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Struckd - 3D Game Creator 2.0.3
Welcome to the next-generation virtual gaming platform: Struckd isthe place where people of all ages come together to easily create,share and play games without any coding! Join our fast-growingcommunity and build your own games or play thousands ofuser-generated games from more than 150 different countries. Setyour creativity free and build a fast-paced racing game, fightthrough a tense adventure, make up your own puzzles or imagineplaying a pirate in a virtual world created by you. Make levelseasy to play or test the skills of the community. It is all in yourhands! Struckd doesn’t require any coding skills by using anintuitive and easy drag and drop interface for creators on mobileand desktop. Choose from over 900 free elements and build whateveryou can imagine. Combine as many elements as you want to make yourgames special and achieve plays and likes from the community to seehow you progress as a game designer! Time is now for your ideas!Maybe one of your game creations is becoming the next viral superhit! PLEASE NOTE! Struckd is free to download, play and free ofads, however, some game elements can also be purchased for realmoney. You need an internet connection to play Struckd. FEATURES: ●Drag and drop game creation technology for anyone. ● Set up yourown dialogues and make your game individual. ● Control over gameelements by adjusting stats like attack power, movement speed andothers. ● Share your game globally and attract players all aroundthe globe or play with them and your friends together inMultiplayer. ● Fast growing gaming community, new games every day.● Cross-platform building on mobile or desktop. ● Over 1000 freegame elements: Characters, heroes, animals, robots, cars, vehicles,landscape elements, buildings, road elements, collectibles,platforms and more. ● Most popular game mechanics: Build your ownracers, adventures, jump and runs, physic puzzles, or invent yourown gameplay style. ● Explore amazing virtual 3D worlds: Pirates,dungeons, foreign planets, deserts, forests, dinosaurs and manymore. ● Social, creative and kid friendly. UPCOMING FEATURES:(!)These features are not implemented yet. Due to a large demandfrom our community we are going to implement these functionalitiesin near future: ● Simple AI: First step of implementing easyselectable AI behaviours for game elements. More to come in futureupdates! ● Character creator: Build your own avatar ● Import yourown 3D models ● Quality improvements for any device QUESTIONS? Weare looking forward growing with our community to make Struckdbetter with your help! Join us on discord and tell us what youwould like to see in Struckd. We are always there to talk with youand try to make your wishes for the app come true. There you canalso have a look on what we are currently working on before anyoneelse gets to see it: NEED A BIGGERSCREEN TO CREATE GAMES WITH? Also try our desktop version