SunScool - Sunday School app
Have you ever wondered who God is and wantedto know more about Him?In 1958 there was a girl living in a remote village in Ireland.This girl wanted to learn more about God, but there was no SundaySchool nearby for her to go to. So a young missionary couple, Bertand Wendy Gray, started corresponding with her by mail, sending herBible lessons each month. Over time these lessons evolved into anextensive course of weekly fun-filled activity work sheets,covering the main Bible stories from Creation through to the earlyChurch. And is now used by hundreds of thousands of children aroundthe world from pre-school age right up to 16.SunScool converts the lessons from this course into fun andinteractive stories and puzzles. These text based puzzles help usto learn and understand some of the most important truths aboutlife by heart.Puzzles/games include:- Fill in missing words by dragging pictures.- Word search- Unscramble words or letters- Sea-battle - reconstruct text and improve your score by playingfaster- Crosswords- Pop bubbles to type a text and improve your score by choosingcertain colors- Color pictures- Many fun ways to choose or highlight the correct answerSo far, we have converted 13 lessons, but stay tuned, many more areon their way!The original paper course is called Bibletime and is available todownload free of charge from besweb.comKeywords: Bible lessons for kids, bible puzzles, bible games,sunschool,Easter,Easter game,Easter story,Bible courses,Christmas,Christmas story