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Super Cleaner - RAM Booster 2.1.62
Super Cleaner is a fast phone cleaner to master your phone. Thepowerful tool is a RAM cleaner, Speed Booster, Battery Saver, GameBooster, Phone Cooler, Cache Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, and junk fileremover. It can clean and boost your phone very fast. It's smallwith installation package size only 1 MB; and it is really smart toboost memory and clean junk & cache faster than others, andmake the phone speed up effect last longer. Super Cleaner Pro(clean & boost) also helps to cool down CPU and your wholedevice, and stop other apps to drain battery. It is really SuperCleaner (clean master), Super Booster (boost master), and all inone light app. Oh, is there an super clean android app to clean myandroid phone? Super Cleaner is the best choice, the cleaner mastercleaning of your android phones. This cleaning app is to clean upandroid phone RAM and cache. It is really a smart manager, used asandroid phone cleaner, memory cleaner, clean master for androidphone, cache cleaner, speed booster, history cleaner, ram cleaner,phone booster, ram booster, and so on; also it has battery chargerfeature to monitor and speed up phone battery charging. The batteryindicator is to indicate the battery percentage and battery status.You can also use power clean feature to kill battery draining appsto save battery power for postponing battery life. Yeah, your greatbattery doctor and power battery saver; also it is phone cooler tocool apps for android. You can use phone cooler feature to do phonebooster or you can tap one tap boost shortcut for many times tocool down your phone. Highlights of Super Cleaner Pro: Clean memoryand Super Booster One Tap Boost (just 1tap) CPU Cooler Game BoosterBattery Saver Memory Usage High Notification Clean memory and SuperBooster Super Cleaner Pro (clean and boost) can find all apps usinghigh memory and force stop them without root permission. When youfind your phone is lag, just use super cleaner feature to speed upby stopping the apps running in the background, and these apps willhibernate after clean and boost. Then your phone will be fast, alsothe phone battery can last longer. One Tap Boost (just 1tap) Onetap boost icon of Super Clean is listed on phone desktop, whichmakes you very convenient to boost your phone with 1 tap. Bytapping more times of the 1 tap boost icon, the phone speed isimproved tremendously. CPU Cooler Do you find your phone is alwayshot? Just simply use CPU Cooler feature to cool down your device,and it will clean unnecessary apps running in the background. GameBooster Automatically improve your game speed by 30%+ whenlaunching games. Battery Saver Are you worried about your phonebattery draining too fast due to auto-start apps? After boostingand cleaning these power-hungry apps draining your battery by SuperCleaner Pro (clean and boost), the apps will hibernate and thephone battery life will last longer. Memory Usage High NotificationWhen your phone memory usage is high, Super Clean will notify youto boost your phone with one tap. Super Cleaner uses accessibilityservice to improve clean memory feature. Super Cleaner is 100% FREEandroid phone cleaner, fast booster, optimizer, and power saver. Goand install the cleaner to make your phone super clean as a newone!
Phone Cleaner- Cache Clean, Android Booster Master 1.3.7
Super Phone Cleaner is an android mobile phone cache cleaner, speedbooster and memory booster. Arming with CPU cooler, Phone cleanercan optimize the phone with the help of battery saver, supercleaner and power clean. Fast RAM cleaner, junk cleaner master andpowerful app cache cleaner can improve your phone. RAM booster andjunk notification cleaner also make their contribution inoptimizing the phone. Phone Cleaner is all in one clean androidmaster and phone booster toolbox. Do you want a super cleaner torelease phone space? Do you want a super cleaner to hibernate powerdraining apps? Do you want to cool down your phone? How to clean myandroid phone? How can I clean my phone junk more? Do you hate thenoisy junk notifications? Phone Cleaner = Cache Cleaner + SpeedBooster + Junk Cleaner + CPU Cooler + Battery Saver + JunkNotification Cleaner + RAM Cleaner + Space Cleaner + App Cleaner +Residual File Cleaner Install this super android cleaner, the allin one toolbox, Android Optimizer, and Android Master now to cleanand boost your android phone. You won't ask how to clean my androidphone any more. ✔ App Cache Cleaner: clean useless applicationcache files. ✔ Junk Cleaner Master: powerful junk cleaner. ✔ SpeedBooster: phone booster and RAM cleaner to speed up your androidphone. ✔ Memory Booster: release memory and boost phone. ✔ PowerClean Battery Saver: power cleaner kills battery draining apps tosave power. ✔ CPU Cooler: cool down phone CPU temperature. ✔Notification Cleaner: mute and clean the unwanted notifications ifnecessary. ✔ 1 tap boost: boost phone by one tap. ★ App CacheCleaner Help to analyze apps in android phone, and clean uselessapplication cache files safely. This fast powerful cache cleanerhelps to release more space. ★ Junk Cleaner Master Junk Cleanerhelps to analyze all the log temporary and history AD files, andthen recommend to clean those useless residual junk files torelease more storage of mobile phone. Also, clean apk files afterapp is installed to release space. ★ Speed Booster Kill backgroundapps to release memory, and speed up your android phone, boostingthe phone effectively. Window cleaner is to remove popups on phonewindow. Go to boost mobile phone now! ★ Power Clean (Battery Saver)Kill battery draining apps to save power by 1 tap. When your phonepower is low, Phone Cleaner will remind you to save battery bycleaning apps. ★ CPU Cooler CPU Cooler can cool down your androidphone CPU temperature with one tap. ★ Notification Cleaner Too manynoisy and useless notifications? Use this super cleaner to mute andclean the unwanted notifications if necessary. The junknotification cleaner will gather junk notifications into one windowso that you can clean them if needed. ★ 1 tap boost This super fastcleaner helps to create 1 tap boost, and you can boost phone by onetap easily. The superb Phone Cleaner is 100% FREE android cleanermaster and optimizer, you can handle all your android phoneoptimization by this super clean app. Install this android cleanerto master clean of your android phone as a new one!
