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Postcards for congratulations 3.02
Stylish greeting cards for congratulations and holidays from aprofessional designer. A guide to the dates of the holidays withthe direction of reminders about the coming holiday. Surprise yourfriends, present wonderful postcards! It can be a congratulation ona holiday (traditional, religious, professional). It can be just atoken of attention that will be relevant every day (with love, goodnight or good day wishes, excellent mood and pleasant rest). And ofcourse, congratulations on special occasions (birthday,anniversary, wedding day, birthday, newborn). Now you will notforget to congratulate your loved ones, friends, relatives andcolleagues on the coming holidays. Our application will remind youby sending a notification. Notifications may be disabled (all or ina specific language). You can configure the time of notifications.In our database more than 9000 postcards for all occasions, andinformation about 220 holidays in 7 languages: Russian, German,English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian. Postcards aregrouped into sections: Traditional, special cases, for every day,professional, religious and others. There is a separate windowwhere you can see which holidays are relevant today. Also you cansee the most popular sections and holidays (Top 10 for today).Choose any card and send it by e-mail, or friends in socialnetworks, messengers, etc. Every day, our program sends tens ofthousands of e-cards around the world. Write to us, postcards forwhat holiday you would like to see in our application and ourdesigner will do everything to fulfill your request! Full list ofsections in English: 1. Traditional: Womens day, May day, Mothersday, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day,Merry Christmas, New year 2. Special cases: Happy birthday, Weddingday, Newborn 3. For each day: For every day, With love, Goodmorning, Have a nice day, Good night, Thank! I m sorry!, Hello!, Imiss you, Relax! 4. Days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 5. Seasons: The beginning ofwinter, The beginning of spring 6. Professional: SysAdmin day,Computer security day 5. Religious: Epiphany, Palm Sunday, HappyEaster, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Eidal-Adha (Al-Mubarak), Assumption of Mary (Assumption of the VirginMary) 6. Other Thank You day, Day of the Beatles, Groundhog Day,Valentine's day, Saint Patricks Day, April Fools day, Internationalmuseum day, Farewell to school!, World kiss day, Halloween, WorldPet Day, National Hugging Day, International Youth Day The sectionsof postcards are constantly replenished, as well as new postcardsappear in existing sections.
Bouquets 2.10
Flower bouquet in a Gift! Everyone is sincerely pleased, received abouquet as a gift. If this bunch is presented for a reason - itsobenno nice. Positive emotions, good mood is guaranteed! Turn thegray days in a small holiday, Send the lovely bouquets loved onesand friends! We have assembled a collection of bouquets: - Roses -Tulips - Lilies - Miscellaneous - with cards - For men - Bouquetswith toys - Spring bouquets - Summer bouquets - Autumn bouquets -Winter bouquets Pictures from the finished bouquet you can send tofriends, loved ones, friends and colleagues via email and through asocial network Facebook, VKontakte. You can send via Whatsapp orViber, or other messenger. The program is free and will remain soforever.
Wallpapers Animals Series 1 1.0
Beautiful wallpaper for your smartphone or tablet.Animals - it isalways nice!Here collections of Animals:1. Cats2. Dogs3. Otherscute animalsThe image can be set wallpaper on your desktopsmartphoneor send an e-mail and through social networks Facebookand VKontakte.The program is free and will remain so forever.
Portraits for congratulations 0.6
Delight friends and family with original gifts - congratulations inthe form of photo pictures,you created on the basis of well-knownpaintings, old and new postcards. Simply and easily!You can choosefrom a variety of options suitable way, the plot, the picture inthe right perspective. Fit it in a photo of your hero and create atrue masterpiece! This is a great greeting to yourfriends!Different historical periods, beautiful dresses, queen,kings, knights and ladies of ...Any image will be transformed intoa real picture and will be a wonderful gift or greeting.It can sende-mail, via Whatsapp, Viber, post on social networks Facebook,VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and others,or set the wallpaper on your desktop of your device.
