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Data Science 101 - Machine Learning Tutorials 1.2
Data Science 101 is an educational app to learn machine learningalgorithms. Due to data science and artificial intelligence, newtechnologies are emerging and there is need for more specializationin this field.This app is a beginner guide for anyone who wants tostudy data science and make their own machine learning models.Thisapp provides high quality resources for students to study datascience and machine learning algorithms and also provides requiredcode.------------------Features:------------------1. Learn variousmachine learning algorithms: a. Linear Regression b. k-meansClustering c. KNN d. SVM e. Naive Bayes f. Decision Trees2.Includes code for developing models of various machine learningalgorithms in Python. Different datasets are used to develop modelsso that students can understand which algorithms to use.3. Learn todevelop various data science projects. Various projects areincluded in the application so that students can relate conceptswith real life problems.Some projects include: a. Sentimentanalysis b. Web Scraping c. Handwritten digit recognition4. Learnvarious scientific libraries(Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib).There aremany references available if students wants to study some conceptsdeeply.Download this app and start learning for free.If you reallylike this app then share it with your friends and give it apositive rating.