Super Antivirus - Virus Removal, Cleaner & Booster 1.0.13
Super Antivirus is a free virus cleaner, antivirus cleaner, VirusRemoval and WIFI security app with powerful antivirus engineinside. It protects your phone from any viruses, malware, andTrojan; provides your phone security in 360 degree protection, itis really clean and security master. Super Antivirus Cleaner isalso an All In One Toolbox for your android phone. You can alsotake this Free Antivirus as Phone Cleaner, Speed Booster, AppLock,Virus Cleaner, Battery Saver, Phone Cooler, Phone Booster, RAMCleaner, Junk Cleaner, Notification Cleaner, Cache Cleaner, JunkRemoval, Phone Security and so on. It protect your android phone,clean your android phone, boost your android phone, really anpowerful android phone master. Key Features: ☞Phone Security: virusscan and removal, WIFI Security, app private protect. ☞Antivirus:powerful antivirus engine inside, antivirus cleaner, phonesecurity. ☞Virus Cleaner: fast virus cleaner and virus removal.☞Phone Cleaner: clean phone junk deeply. ☞Phone Booster: speedbooster, phone booster & RAM cleaner. ☞Battery Saver: savepower and extend battery life. ☞Notification Cleaner: mute andclean noisy notifications. ☞Internet Booster: kill apps occupyingbrandwidth with internet booster. ★ Free Antivirus - AntivirusCleaner, Virus Removal & Virus Cleaner Super Antivirus scansvirus and malware on all your apps and files, blocks and removesvirus and malware once malicious apps installed. Super AntivirusCleaner protects your phone security, and make it safer. Use thissuper antivirus cleaner now! ★ WIFI Security Super AntivirusCleaner will identify the fake and not encrypted WIFIautomatically. You can use any public WIFI securely without anyprivacy concern. ★ Cache Cleaner - Phone Cleaner Cache Cleanercleans useless application cache files safely and release morespace faster. ★ Junk Cleaner - Phone Cleaner Junk Cleaner finds outall of the useless log files, temporary files, history files, andAD files, and then recommend to clean those residual junk files torelease more storage of mobile phone. Also, clean apk files afterapp is installed to release storage space. One of the best JunkCleaner of your Phone Cleaner! Really super cleaner! ★ PhoneBooster Phone booster of this super antivirus cleaner killsbackground apps to release memory, and speed up your android phoneby 60%. Phone speed booster is also a internet booster to kill appsuse internet much, and window cleaner to remove popups on phonewindow. Go to boost mobile phones now! ★ Game Booster Game boosterfor android of this virus cleaner finds all your games and getsthem into shortcut folder. Before you play games, game booster willboost your phone to release more memory space. ★ Battery SaverBattery Saver of the virus cleaner kills battery draining apps tosave power by 1 tap; and when phone power is low, Battery Saverreminds you to save battery by cleaning apps. ★ Phone Cooler PhoneCooler of antivirus cleaner cools down your android phonetemperature with one tap. ★ Boost Mobile Memory Booster of thisvirus removal boosts phone. ★ AppLock Super Antivirus cleanerprotects your app privacy with an AppLock PIN or pattern. Lock upsensitive apps such us WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger,Gmail, and so on. ★ Notification Cleaner So many uselessnotifications? Use this super virus cleaner to mute and clean theunwanted notifications if necessary. Junk notification cleaner willgather junk notifications into one, and clean them if needed. ★ 1tap boost Super fast antivirus cleaner creates 1 tap boost desktopshortcut, and boost phone by one tap. ★ Internet Booster Superantivirus cleaner uses Internet Booster to kill apps usinginternet.
