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PingTools Pro 4.27 Pro
This is a Pro version of PingTools. By purchasing this app you willsupport further development, in additional this version have noads. This app contains the following tools: • Info tool, where youcan see the network connection status, IP address of the Wi-Firouter, external IP address, information about your ISP and more.In addition, Info screen displays a couple useful charts of Wi-Ficonnection and network usage. • Watcher – checks the networkresources on schedule. Watcher show notify if the state of theresource has changed, it will allow you to always be aware of anyproblems with the network at home or at work. • Local-Area Network– looking for other network devices. You will always be aware ofwho is connected to your network as well as identify hardwaremanufacturer and what services are running on these devices. • Ping- a tool needs no description. You can use a standard set ofparameters, as well as additional features such as TCP andHTTP\HTTPS ping. Background work and sound notifications willenable you to monitor the state of the remote host without beingdistracted. • GeoPing - check the availability of the resourcethroughout the world. In just one click you can find out if yoursite is accessible for ex in Singapore. • Traceroute - anindispensable tool for system administrators. Shows the route onwhich the packets are from your device to the target host. TheVisual Traceroute uses map to show you how the data packages goesaround the earth to reach a specified destination. • iPerf -Utility for analyzing network bandwidth. It is based on iperf3 andsupports both server and client mode. • Port scanner - a powerfulmulti-threaded TCP ports scanner. With this tool you can get a listof open ports on a remote device. Most of ports displayed withdescription, so you will know what application uses it. • Whois - autility that displays information about the domain or IP address.With the help of Whois you can find out the date of registration ofthe domain information about the organization, contact information,and more. • UPnP scanner - shows UPnP devices on your localnetwork. With UPnP scanner you can find out the IP address of yourrouter, game console like Xbox or PlayStation, media servers andother devices. DLNA-compatible TVs and media boxes (SamsungAllShare, LG SmartShare) also supported. • Bonjour browser - is anetwork utility for exploring Bonjour (ZeroConf, Avahi) services onthe network. Bonjour comes built-in with Apple's operating systems,so you can use this utility to search the network address of aniPhone\iPod etc. • Wi-Fi scanner - list of access points aroundyou. In addition, you can find out the manufacturer of the AP, thesignal level and a lot of other information. You can use the chartto appreciate it all visually. Supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHzdevices. • Subnet scanner - this tool can scan your Wi-Fi subnet tofind other hosts around. Scanner can check host via Ping, or checkmultiple TCP ports. So u can simply find services in your subnet(for ex scan 22 port to find where is SSH running). You can alsoconfigure IP address range for custom scan. • DNS Lookup - tool forquerying Domain Name System (DNS) name servers. Is useful fornetwork troubleshooting or just find out the IP address of thedomain, mail server and more. Reverse DNS is supported as well. •Wake on LAN - is a tool that allows you to turn on a networkcomputer remotely by sending a special data packet (called a MagicPacket). WoL is simply irreplaceable in cases when you do not havephysical access to the computer, which is suddenly turned off. • IPCalculator - this utility is useful when setting up networkequipment. IP Calculator will help you to calculate the parametersof the network, determine the range of IP addresses, subnet mask.
PingTools Network Utilities 4.27 Free
This app contains the following tools: • Info - basic informationabout your device network• Watcher - continuous monitoring ofremote resources• Local-Area Network - shows all devices on yournetwork• Ping - ICMP, TCP and HTTP ping• GeoPing - Check resourceavailability worldwide• Traceroute - UDP or ICMP traceroute tool•iPerf - tool for network performance measurement and tuning• Portscanner - TCP ports scanner• Whois• UPnP scanner - UPnP\DLNAdevices scanner• Bonjour browser• Wi-Fi scanner• Subnet scanner•DNS Lookup• Wake on LAN• IP Calculator and even more! Enjoy!