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Lava 1.0
You can measure your speed and attention skill.Paste your score'sto beat others!
Qibla Direction(Qibla Locator) 0.1
From this application, for 33.000 the city center around the worldcan easily find Qibla direction.There are many methods to find theQiblah direction. One of the easiest ways is compass. Qibla whichdepending on the distance Qibla direction of the changes littlefrom city to city or country to country. From this site you willfind freely Qibla direction angle and worshipnow._____________________________________Features:- Easily qiblalocator- Easily find the direction angle- Finding the Qibladirection with Google Maps
bb 1.21
Tap & Collect fires.Timing most important for this.Designed bycompletely LineTek.Creators not responsible about any charge forcopyrights.
Kıble Yönü 0.1
Kıble yönünün iyi tespit edilmesi namaz ibadetinin sağlıklı birşekilde ifası için çok önemlidir. Kıble yönü gibi önemli bir konudadoğru kıble yönü açısının tespiti pek mühimdir. Evinizin,işyerinizin veya bulunduğunuz yerin kıble yönü veya kıble açısınıbu uygulamadan bulup gönül rahatlığı ile namazlarınızıkılabilirsiniz. İster pusula için kıble açısını, isterseniz uydudanbulunduğunuz binanın çatısına kadar inerek kıble yönü çizgisiyleçok hızlı, basit ve doğru şekilde kıble yönünübulabilirsiniz._____________________________________Özellikleri;-Dünyanın 33.000 şehir merkezinin en doğru kıble açısını,- UydudanGoogle haritaları yardımıyla kolayca kıble yönünübulabilirsinizQiblah direction of ritual prayer of the bestdetection is very important for performance in a healthy way.Qiblah direction towards the Qibla direction on a matter asimportant as the determination of the angle is very important. Yourhome, your workplace or your location Qibla direction or angle ofQibla find this application can make your prayer with peace ofmind.Whether the qibla compass angle, if you want your satellite onthe roof of the building lines up with Qibla Direction descendingtoo fast, simple and accurate way you can find the Qibladirection._____________________________________Features;- Theworld's 33,000 most accurate qibla angle of the city center,-Satellites Qibla direction from Google Maps, you can find easilywith the help
Hangman 2018 Online 4
New Hangman 2018 Online, comes with both single player andmultiplayer support. So, you can play with people over theInternet! -Single player and online multiplayer!-24 Differentcategories-Hint system-Different skins are now with Hangman 2018!We are adding new words everyday!Credits:*Graphics designed byFreepik*Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.comKeywords:hangman,hangman 2018,hangman online,word,trivia
Life Simulator 2019 1.6.2
Become a virtual beggar! You will start with lowest conditions inthe life and try earn more and more money.Game will finishes whenyou became the richest person.Rich simulator can be played withtapping the jobs,earning game money and be able to buy the mostexpensive stuff in the game.It became addictive after you developyour character! - Lead a life from the poor to rich. - You caneducate yourself to get best jobs. - You could be a criminal andearn faster money,but you always had a chance that loose all yourmoney with caught by cops. - You can buy weapons,lodgings,cars...Good luck! -Everything that involved with that game content isimagination,not represents reality. Credits: *Graphics designed byFreepik *Icons made by Freepik from Keywords:life,simulator,simulation game,virtual beggar,the virtual beggar
İletio 1.0
İletio,BETA AŞAMASINDA olan bir haberözetlemeuygulamasıdır.Haberleri,yapay zeka kullarak en önemliyerleriylealarak özetler.Ve size sunar.Sürükleme seçenekleri ve hoşarayüzüile dikkat çekeceğini düşündüğümüz uygulamayı beğenmenizdileğiyle:)İletio, areportsummarizing the beta stage uygulamasıdır.Haberleri, blendsusingartificial intelligence by the most important sites andprettyinterface options özetler.Ve sunar.Sürükleme you think youwillnote that the application Liking wish :)
Legends of Soccer Online 0.8
Legends of Soccer(LoS) is a multi playersoccergame.Features as follows:-Create your team-Change your draft-Train your players-Match with other real players online-Sell and buy items-Be the #1 in the league!Keywords:soccer,football,online soccer
Magical Alchemy 1.12
Combine items and and discover hundreds of elements! FEATURES ⭐95elements (Increasing by updates!) ⭐ One-handed gameplay. ⭐Mixelements to create interesting, fun and surprising items. ⭐Playatyour own pace. ⭐ Every combination is a little puzzle tosolve.Icons made by Freepik from Logo Icon made byThoseIcons from