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Krishna Playing Flute Live WP 1.1
Beautiful Live wallpaper of Lord KrishnaPlaying His Flute. Download this Wallpaper and Share with yourfriends
Hindi Shayari 2.0
The best way of communicating is via shayari.Share your feeling, thoughts using this application. Collection ofall types of Shayari (Love, Sad, Funny, Friendship).
Godess Laxmi Wallpaper 2.0
Download the Goddess Laxmi Live wallpaper andfeel blessed. Wish you all prosperity and happiness thisDiwali
Lord Krishna Lightening LWP 1.1
Lord Krishna with Lightening effect. On touchyou will hear a sound of lightening. Enjoy this beautiful Livewallpaper and share with friends and relatives thisjanmashtami
Ganesh Aarti Live WP 2.0
Aarti being offer to lord ganesha on occasionof Ganesh chaturthi. Beautifully animated live wallpaper. Downloadand share with friends
Musical Ringtones 2.0
Enjoy this Christmas Festival with MusicalRingtone for your mobile. We have made beautiful music for you. Theuser interface is simple and easy to set music as ringtoneMerry Christmas to everyone
Lord Ganesh Lightening Live WP 1.2
Live wallpaper of Lord Ganesh withLighteningeffect for your mobile. Set it as Live wallpaper and Getblessingfrom him every time
Speak Caller Name Ringtone 1.0.1
Speak caller name Ringtone will make yourworkeasy. It can read the sms and notifications for you. Simpleanduser friendly interface. Download this free android app andsharewith friends
Love live wallpaper 2.0
Love live wallpaper Beautifully animatedLivewallpaper
Battery Meter Magical Indicate 1.0.1
An Animated cheetah will be running on yourmobile screen as you set this as your mobile wallpaper. The background of cheetah changes from day light to night based on thebattery level. If the battery level is 80 to 100 percentage thenthe back ground of cheetah running will be Bright day light, whereas the back ground of cheerah running turns to dark night whenbatter level reduces between 25 to 5 percentage. This livewallpaper theme is exciting for childrens and even the concept ofthis live wallpaper is new. So download and install this livewallpaper battery meter app on your mobile and share this app withfriends and relatives. Do take time to comment on this app and rateus 5 star if you like this app
Indian Flag with Music Live WP 1.1
Happy Independence day. Alivewallpaperdisplaying monuments of india and a flag hosting.Sound effectmakes all the defference
Speaking Bird Live Wallpaper 1.0
A beautiful Live wallpaper of Speaking Bird.Aperfect blend of Animation and Creativity for you mobile.Sharewith friends and Relatives
Firework on Touch Live Wp 1.0
Firework on Touch Live wallpaper is aniceconcept for this Diwali to decorate your Mobile screen. Upontouchbeautiful firework will appear on your mobile screen.Thebackground is set as London to make the Live wallpapermorebeautiful
Chicken Recipes 1.0
This is a special chicken recipe app forallchicken food lovers. Give some spice to your taste buds usingthisspecial chicken recipe app. If you like Indian Chicken recipesthendownload and install this app and check out the top bestchickenrecipes for you. Some of the chicken recipes are :CornflakeChicken Tender, Butternut Squash with Seared Chicken,GrilledSpiced Chicken, Crispy Chicken with Roasted Carrots,RoastedParmesan Chicken, Smothered chicken legs with Barccolini,SummerChicken Gnocchi Soup, Skillet Chicken with BrusselsSprouts,Chicken and Arugula Cacio Pepe, Spicy Chicken Recipe,Masale darChicken Lollipop, Butter Chicken Recipe, Chicken DumBiryani andmuch more.How to use:Ingredients are mentioned for each Chicken recipeCollect all the Ingredients and Look at the cooking methodmentionin the side tab.You chicken recipes are ready to serve and eat.Do take time to comment on this app and provide ratings. If youlikethis app then share it with friends and family members onsocialmedia
Hair Care Tips Home Remedy 1.0
Hair care tips home remedy helps you fightthehair loss issue and damage hair problems. You can grow hairusingsome simple home remedy and fight dandruff problem. Downloadthishair care tips app now and install it in your mobile. Checktheissue you are facing provided in this app. You can also let usknowif you need any more tips by leaving comment in hair caretipsrating place and we will upgrade this app with moreinformation.Using these simple home remedy you can do thefollowing1. Hair Care2. Fight Dandruff problem3. Treatment for hair loss4. Healthy hair tips5. How to grow hair6. Flight baldness problemDo share this app with everyone in your group on social mediaandprovide rating with comments
Fairness Tips Beauty Tips 1.0
Fairness Tips and beauty tips app willmakeyour skin glow and will increase your complexion. Using thisfreefairness tips and beauty tips you will become more beautifulandfair. Follow simple and easy homemade remedy to make pasteandfollow the instruction to get fair skin in 1 month. As most ofthepaste are made using homemade products, fruits and vegetablethereare no change for side effects. Download this beauty tips appnowand get fair skin. Do leave your comments and rating for thisappand share this app with friends and family members onsocialmedia.