Поздравления - открытки 1.3
Все мы поздравляем друг друга с праздниками, с радостными событиямив жизни, желая чего-то доброго и оптимистичного. Также очень любимсами получать поздравления! С помощью нашего приложения вы сможетеотправлять открытки с поздравлениями, пожеланиями, напутствиямихоть каждый день, к празднику, к какому-то радостному событию, илипросто так, чтобы поднять настроение! Теплые душевные тексты встихах и прозе, оформленные в виде красочных поздравительныхоткрыток, станут приятным сюрпризом и подарком для ваших друзей!Комплименты - простое средство выразить признание, восхищение иуважение другим людям. Комплимент поможет познакомиться, установитьхорошие отношения, поднять самооценку и просто доставить огромноеудовольствие тому, кому вы его адресуете! Предлагаем большоеколичество самых разных, красиво оформленных комплиментов, женскихи мужских, расположенных по алфавиту от А до Я. Список разделов:Традиционные праздники: - Новый год - Рождество - Старый Новый год- 23 февраля - 8 марта - 1 мая - 9 мая - 12 июня - 4 ноября Особыеслучаи: - день рождения, - с днем свадьбы, - с новорожденным Накаждый день: - Доброе утро! - Спокойной ночи! - Отличногонастроения, хорошего дня! - С любовью - Жду, скучаю - Спасибо.Прости. - Здоровье - Удача. Успех Дни недели (понедельник, вторник,среда, четверг, пятница, суббота, воскресенье) Времена года - сначалом лета - с началом осени - с началом зимы Религиозные: -Крещение - Сретение Господне - Начало Великого Поста - ВербноеВоскресенье - Пасха - Троица Военные Другие праздники: - Татьяниндень - Китайский Новый год - День Святого Валентина - День доброты- Масленица - День смеха - День космонавтики - День семьи - Деньматери Комплименты Мудрости народов мира Флирт Мемы Выберите любуюоткрытку и отправьте её по электронной почте, либо друзьямВКонтакте, WhatsApp, Viber. Программа будет дополняться новымиразделами, праздниками и открытками. Программа бесплатна иостанется такой навсегда! Показ рекламы можно отключить занебольшую плату. We all congratulate each other on holidays, withjoyous events in life, wanting something good and optimistic. Alsovery much like themselves receive congratulations! With our app youcan send cards with congratulations, wishes, parting words almostevery day, for the holiday, to some joyful event, or just to cheerup! Warm spiritual texts in verse and prose, decorated in acolorful greeting card, will be a pleasant surprise and a gift foryour friends! Compliments - a simple means of expressingrecognition, admiration and respect for other people. Complimenthelp meet, establish a good relationship, raise self-esteem andjust bring great pleasure to him to whom you are forwarding it! Weoffer a large number of different, beautifully designedcompliments, male and female, arranged in alphabetical order from Ato Z. List of topics: Traditional holidays: - New Year - Christmas- Old New Year - February 23 - March 8 - 1st of May - 9th May - 12June - 4 November Special cases: - birthday, - happy wedding, -with a newborn On every day: - Good morning! - Good night! - highspirits, good day! - With love - Waiting miss - Thank you. Sorry. -Health - Luck. Success Days of the week (Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Seasons - thebeginning of summer - the beginning of autumn - the beginning ofwinter religious: - Baptism - Presentation of the Lord - Beginningof Lent - Palm Sunday - Easter - Trinity Military Other holidays: -Tatyana's Day - Chinese New Year - Valentine's Day - Day ofKindness - Maslenitsa - April Fool's Day - Cosmonautics Day -Family day - Mothers Day compliments Wisdom of the World flirtationmemes Choose any card and send it by e-mail or VKontakte friends,WhatsApp, Viber. The program will be complemented by new sections,holidays and postcards. The program is free and will remain soforever! Display advertising can be switched off for a small fee.