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Card Prices: Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition
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Access, the number oneYu-Gi-Oh card price guide website, using our specially designedapp!== App Features ==o Sell your cards on eBay directly from the app!o Accurate and realistic prices based on listings from multiplevendors and eBay listings. Don’t bother to filter through the junk, does that for you!o Up to date card database with prices for all available variationsand prints of cards.o Pull up prices for any card just by taking a picture of it.o See which cards are rising or falling in price over the last 24to 36 hours.o View projected price values for any booster packs or tins!o Quickly and easily jump to vendor and seller websites to purchasecards.o View price percentage shift history for all cards.== What is is a website dedicated to providing Yu-Gi-Ohplayers with:- Accurate and realistic card prices.- The best and cheapest places to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards.- Information on what cards are rising or falling in price.- Realistic booster pack values for every Yu-Gi-Oh set.== What makes the prices and listings on YugiohPrices unique?==Quality. We here at YugiohPrices are dedicated to providing thehighest quality price data and item listings possible. To thateffect we have developed comprehensive data processing algorithmsdesigned to filter out all but the highest quality results. Thismeans that you won't have to wade through the garbage of grab bags,card lots, and so on, in order to find the best deals on the cardsyou're looking for!How are the card prices calculated?We calculate our card prices by checking multiple card sellers'websites, filtering out the crap, and consolidating the resultsinto easy to understand information.== What card merchants are supported? ==We check all of the following websites for card listings andprices. If you would like us to add another merchant to our pricechecker, feel free to contact us.- eBay- Troll and Toad- TCGPlayer- Amazon- Poke Order- Card Central== How often are card prices updated? ==All card price data is updated every three to twelve hours.== Why do some eBay listings show a cheaper price than what theactual auction page has on it? ==In order to provide the most accurate and realistic card pricespossible, we modify the prices of eBay results that contain thingslike "3x", "x3", "3 copies of", etc. We divide the total listingprice by the number of cards being sold, and use that as the pricefor the listing. We do this so that common and very cheap cardsthat aren't worth very much won't appear to have an inflatedcost.
Find Me Food! 1.0
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Ever find yourself hankering for somethingtoeat while out and about? Tired of trying to find somewherewithcheap, tasty food with nothing but a vague idea? With the FindMeFood! app, no longer do you have to take a wild guess atwhat’snearby, or what you can afford.Just tell Find Me Food! how much money you want to spend andhowfar you’re willing to travel, and in moments you'll beprovidedwith a list of all available fast food restaurants thatmatch yourcriteria. From there, you can get directions to therestaurantsnearest you, or peruse the menu of your favoriterestaurant totally up what you’d like to order. Once you’ve foundyour favoritefood, Find Me Food! Automatically saves your menuchoices in a neatlist for you to take wherever you're planning toeat.Crush your hunger with Find Me Food!