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GPS Fields Area Measure adfree 3.6.8
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In need for a more advanced version?:Pro version version all of our apps for farmers:Field Navigator Sampler Spy is easy to use, intuitive application for area, distance,perimeter management.Disclaimer: Subscription is not included in ad-free or PROversions, it is an additional feature obtained by an in-apppurchase. The mentioned versions influence and expandfunctionality.UNIQUE FEATURES:- Fast area/distance marking - Smart Marker Mode for very accurate pin placement- Name, save, group and edit measurements- “Undo” button for all actions - GPS tracking/Auto measure for walking/driving around specificboundariesAlso includes a feature to send an auto-generated link to yourfriends or partners of pinned/selected area, direction or route –displays the area you want to share.Our competition is huge but we are better - don't waste your timesearching for the best free app to measure area, distance orperimeter - choose our app and simplify the measuringprocess!GPS Field Area Measure is useful as a map measurement tool foroutdoor activities, range finder applications and sports such asbiking or marathon. Comes in handy when exploring golf area or as agolf distance meter, convenient for land surveys, practical forfield pasture area measure, helpful in garden and farm work orplanning, great to keep area records. It’s great for constructionsand agricultural fencing. This application is practical even forsolar panel installation, roof area estimation or tripplanning.People who require the use of point of interest (POI) can putmarkers on important places and then share those with otherusers. Our measuring app has the highest accuracy in the market, thatbeing the main reason why we’re the leading measuring app amongconstruction sites, building and farm contractors andfarmers.Among our users are people constructing roofs, buildings and roads,farm owners who are spraying, fertilizing, seeding, harvestingfarms or tilling. It’s helpful for biking, traveling or planningtrips. For growing gardens and paddock, grass or lawn – we are thenumber one choice.Including people who are farming beef, pork, or poultry – theapplication comes in handy for fence measuring and planning. Pilotscan also use this app while flying in the fields. Farm managers andcontractors who are exploiting agricultural work for farmers canuse this app to count the amount of planted fields and share themwith the owner. The fields are displayed in Google Maps.A feature to add point of interest or POI on the field helps toavoid stones, mark fences or boundaries of paddocks, grazeterritories for dairy cows, cattle, beef and other livestock.It's a great tool for paddock calculation andmeasuring. This is the best solution for farm owners who grow wheat, corn,rapeseed, maize, sugar beet and need to measure the planted areaannually. Farmers who are using tractors or harvesters like JohnDeere, Claas, New Holland, Case, Fendt, Valtra, Massey Ferguson orfarm equipment like Horsch, Hardy, Amazone, Vaderstad, Lemken, Rau,Kuhn, Kverneland, Simba and other farm equipment are using GPSFields Area Measure PRO in everyday tasks.Available languages:AfrikaansArabicBulgarianCatalanChinese (simplified)CroatianCzechDutchEnglishFinnishFrenchGalicianGerman / GermanyGreekHebrewHungarianIndonesianItalianKoreanLatvianLithuanianNorwegian (Bokmål)Norwegian (Nynorsk)PersianPolishPortuguesePortuguese (Brazil)RomanianRussianSerbianSlovakSlovenianSpanishSpanish (Argentina)Spanish (Colombia)Spanish (Mexico)SwedishTamilThaiTurkishUkrainianUrdu7YFKEKK
Taxi Vilnius 2.0.1
Best app for Vilnius biggest taxi company -Taxi VilniusYou are in meeting, pub, club.. your plane just landed and youcan't reach taxi by phone ?Download this taxi app, and order taxi by few clicks !Orders by taxi app has biggest priority among other orders, soyou have 100% guarantee, taxi will wait you in place you need !*** You CAN- Choose time and place where you need taxi- Choose address from history or phones address book- Check trips distance and aprox. price
