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FreeCraft : Pocket Edition
The world of Freecraft is waiting for you in the new gameFreeCraftMy Buildings. Now this world is even more diverse. Behindeverycorner of this cubic world a new story awaits you. You canwatchthe wildlife in Creativity mode or participate in her lifeinSurvival mode. But do not think that it's so easy to survive intheworld of Freecraft, because it's only in the daytime thatordinarypredators can attack you, from which you can hide in a treeor in ahastily built hovel. And at night absolutely other monsterswho arehungry to taste your flesh awake!Features of the game FreeCraft:Survival Exploration:* Highly optimized game.*Accidentallygenerated maps with complete freedom of action andcompletelychanging worlds.* Three game modes: Multiplayer,Creativity,Survival.* Generation of the world under all moderndevices.* Ahuge number of a variety of objects and blocks.* Avariety of typesof terrain: cities and farms, forests and deserts,swamps andtaiga.* Much, much more ...Play in creative mode withunlimitedresources. Get into the wilds of the world in the mode ofsurvival.Rival your friends in multiplayer mode.
Mine Exploration: Survival Adventures
There are two modes in the game: "Creative" and "Survival". Inthesettings you can choose one of them, you can improve thegraphics,turn monsters on and off, and change controls. Mode"Creative" -​​build, create, lead the craft! You have for thispurposedifferent blocks, tools, weapons. "Survival" mode - here youfindeverything yourself - food, materials for construction,tools,weapons. The game has many plants, animals, monsters. You canplaywith your friends together. The world you are create, save!
Craft Build : Adventure
Craft Build Game, your goal is to survive. Feel like a squareheadghost buster. Experience fear an deep horrifying atmosphereinCraft Build . Exploration of randomly generated cubeabondoned,craft and build , create amazing and perfect things fromthesimplest of creepy homes to the grandest of cube fortressesinCraft Build .Cubic world of endless possibilities andexcitingadventures. Easily place the building blocks you wish toplace andbuild anything you can imagine in Craft Build .Create andbuildunique houses, decorate them for the holiday with variouselementsof decor and interior in the style of Ice Craft. Cultivateapumpkin and show the whole city what you are waiting forthisholiday.Explore all places of the world,collect resources,buildtools and weapons,ensure yourself complete protectionfrompredators and monsters.Create and build your own worlds anduploadto Multiplayer mode for exploration by others.Play withyourfriends in real time!- Exciting adventures in 3d cube world.-Asandbox game with beautiful graphics.- Get resources, craftitemsand weapons, build a house and farms.- Try to survive insurvivalmode.
GoodCraft — Free and incredibly beautiful game about Blocksandendless Adventures.In this incredible and totally free game youcandestroy all the blocks, collect resources, survive and build averybeautiful building.In this game you will see:A huge numberofblocks.More than ten mobs (animals).Very nice texture inhighresolution.The highest optimization, the game runs smoothlyeven onlow-end phone!Very convenient and thoughtful gamecontrol.High FPS,without compromise.Cube world of endlesspossibilities is nowavailable for free!