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StubHub Music: Concert Tickets 1.4.0
Buy tickets to the concerts, tours and showsyou want to see directly from the StubHub Music app. Discoverupcoming local events, shows and festivals at nearby venues. Findout when your favorite artists have local concert tours and shows,discover new music, get event and venue info, buy tickets andinvite your friends -- all in one place. Discover it live withStubHub Music!KNOW WHEN YOUR FAVORITES ARE PLAYING• Enjoy a personalized experience based on your Google Play andSpotify music libraries.• Get event reminders and notifications when artists you'refollowing have local concert tours or play festivals in your city,then search for and buy tickets for seats, even last minute withthis show finder.• Find the artists you love -­- search the most robust concerttours and festivals catalog in the industry (search this showfinder for 100,000 live event listings so you can buy tickets forseats on any given day in the US, the UK and Canada!).DISCOVER NEW FAVORITES• Discover new music, access artist bios, and discover more aboutyour favorite artists and their tours and festivals on theirofficial websites.BUY TICKETS AND PLAN YOUR NIGHT• Invite your friends to a local concert or festival, plan yournight with venue info and directions and buy tickets for seats --even last minute.• Search for and buy tickets for concert tours or festivalsanytime, anywhere with this show finder.WHAT’S NEW• Bug fixes