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Flat UI Colours 1.0.3
Flat UI Colours features the most popularcolours for designers to help designing your next Flat UserInterface. You'll be presented a palette of flat colours which youcan simply touch to get the necessary colour code.If you have any constructive feedback, be sure to leave it inthe comments. I will definitely improve this app according to yoursuggestion.
Material Colours 1.0.1
Google Inc. states: "Color is inspired by bold color statementsjuxtaposed with muted environments, taking cues from contemporaryarchitecture, road signs, pavement marking tape, and sports courts.Emphasize bold shadows and highlights. Introduce unexpected andvibrant colors." Use this handy tool to keep the list of coloursfor your material designs handy. This app provides a complete setof shades of primary colours for your next app. Single tap theprimary colours to view its shades and longpress any colour tile tocopy its HEX code to the clipboard.
URL Shortener 1.0
Note: Starting March 30, 2019 Google has deprecated the goo.glservices which will cause this app to stop working. Really sorryfor any inconveniences caused. I will try and update the add withnew features as soon as I can. Thanks for the love you have showntowards this app. Shorten long URLs easily using services toeasily share them via social media like twitter or facebook.Shortening your URLs will also make the links look elegant andclean. Sometimes its the shorter things that we prefer. Features: -Easily shorten URLs without any need of an account - Instantlyshare shortened URLs to your friends via your favourite apps fromwithin this app - Directly share URLs from other apps to this appto get them shortened - One-click easy copying - No ads -Completely free - Cute toast messages greet you. Hope you meetthem. Permissions: - Access Internet: This permission is requiredto send and receive data with the servers - Access NetworkState: This permission is required to check if internet access isavailable or not
Flat Colours 2.1
Flat Colours features the most popular colours for designers tohelpdesigning your next Flat User Interface. You'll be presentedapalette of flat colours which you can simply touch to getthenecessary colour code in the clipboard. If you haveanyconstructive feedback, be sure to leave it in the comments. Iwilldefinitely improve this app according to your suggestion.