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Pro Search
Now get access to world top 4 traffic engine. Google, Youtube,Wikipedia and Facebook. Type once and get access(search result) toall top engine.Now save your time and phone memory.This 4 apps areof 126mb which is now available in 1.2mb.
Kid Activity Tracker 1.0.1
Press power button to stop recording.This app helps parents to havea look over children surfing in mobile.This app is passwordprotected. So to start recording you need to unlock theapp.Youtubers can also use this for screen recording videos.helpyour parents to operate mobile by just sending a demo video.
Money Manager & Expenditure Tracker 1.0
Expenditure Tracker is the easiest and most user friendlyexpensemanager app in the store. The simple fact is, by trackingyourspending you will be able to stick to a budget and thereforeSAVEMONEY. So download it for free, enter your expenses and income,andhave instant control over your spending! ★ Features★--------------- ✔ Simple and intuitive user interface - helpsyouto easily manage your spending - super fast expense entry✔Flexible Time Periods - choose to track Weekly, Monthly or Yearly✔Summary View - overview of your current balance along withexpenseand income totals - see your main areas of spending ✔ LogExpenseand Income - repeat transactions daily, weekly or monthly ✔Reports- beautiful and interactive charts allow easy visualizationofwhere your money goes - view spending grouped by category -seeyour history so you can track your progress ✔ Categories -expenseand income categories ✔ Widget - put the widget on your homescreenfor easy access - quick add buttons ✔ Special design layoutfortablets - optimal use of larger screen size makes it evenbetterfor managing your money
Status Downaloader for Chatting App 1.1
Status Downloader for downloading and saving friends favoritechatapp status like image, gif and Video developed by DhirenDevlopers.You can directly share your save status video & Imagewith yourfriends on social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Share chat or Clip. How to Use status downloaderforfavorite chat app & video status saver app? ✔ Open yourStatusor Story in the favorite chat app. ✔ Now, open Statusdownloaderapp and you can see all your friends status images andstatusvideos which you visited back in the favorite chat appapp. ✔Clickthe Download button to download status Image, or status videoandthen you have options to make it as your status & also youcanshare status with friends. ✔ Once you download status you canvisitthe saved tab and see all your saved status images andstatusvideos in save tab. ================================== KeyFeaturesof status downloader ✔ Download friends' status or storythroughstatus downloader. ✔ View Saved Stories and status evenafter 24hours ✔ User-Friendly Design - directly share Status Images&Status Videos. ✔ Status downloader provides an inbuilt mediaplayerfor playing status videos. ✔ Saved Status is shown under'Saved'section in the Status Downloader app. ✔ Seen Status willautoUpdate in this Status downloader app. ✔ Easy to use interfacehelpsyou to navigate through the appeasily.================================== - Our app for StatusDownloaderwith easy to use separate tab for images and videos andsavedfiles. - You can rate us from our app -You can share the appfrommenu ================================= You can find yourfriends'creative content that they share through their favoritemessagingapp. You can use this status downloader app to downloadthe beststatus added by your friends, which you like most infavorite chatappapp status feature on different occasions from yourfriends likestatus quotes, good morning messages, romantic videosGoodNightStatus, Ganesh Chaturthi Status, Diwali Status by friends,Funnystatus, musically status, Tik Tok status in favorite chatappappadded by friends, Political Troll & Meme Status, or 30secvideo status added by your friends. whatever it is, we help youtodownload it. ================================ IMPORTANT:The"favorite chat app" or "favorite chat app" name is copyrighttofavorite chat app, Inc. This app is in no way affiliatedwith,sponsored or endorsed by favorite chat app, Inc. Please askforpermission from your friends before sharing their media. We arenotresponsible for any kind of re-usage of any media downloaded bytheuser. Your feedback is important to us. Please or submit feedback from the app 😇PleaseInstall the status downloader for favorite chat app &sharewith your friends. Please rate us 5 stars if you loved theapp.
Pro Search 3.0
Now get access to world top 4 traffic engine. Google,Youtube,Wikipedia and Facebook. Type once and get access(searchresult) toall top engine.Now save your time and phone memory.This 4apps areof 126mb which is now available in 1.2mb.