Taksi Kelyje 2.0.1
Esate kavinėje, klube, bare, susitikime ? Ogal nusileido Jūsų lėktuvas ?Nepavyksta išsikviesti taksi ? Ne bėda !** PRISTATOME mobilią aplikaciją - Taksi Kelyje !- Prioritetinis taksi iškvietimas - tik su aplikacija- 100% taksi kompanijos pasiekiamumas- Didelės nuolaidos taksi paslaugoms, iškvietimui panaudojusmobilią aplikaciją** Taksi Kelyje - mobilioji aplikacija veikia Kaune bei Kaunorajone !!!Taip pat taksi galite išsikviesti pasinaudoję iškvietimo sistemąadresu -*** APLIKACIJOS FUNKCIJOS1. Greitas taksi iškvietimas į vietą kurioje esate2. Taksi iškvietimas į vietą kurioje planuojate būti3. Taksi maršruto kainos ir atstumo skaičiavimas4. Greitas taksi numerio rinkimas parenkant pigiausią pagal Jūsųnaudojamą operatorių5. Norimo adreso išsaugojimas6. Adreso pasirinkimas pagal paskutinius iškvietimus, patiesišsaugotus ar esančius telefono kontaktuose.7. Ortofoto arba paprastas žemėlapis____________________Ši lietuviška taxi programėlė pagaminta Lietuvoje, veikiamiestuose: Kaunas, Kaune, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys. Ja patogunaudotis turistams kurie skrenda Ryanair, Wizzair, AirBalticlėktuvais. Keliauja audi, volkswagen, opel, skoda, mercedes, bmw irkitų markių automobilais.. Taksi nemokamai galima užsakyti išanksto, pvz. į oro uostą (VNO, KUN), pasitikrinti trumpiausiąmaršrutą, bei sužinoti taksi kainą. Šia programėle labai paprastanaudotis tiems kurie jau naudojasi mobiliomis lietuviškomisaplikacijomis kaip aruodas, etaksi, autoplius, autogidas, delfi,alfa ir kito tipo aplikacijomis laisvalaikiui kaip facebook,instagram, twitter, pinterest ir kitomis mobiliomis aplikacijomis..Jei norite aplankyti naktinius klubus posh, pabo latino, mensfactory,villa latina, metro, absento fėjos, tarantino, lithuanianwild club, nesė relax, havana social club ir daugelį kitų naktiniųklubų ir išsikviesti taksi būnant vietoje, nebėda, galite taipadaryti su TaksiVilnius aplikacija.. Jei jums patinka Gediminopilis, Dramos teatras, Filharmonija, Seimas ar kita Vilniaus vieta,galime nuvežti ir ten.You are a cafe, club,bar, meeting? Or maybe your plane has landed?Unable to call a taxi? No problem!INTRODUCING ** Mobile Application - Taxi way!- Priority taxi - only the application- 100% of taxi accessibility- Big discounts on taxi services, call out the use of mobileapplicationsTaxi ** On the road - mobile application in Kaunas and Kaunasdistrict!It is also a taxi you can call using the call system at -www.taksikelyje.ltAPPLICATION FEATURES ***First Quick taxi to the place where you areSecond Taxi to the location where you plan to be3rd Taxi route price and distance calculation4th Fast taxi dialing choosing cheapest used by your operator5th The requested URL Preservation6th Selecting an address from the last summons, the saved and thephone contacts.7th Orthophoto maps or simple____________________This made Lithuanian taxi gadget Lithuania, running cities:Kaunas, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys. It is convenient touse for tourists who fly Airlines, airBaltic. Along the audi,volkswagen, bmw, skoda, mercedes, bmw and other brands .. Taxis canbe ordered free of charge in advance, for example. Airport (VNO,KUN) to check the shortest route and find the taxi price. Thisgadget is very easy to use for those who already use in mobileapplications such as on Lithuanian garner, Influence, asc,Autogidas, Delphi, and other alpha-type appliqué leisure likeFacebook, Instagram, twitter, pinterest and other appliqué formobile .. If you visit a posh nightclubs, Pabo Latino, mensfactory, villa latina, underground absinthe fairies, tarantino,Lithuanian wild club, Nese Relax, Havana Social Club and many othernightclubs and a taxi while spot Nebeda, you can do it withTaksiVilnius application .. If you like the Gediminas Castle, DramaTheatre, Philharmonic, family, or other place in Vilnius, we cantake, and there.
SOS Agronomas 2.3.7
SOS AgronomasSOS Agronomist
Darbo laikas 1.0
Programa fiksuoti darbo laikui.Program to recordworkingtime.
