbe paying for the next thing.Features:- No login and no internetconnection required- Super fast and easy user interface- CreateGroup and Add Friends- All currencies are supported – you can evenuse multiple currencies- Multi Payer Support- You can splitexpenses unevenly if purchasers paid different amounts or ifcertain participants benefitted more or less from the expenses- NoAdvertisement !!!If you have any problems or suggestions pleasesend a mail to [email protected], you’ll get the responsein a short time.
GoAround 1.2
GoAround helps you in searching a place at your current location,or at a different location by changing your location, with detailsfor each and every one of them.# Find easily nearby banks, bars,clubs, restaurants, food points, hotels, museums, pharmacies,hospitals or any other place you want to search.# Each placedetails include rating, address, phone number, images, distancefrom your current location, website, user reviews, working hours,price level.# Find quickly nearby places with a single tap bycustomizing your categories (select display categories from theavailable list or add your manually searches).# Get search resultsbased on distance or popularity of the place.# View all searchresults in either list or map.# Get step by step directions withMap with estimated time and distance.# Make phone call to theplace.# Share the place with your friends.# View the working hoursof each place# View the price level of each place# Step by stepdirections from you current location to any destinationGoAroundhelps you find places like:• Airports• ATM• Bakeries• Banks• Bars•Bus stations• Cafes• Car services• Casinos• Convenience stores•Department stores• Gas stations• Gyms• Hardware stores• Hotels•Libraries• Museums• Night clubs• Pharmacies• Hospitals• Trainstationsand many moreNOTE:- This application needs access todevice's current location using GPS or Network (WiFi/Mobile Data).-Accuracy of location depends on the device, selected locationprovider and your location (if you are inside your home or officebuilding then GPS might not work properly)- We don't run anybackground task, app runs only when it is opened- All theinformation are fetched from Google, so, if any information iswrong, then this application cannot be hold responsible forthat.Thank you for your support and reviews (on play store andemails). We will provide next version with more featuressuggested/requested by you.
Hello Heart 1.3
Hello Heart - Heart rate Monitor is an important measure in healthand fitness. Using Accurate Heart Rate Monitor app, you can nowmeasure and monitor your heart rate!★ Incredibly accurate inmeasuring your heartbeat★ Free with unlimited recording★ Easy touse with intuitive design★ No additional hardware requiredHow touse the Hello Heart - heart rate monitor free app to measure yourheartbeat?To use this heartbeat counter, just put your finger onthe phone's camera and stay still, the heart rate is shown afterfew seconds. Covering a part of flash may help heartbeat counter tobecome even more accurate.What is a normal heart rate orheartbeat?A normal resting heart beat rate for adults ranges from60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM). However, keep in mind that manyfactors can influence the heart rate, including Activity level,Fitness level, Body size, Emotion, etc. Generally, a lowerheartbeat at rest implies more efficient heart function and bettercardiovascular fitness.Consult your doctor if your restingheartbeat is consistently above 100 beats per minute or if you'renot a trained athlete and your resting heartbeat is below 60 beatsa minuteNOTES- Hello Heart - Heart rate monitor app should not beused as a medical device.- In some devices, heart rate monitor maymake the LED flash very hot.
