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ampm Scratch Power 2.0.0-207
Scratch Power returns with thousands of prizes to be won. Even ifyou've used Scratch Power before, you'll need to Re-Register youre-mail address. Make sure to allow Location Services andnotifications. Press PLAY GAME NOW, start scratching and matchthree prizes to win. Get more scratchers by walking into an ampmand pressing CHECK-IN NOW once every 24 hours. Claim an instantprize by picking up your prize at an ampm and scanning your loyaltyID barcode at the cashier. Unclaimed instant prizes auto-expireafter 48 hours and are deleted from the Wallet. Win a grand prizeby scratching and have it mailed directly to you - we’ll verifyyour win and then send the prize to you in a few weeks. What areyou waiting for? Start scratching and start winning! Good luck!