Calcagro - Farming Calculator 1.0.6
This application is the most popular farmingcalculator among farmers, agronomists and contractors.Calcagro is used among farmers all around the world since it’sfast, precise and easy to use.This Farm calculator has these features :# Yield rate # Planting rate helps to determine spacing between roots/seeds byspace between rows and planting rate# Seeding rate helps to calculate the amount of seeds that areneeded according to field and seeds germination# Weight loss from drying calculation (moisture calculator)# Profit and weight deduction calculation (after drying) countsprofit according to delivered weight, waste and moisture values andcereal/grain price in the market#Yield rate Additional Calcagro features now in development:# Tank MIX (for mixing pesticides)# Spraying Calculator# Sprayer Calibrator# Grass, pasture grazing calculator# NPK calculatorlD for growing cultures like wheat, barley, seed rape, corn,soybean, rye)Other meanings: Grain Moisture, Seed Rate Conversion, Spray VolumeCalculator, YieldCalculator, Fertiliser Conversion,
Soil Sampler 1.0.6
The most popular tool for effective precisionagriculture and getting soil samples in your fields.How to use soil sampler:1. Draw your field on the map or go around it using GPS measurementtool2. Set the sample grid size for each field3. Start “accurate navigation” in your sample pick-upposition4. Write lot number on the soil bag5. Move to the next POI position on the fieldIt is the most advanced and effective way of taking soil samples inthe shortest possible time.The very first steps to precision agriculture are the right soilsample, accurate method and tools for precise soil analysis. Ourapp is a real time-saver, navigating the user straight to the soilpick-up position, avoiding unnecessary movement around the fieldwhilst doing so.Nowadays farms use various precision agriculture machinery like GPSreceivers, GPS navigators, parallel driving systems, tractor andharvester telematics and other tools like drones, UVA. Whileplanning to do NDVI for plant grow index, plant seeding andfertilization or variable rate maps for your farming equipment, asimple soil sample is mandatory.Our solution might be helpful for everyone that cultivates corn,wheat, soybean, barley, rapeseed and other cereal / grains in yourcrop / dairy farm.When aiming for productivity, agronomists recommend performing afertilizing analysis of different cultures like wheat, corn orsoybean before seeding, in order to determinate the nutrition levelof your soil. After looking at macro nutrients like phosphorus,potassium and nitrogen, farmers and agronomists can calculatefertilisation rates before seeding, planting or sowing.Precision farming technology agronomists recommend performing soilsample analysis once in two years to control soil structure andmacro nutrients level.Farming solutions, weed spotter, disease and insects spotter, farmmanaging platforms and aps..This is created for farmers, agronomists, landlords, farmingcorporations. Grains, crops, cereals, wheat, barley, soybean,corn.Tractor, harvester, combine, farming equipment, new holland , case,john deere, class. Also different agro, agri companies like adama,basf, bayer, monsanto, du point, syngenta and more pesticide,herbicide, insecticide, fungicide manufacturers.Nitrogen loss, characteristics, acre, grid, USDA, Soil Survey, soilsensor
Commodity Price Online 1.1.8
