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Pixel Voyager 1.0.1
That is my first game I’ve ever created. Ihope you’ll like it. Enjoy!That game works only on Android 4.3+. On older versions you'll seecertificate error. I'm trying to fix it now.Music:Ross Bugden (RFGB) (YouTube)coatlesscarl (YouTube)Hollywood Undead - I Don't Wanna Die (Borgore Remix)Achieved with Corona SDK.
Pixel Voyager 2 1.2.1
Pixel Voyager 2 is a simple butaddictive game ideal for lonely evenings or boring lectures.Try different difficulty levels, listen to beautiful 8-bit music,get new medals and compare your score with your friends to convincewhose dexterity is on higher level.Features:√ NO ADS!√ Arcade & challenging gameplay√ Intuitive, touch control√ Simple mechanic√ 5 different difficulty levels√ Each level has it's own unique 8-bit music√ Saves you're best score (finally)√ Medals rewarding for you hard play ;)♫♫♫♫♫ SOUNDTRACK ♫♫♫♫♫If you like music in game you can freely listen and download it onSoundCloud, enjoy ;) in game was created especially for this game by myfriend.Here is some other his stuff that you can find cool:YT Channel: Profile:★★★★★ RATE THIS GAME ★★★★★I'd be honored and very grateful if you decide to rate mygame.It gives lots of satisfaction and motivates to make more games;)Achieved withlibGDX
Pixel Clicker 1.0.2
Just click!With accumulated pixel, you can buy upgrades, thataccelerate gaining new 'squares'.When you have enough of them, youcan safely reset the game and keep playing again with a bonus tothe PpS (Pixels per Second). For every one billion pixels gatheredyou incrase PpS by + 1%!
Pixel Voyager 1.0.2
Pixel Voyager is simple, yet addictive game, ideal for lonelyevenings or boring lectures. Try different difficulty levels,listen to beautiful 8-bit music, train your reflex and compare yourscore with players all around the world!MAIN FEATURES:√ NO ADS!√challenging gameplay √ Intuitive, touch control√ Simple mechanic√ 8different gameplay modes √ Unique 8-bit music on each game mode√Global Leaderboards and Achievements♫♫♫♫♫ SOUNDTRACK ♫♫♫♫♫If youliked the in-game music you can freely listen and download it forfree onSoundCloud:★★★★★RATE THIS GAME ★★★★★I'd be honoured and very grateful if you decideto rate my game.It gives lots of satisfaction and motivates towork! :)Achieved with libGDX