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Electrifying Mobility (Client) 2.0
Electrifying Mobility App details: Smart Mobility,ElectricVehicles, GREEN Technologies, Virtual/Augmented Realtybasede-Learning, promoting e-Commerce through VR. Create yourownCommunity through this APP, FIND CoWorkers whereby you cancreateNEW BUSINESSES! through our APP. What can potentially bedone? Wellyou can: 1. Create your Fleet Management, using ourservices. 2.Create your community in which you can share yourelectronicgadgets, renting them to like minded users. Example:Hoverboards,Drones & all electric commodities not frequentlyused by you.3. Enhance sales out of your local physical shops, viainterfacingthem through VIRTUAL/AUGMENTED REALTY to the worldthroughe-Commerce portals. 4. Enhance e-Learning out ofyourhome/office/open air, via interfacing themthroughVIRTUAL/AUGMENTED REALTY to the students through portalslikeFacebook Live or alike live streamers. 5. Moreover, you canenhanceyour ENTREPRENEURIAL Skills by having a sense of BusinessviaGuided DISTANCE learning modules from our ITALY/INDIA HQs inalldepartments ranging from Finance to Marketing. 6. CreateCoWorkingSpace, work in our industrial plant, we will push you tocompleteyour prototype in less than a year! 7. Selected FEWBusinesspartners will be able to gather at our HQs for monthly ifnot everysemester for Business performances in their cities,through ourUNIQUE APP. 8. Only lack of imagination can limit youfromexploiting this unique opportunity to COWORK, withoutanyterritorial demarcations and lingual hindrances. So what areyouwaiting for....Come join Us!:)------------------------------------------------------------------------Seerelated complementary App. Revenue STREAMS for TAKE CONTROL APP: 1.Earn by becoming DRIVER (submit Patent details, last twoyearsaccident history and age 25 years and above. Previousexperiencewith AUTOMATIC GEAR = Plus point. 1 hour training will begiven incase of NEW DRIVERS) of our fleet of Electric Vehicles (BMWi3,TESLA Mod. S) and get paid by up to 25% of revenue generated byyouover each trip. Payouts every 5th working day. 2. Earn bonuspointsby sharing electric vehicle of your own into the fleet ofvehicles.3. EURO 6 category benzine/Diesel vehicle owner driverscan alsojoin our fleet in exceptional cases, as our motto ispurelyelectric.