The best ever built market tracking app forfarmers and professional commodities traders!Commodity Spy is a powerful tool for commodity price and positiontracking. This application also informs you about any change, soyou’re able to make the right decision at the right time!Commodity Spy is not providing historical data since it’s focus ison current data tracking.Features a possibility to set different type of alerts andfilters:1. If a tracked commodity is out of your range of interest.(Example: no more or less than 150-200)2. When a commodity’s price increases in a set amount of time(Example: per 1 day, 2 Euro)3. Track the price reduction. You won’t be informed as the price isrising, but right after the decline an alert appears.4. Track the commodities’ price fluctuationThis commodity price tracker is incredibly useful when selling orbuying commodities. Stay up to date on any commodity changes in themarket.At the moment we can offer these commodities:# Brent Crude Oil Spot (NYSE)# EUR/USD Spot (Forex)# EUR/CAN Sot (Forex)# Rapeseed (Euronext)# Milling Wheat (Euronext)# Corn (Euronext)# Wheat (CBOT)# Soybean (CBOT)# Corn (CBOT)# Soybean Meal (CBOT)In the nearest future, more commodities will be included, suchas:- Nitrogen Fertiliser Solution UAN 30 Futures- Rapeseed Oil Futures- Rapeseed Meal Futures- Skimmed Milk Powder Futures- Unsalted Lactic Butter Futures- Sweet Whey Food Grade Powder Futures- Residential Wood Pellets Futures- Cocoa- White Sugar- Robusta Coffee - Feed Wheat - Skimmed Milk Powder- Unsalted Lactic Butter- Sweet Whey Food Grade Powder- Live Cattle Futures- Lean Hog Futures- Feeder Cattle Futures- Class III Milk Futures- Oats Futures- Rough Rice Futures- Live Cattle FuturesIt's the perfect tool for farmers, agronomists and traders who aretrading stocks, commodities or are looking into futureexchange.Get access to free real-time quotations on the future of energy,metals, grains and livestock commodities...List of Goods by categories in nearest future:Energy: WTI Crude Oil, Brent, Heating Oil, RBOB Gasoline andNatural Gas futures.Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper.Grains: Corn, Oats, Rough Rice, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil,Soybeans.Livestock; Feeder Cattle, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle.Softs: Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Lumber, Orange Juice, Sugar.Exchanges: NYMEX, CBOT, CMEX, NYB, CME.Ag commodities, agriculture, farming and farms.Commodities - Oil, Silver and gold prices.Commodity Trading Prices.NASDAQ TradeCommodities‎, NATURALGAS, CRUDEOIL, COPPER, Soybean, Sugarcane,Turmeric, Cotton,Trade Commodities Online,Spot Futures tradingEconomics,assetstar,goodsstar,materialstar,producestar,productstar,propertystar,stockstar,articlestar,belongingstar,chattelstar,linestar,objectstar,specialtystar,thingstar,warestar,vendiblestar , Commodity Market, Commodity Prices, CommodityNews,Commodities Online
Orai Lietuvoje 1.1.7
Planuojate keliauti ilsėtis ar atlikti darbuslauke? Naudodamiesi šia programėle išvengsite netikėtolietaus!Programėlėje rasite detalią informaciją apie orus visoje Lietuvoje- Kaune, Vilniuje, Klaipėdoje, Panevėžyje, Marijampolėje, Alytuje,Šiauliuose ir kitur! Informacija pateikiamia patogiausia forma –žemėlapyje, kuriame galite keisti mastelį. Stebėkite orus savogyvenvietėje, kaime, laukuose ar mieste.Išmėginkite pirmąjį Orų žemėlapį Lietuvoje! Faktinė orų informacija Detali informacija apie kritulius Meteorologinių stotelių informacijaDetali orų prognozė: Temperatūros prognozė Vėjo stiprumo ir krypties prognozė Debesuotumo prognozė Kritulių prognozė Matomumo prognozėDĖMESIO. Faktinė informacija pateikiama su dešimties minučiųpaklaida. 