Fuel Price 1.1
We all know that under the newly launched pilot project, rates offuel prices will be revised daily in five cities namely Chandigarh,Pondicherry, Vizag in Andhra Pradesh, Udaipur in Rajasthan andJamshedpur in Jharkhand. State-run oil companies, Indian OilCorporation (IOC) Ltd, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) andHindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL), will revise petrol anddiesel prices every day in sync with international rates, beginning16 June, Through Daily Fuel Price app you will get the majorbenefit mention below. Benefit of this app:- -> Real time getthe petrol price any time any where-> After 8:00 pm you may ableto get next day’s petrol Price-> You may able to Save the Moneyto get the petrol price in advance-> Through Fuel price app youwill show petrol/diesel price increase / decrease You can comparePetrol and Diesel prices at all your nearest Petrol pump of yourstate.-> Find Near by Petrol Pump from your area.-> Find Nearby Service Center from your area.Get the latest fuel priceinformation from all major Indian states and cities.We cover allmajor Indian states listed below for current fuel price one it willmigrate to new Fuel price its automatically reflected: - AndhraPradesh - Andaman and Nicobar Islands - Arunachal Pradesh - Assam -Bihar - Chhattisgarh - Chandigarh - Delhi - Daman and Diu - Dadraand Nagar Haveli - Goa - Gujarat - Haryana - Himachal Pradesh -Jammu & Kashmir - Jharkhand - Karnataka - Kerala - Lakshadweep- Madhya Pradesh - Maharashtra - Manipur - Meghalaya - Mizoram -Nagaland - Orissa - Punjab - Pondicherry - Rajasthan - Sikkim -Tamil Nadu - Tripura - Telangana - Uttar Pradesh - Uttarakhand -West Bengal
ReCall 1.1
ReCall game "ReCall" is a great workout supporting the intellectualdevelopment of brain. ReCall exercise is the perfect way to keep aefficient brain, which stimulated to regular job functions betterevery day.Simple and beautiful ReCall for kids.Find all matchedcards and enjoy very cute Toy, Vehicles and Cartoon :)Features:* 6different levels from easy one up to really hard one.* 3 differentthemes: Toy, Vehicles and Cartoon.* Looks great on tablets.* Morethan 80 Toy,Vehicle and Cartoon.* Six levels of difficulty.* Photosof real Toy,Vehicle and Cartoon in HD.* Understandable andnon-dispersible attention graphics.Aligning images with Toy,Vehicleand Cartoon in the game memory improves logical thinking. Find andmatch Toy,Vehicle and Cartoon.If you have remembering problems,quickly distracted and unable to concentrate, you should practicememory and concentration. To achieve excellent academic results,you will ensure that your memory is properly developed.
Power Punch 1.4
Power Punch Challenge yourself or challenge a friend with thepunching game. Compare to get the highest score and reach the verytop of the Leaderboard! This game is similar to those boxingpunching power bag machines. Power Punch to the face position andknow how tough you are. Tired? Do you need to reduce anger? - thisstress relief game is for you :)Would you like to know how boxingmatches are scored?Punch it out!How to use:Throw an "air blow" withyour smartphone and Power Punch Meter calculates a hit score basedon accuracy, speed and strength.Note:Some phones will givedifferent sensor readings based on the hardware used by themanufacturer. And Some phone having a bad sensor(or error sensor)will show inaccurate result.
Snake Fight 1.1
Welcome to the Snake Fight! Your objective is to connect with yourfriend with the help of Bluetooth and play.Super easy, Superaddictive!Features:-Easy Control:*Snake Fight has the most basiccontrol ever!*Simple Swipe Control. *You have only need to swipewith your finger to guide a snake.*Play it with one finger or twofinger! No restriction there! -Game play:*Connect with your friendusing Bluetooth. *Try to Attack/Save your snake from enemy snake.*Eat additional balls and make the snake bigger!!*Try to bit asmany game as possible. *Endless game play★ PLAY NOW ★
CallerNote 1.2
CallerNote will give you a quick and simple note takingexperience.Not only is the note taking app simple and easy to usebut alsocomes with a to-do checklist which can quickly be sharedvia email,facebook, Whatsapp any many other social media.As a topnotes appfor Android it is packed with many great features makingit morethan just a note pad. More than just a CallerNote app, italsoidentifies callers and adds the name and number to a note withjust1 click. When your phone rings the notepad app instantlyidentifiescallers. Even the ones not in your phonebook. After youhang up ournotes app gives you practical options like saving theidentifiedcaller to your contacts. What’s included in thisCallerNote app:★Add note after call★ Add note from call log★ Attachnote to contactor phone number★ View notes even before answeringphone call★ Sharenote★ See your last note on the caller during theincoming call★Create reminder
Babbling 1.0
"Simple enough that anyone can use it, versatile enoughthateveryone has some use for it" Babbling is a messaging appthatallows you to easily connect with family and friendsacrosscountries. It's the all-in-one communications app fortext(SMS/MMS), Moments, photo sharing, audio sharing. Be asbeautifuland easy to use as possible without sacrificing securityorprivacy.WHY USE BABBLING:• MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: Send photo,text,and voice messages.• GROUP CHAT Create group chats with peopleandSend photo, text, and voice messages.• EMOJIS GALLERY: Hundredsoffree, fun, emojis to express your feelings from some ofyourfavorite cartoons.• MOMENTS: Share your best moments onyourpersonal photo stream.• REALTIME LOCATION: Instead of havingtotell others where you are, just use real-time locationsharing.•Rely on existing, well established protocols• Only Oneapplicationwhich gives privacy to your chat.