Virus Cleaner - Antivirus Free & Phone Cleaner 1.1.10
Virus Cleaner is super antivirus cleaner for android phone. It's afree and powerful antivirus engine. It is an all-in-one box withthe efficient security master, phone junk cleaner, WIFI security,super speed booster, battery saver, CPU cooler andnotification cleaner. If the phone is lagged by trashes, cachecleaner and phone booster help speed up it. Equipped with phonebooster known as RAM booster, phone security is also an effectiveantimalware tool to protect real-time. Effective antivirus cleanermakes the best use of the phone through virus removal, RAM cleanerand phone booster clean android master. Download now! Makephone safer, cleaner, and faster! Feature Highlights: ☞AntivirusFree: powerful antivirus engine inside with deep scan of apps.☞Virus Cleaner: virus scaner find security risk such as virus,trojan. virus cleaner and virus removal can remove them. ☞PhoneSecurity: super phone security master protects data privacy throughanti-virus & virus cleaner. ☞Phone Cleaner: super fast phonecleaner to make phone clean. ☞Speed Booster: super speed cleanerspeeds up mobile phone to make it faster. ☞Phone Booster: phonebooster make phone faster. ☞RAM Cleaner: RAM cleaner or memorycleaner clean the memory consumption apps . ☞Battery Saver: savepower and power clean, extend battery life effectively. ☞PhoneCooler: phone cooler kills overheating apps to keep CPU temperaturedown. ☞WIFI Security: protect WIFI from privacy leak. ☞NotificationCleaner: mute and clean noisy notifications. ☞Game Booster: Boostphone for playing games. ☞Clean Big Files: Use phone cleanerfeature to clean big files. ★ Virus Cleaner - Antivirus Free,Security Virus Cleaner scans apps to find out malware, virus,spyware, and Trojan. And It can deep scan the phone. With powerfulantivirus engine inside, it is really super safe for your phone.Virus cleaner also provides real-time protection when installingnew applications. it is super security master and super virusremover. - Antivirus cleaner: powerful antivirus feature; - Virusscan: scan all apps and files; - Virus removal: virus removal forandroid stubborn virus; ★ Phone Cleaner - Junk Cleaner, CacheCleaner Virus Cleaner with powerful phone cleaner removes junkfiles, app cache, residual files, useless APK files etc. Byreleasing more storage space, the phone cleaner optimizes Androidmobile phone performance. It is also system cache cleaner and cleanandroid master. - Junk Cleaner: junk files removal, junk cleaner; -Cache Cleaner: app cache files remaval, app cache cleaner andantivirus cleaner; - Big File Cleaner: clean big files to releasemore space; - APK Cleaner: clean the installed apk files with VirusCleaner. ★ Phone Booster - Super Speed Booster, Speed Up PhonePhone Booster of Virus Cleaner is RAM Cleaner & RAM booster,which kills apps using much memory, and makes phone more smoothly.Known as super speed booster, it can clean memory and boost thephone. It's your clean booster master. ★ Battery Saver - PowerCleaner Battery Saver in antivirus cleaner can help save power,extends battery life effectively and clean power-consuming apps. ★Phone Cooler - CPU Cooler CPU Cooler can cool down your androidphone CPU temperature effectively with one tap. ★ NotificationCleaner Too many junk notification make your phone annoying, usethe powerful notification cleaner in virus cleaner to organizenotifications. Notification Cleaner can choose the notification tomute. ★ WIFI Security Virus cleaner can use WIFI Security toidentify the fake WIFI and unencrypted WIFI automatically. You cansecurely use any public WIFI without any privacy concerns. Itprotects you from privacy leak.
Super File Manager - Explorer, Cleaner & Booster 1.0.9
Super File Manager is an easy to use file explorer. It isAll-IN-One toolbox with file categories, file manager, foldermanager, storage analyzer, space cleaner, speed booster, CPUCooler, battery saver, notification cleaner, app manager and so on.Highlight Features: File Manager - File Explorer Manage your fileswith cut, copy, paste, rename, and delete operations. Provide youto access the entire file system and full path directories for eachfiles and folders stored in your smart device's internal storage ormicroSD card. Storage Analyzer - Junk cleaner, space release - BigFiles: find out big files so that you can delete them if you findthem useless and too big. - Unused Apps: find unsed apps for you todetermine whether to uninstall them to release more storage spaceor not. - New Files: list the files that created recently. - Sizefor each categories: a clear chart to show you the storage size ofeach categories. - Phone Cleaner: junk cleaner, cache cleaner foryour phone. File Categories - easy to use Files are classified todifferent categories so that you can easily browse the files youwant. You can access different categories, such as images, vedios,audios, docs, apks, applications, downloads, and so on. PhoneBooster - Boost Mobile Kill background apps to release memory, andspeed up your android phone by 60%. Also, with One Tap Boost onphone desktop to help speed up phone by freeing up RAM. CPU CoolerCPU Cooler can cool down your android phone CPU temperatureeffectively with one tap. Battery Saver Super File Manager protectsand extends your phone battery life by killing background runningapps. Notification Cleaner Super File Manager can help to gatherand mute junk notifications, which make your phone very noisy.