1. Faktinė kritulių veikiama teritorija vaizduojama žemėlapyje, ojų intensyvumui pažymėti naudojami skirtingo intensyvumoatspalviai2. Faktinė kritulių buvimo vieta ir intensyvumas fiksuojamasmeteorologinėse stotelėse, nurodant kritulių tipą ir intensyvumąmm/hOrai Lietuvoje, Orai Lietuvoje, Orai, Lietuvoje, Orai, Lietuvoje,Orai Lietuvoje vėjo tipas, greitis ir kryptis, kritulių tipas irintensyvumas ir taip pat temperatūrą. Slidinėjimas, jodinėjimas,žemės ūkis, ūkininkas, plaukimas, čiuožinėjimas, dviračiai,bėgiojimas, vaikščiojimas, kaitavimas, kaitai, nardymas,buriavimas, plaukiojimas, pramogavimas, pramogos, klubai, barai,kelionės, išvykos, turistavimas, turistai, oro balionai, boulingas,motociklai, motokrosas, lenktynės, mašinos, teisės, ket testas,bilietai, skrydžiai, jūrą, upė, ežeras, Lietuvos miestai, meteo,gismeteo, map, gps, endomondo, bėgiojimas, run, running, Walking,runkeeper, orai, weather, orai Lietuvoje, orai Kaune, Orai, OraiVilniuje, Orai Klaipėdoje, Orai pajūryje, Orai kurorte, OraiDruskininkuose, Orai Kėdainiuose, Orai Jonavoje, Orai Raseiniuose,Orai Slidinėjant, Orai Anykščiuose, yr, orai vairuojant, oraimiegant, orai dirbant, orai ilsintis ir šiaip geri orai gerainuotaikai. Orai ekrane, orai ekrane lietuviskai Orų aplikacijągalite rasti šiais pavadinimais: rainmap, rain map, orų žemėlapis,oru zemelapis, orai, orai Lietuvoje Skelbiu, skelbimai Kasnaudojate mano bitė, mano tele2, bitė išmaniems,,,,,  Mūsų Mažyliai, Etsy,Wallapop, 15min, lrytas, delfi, m.parking, parking, mparking, busaiVilnius, m.ticket, mParking Lietuva, etaksi, Taxi in Lithuania,tinder, verslo žinios, learn Lithuanian, Lithuania, seb,radijas,  Swedbank Lietuva, maps, Lietuvos tūkstantmečiovaikai, Pažintys Internete, Pazintys -, Autoplius, Autogidas, Taxify, Trafi, Radijo stotis M-1, Radijostotis LIETUS, TV3 Play - Lietuva, Power Hit Radio, LithuanianRadio Online, Radistas - Lietuviškas radijas, DNB Lietuva, NordeaLietuva, Orai Lietuvoje, MANO LABAS, senukai Lietuvoje,apsipirkimas maxima Lietuva, iki Lithuania, rimi parduotuvės, lidlLietuva, pirkinių krepšelis, ERGO Lietuva, Radio FM Lithuania, keliauk pigiai, Lietuvos bankomatai, Omni ID,  TVGidas, televizija, Žmonės, - mobilioji parduotuvė,,VisitIN.LT, Panelė, COSMO, 1000 receptų, receptai, Gustavoreceptai, LRT grotuvas, LRT pasakos, Auksinis protas, Receptai irkokteiliai, Mano namai ir kito tipo aplikacijų mėgėjai, kviečiamepamėginti geriausią orų prognozių ir faktinių orų programėlę RainMap.. Orai Lietuvoje, Orai Lietuvoje ir Orai Lietuvoje, Orai, Orai,Orai. SkelbimaiALYTUS,KAUNAS,KLAIPĖDA,MARIJAMPOLĖ,PANEVĖŽYS,ŠIAULIAI,TAURAGĖ,TELŠIAI,UTENA,VILNIUS,Anykščiai,Birštonas,Biržai,Druskininkai,Elektrėnai,Gargždai,Ignalina,Jonava,Joniškis,Jurbarkas,Kaišiadorys,Kalvarija,KazlųRūda,Kėdainiai,Kelmė,Kretinga,Kupiškis,Lazdijai,Mažeikiai,Molėtai,NaujojiAkmenė,Neringa,Pagėgiai,Pakruojis,Palanga,Pasvalys,Plungė,Prienai,Radviliškis,Raseiniai,Litexpo,Rokiškis,Skuodas,Šakiai,Šalčininkai,Šilalė,Šilutė,Širvintos,Švenčionys,Trakai,Ukmergė.Skelbimai
Crop prices 1.1.8
An application perfectly suited for farmers,agriculture specialists, agronomists and commodity traders. Byusing this application the user is able to track crop price changesand variations online, market price changes. Also, the featureallows to set different notification types and criteria. Our usersare the first ones to be notified about the stock pricechanges.This application offers changes on the main crop cultures, suchas:WheatMaizeRapeseedSoyCornRyePeasBeansand other crops.
Sprayer calibrator 1.2.2
An application that will help every farmerwhen choosing and calibrating a nozzle, also -to keep a track on pesticide flow rate real-time.The app includes a feature that allows the user to quickly set arequired pressure and speed of the tractor. Also, it's a great helpwhen setting distance between sprayers or choosing them.Information like spraying per minute or in hectare is easilyobtainable.From now on nozzle calibration will take only a few seconds andreal-time tracking won't let get over set boundaries andamounts.Configured settings:Sprayer typeDistance between nozzlesSprayer pressureSpraying speedAmount of liquid sprayed (ha/acre)Amount of liquid sprayed (minute)