Paneer Recipes in 30 Minutes 1.0
Serve tasty paneer recipe everyday usingthispaneer recipe app. This paneer recipe app contains manypaneerrecipes which contains cooking method and ingredientsrequired tomake that paneer recipe. Make your children happy byserving themnew paneer food. Download this free paneer recipe appnow and makeany paneer food item of your choice. This paneer recipeappcontains paneer butter masala, palak paneer , matter paneerandmany more. Do share this app with all Indian mothers who lovetofood and serve tasty food to family members. Do take time toratethis app and leave your comments
Mehndi Design 2018 1.0
Collection of best mehndi design formarriage,festival. Mehndi is basically applied by Indian women onhands,legs and other body parts. This app contains beautifulmehndidesign for you to decorate your hand with latest mehndidesign.These mehndi are designed by our designers. You justdownload thismehndi app now. Select the mehndi design of yourchoice. Share itor take print out of the design. Do rate this appand leave yourcomments for this mehndi app. This mehndi appcontains designs likemarwadi, Arabic and many more designs
Pimple Remove in 7 Days 1.0
Gid rid of pimple and acne with fairandglowing skin in just 7 days. This pimple remove in 7 daysappcontains simple steps to fight acne problems. Pimple removalappcontains homemade recipe using which your acne problem willberemoved. The methods provided in this pimple removal in 7 daysapphas no side effects and do not contains and harmful effect onskin.The products recipe provided in this app can also be usedforbeauty tips to provide glow and make your skin fair. Do sharethisapp with all teenage people in your social media and help toremoveacne and pimple in 7 days. Please rate this app and provideyourcomments
Dandruff Removal Hair Care Tips 1.0
Want to remove Dandruff from your Hair anddoyou want to make your Hair Long and strong then download thisfreeDandruff removal Hair care tips. This Hair care tipscontainssolution for each Hair related problems. Hair care tips toremoveDandruff has homemade therapy which do not contains anysideeffects. We strongly recommend you to consult a doctorbeforefollowing these hair treatment as everyone skin and hairconditiondiffers. Download this Dundruff removal Hair care tipsfree todownload app now and get rid of all your hair relatedproblems. DOshare this app with friends and family members onsocial media andrate this hair care tips app along with commentsandsuggestions
Remove Acne in 7 Days Guide 1.0
Remove Acne and pimples in less than 7daysfollowing simple homemade paste. Homemade paste will have tosideeffects and it is simple and easiest way to remove acne andpimple.Download this remove acne and pimple in 7 days guide and getcleanand clear skin. Pimple and acne is common problem of girls andboysfrom age of 12 to 20. Pimple or acne will leave dark spots onfacewhich looks dirty. Use this Remove pimple in 7 days guideandfollow the tips and homemade remedy to get fair glowing skin.Doshare this app with teenagers and leave your comments andratingsfor this app
Six Pack Abs Guide 1.0
Get 6 pack abs following simple exerciseanddiet plan mentioned in this free Abs maker app. This six packabsapp contains many important factors to remove belly fat andconvertthem to six pack abs. Few simple exercise are mentioned inthis appwhich will help you reduce weight and belly fat. Also thissix packabs contains the required diet containing proteins and fatby body.Share this app on social media with all fitness lovers anddo ratethis app along with your comments. Follow this six pack absmakerapp at your own risk and follow proper trainer and dieticiantostay fit and healthy.
Indian Recipe 1.0
Indian Recipe app contains tasty IndianfoodRecipe along with ingredients and method to cook them.Downloadthis Indian Recipe app now and serve Tasty, spicy IndianFood toyour loved ones. All the food items provided in this IndianRecipeapp are healthy Recipes which will not only spicy your tastebudsbut also will help you maintain your health. Instead of askingmom,wife what special for dinner today, you download this app andcookfor them. This Special Indian Recipe app will be easy to useandgreat to cook food. Share this Indian Recipe app with friendsandrelatives on social media and rate this app along withyourcomments
Reduce Belly Guide 1.0
get six pack abs by reducing your belly fatandfollowing this app completely. This reduce belly fat appcontainsmany simple and easy exercise do which your belly fat willbereduced and the fat in your stomach and body will be burned.Thediet chat is also provided in this app which will helps youconsumethe required amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.Thisreduce belly fat is a wonderful app which need to be sharedwitheveryone in your group and do rate this app along withyourcomments
Weight Loss in 30 Days 1.0
Weight loss in 30 days app helps youreduceyour weight following simple diet and exercise. This weightloss in30 days app contains the best information of how to reduceweight.Following this weight loss tips app you will feel it wasnever sosimple to reduce weight. This weight loss app has been madebyconsulting dietician and doctors. Everyone body conditiondiffersso we strongly recommend you to consult your dietician anddoctorsbefore following this weight loss in 30 days tips. We willnot beresponsible for any situation if the tips are wrongly used.Thisweight loss tips app contains many simple and easy tips. Youhaveto follow this app completely to see the effect of weight loss.Doshare this app on social media and rate this app. Leave commentforthis weight loss app and help other to know how accurate hisweightloss in 30 days app
Increase Height Guide 1.0
Increase your height following these simpleandeasy exercise and diet plan. This is the perfect guide toincreaseyour height in 1 month. This height increasing appcontains manytips which are provided after consulting manyphysicians anddoctors. Do follow it upon your own risk and pleaseconsult doctorand dietician before following them. Share this appwith everyone onsocial media and let us make average Indian heightabove 6 feet. Doleave your comments and rating for this heightincreasing app
Weight Gain Tips 1.0
Its easy to gain weight in healthy manner.Usethis weight gain tips app and follow the instruction mentionedinthis weight gain app. For making this weight gain app wehaveconsulted many dieticians and doctors and we advice our userstoplease consult a dietician or doctor before following thesetips.This weight gain app contains exercise and food plan whichwillincrease your weight in a heathy manner. DO share this appwitheveryone who wish to increase their body weight. Please ratethisapp along with your comments and feedback.
Fairness Tips Beauty Tips 1.0
Fairness Tips and beauty tips app willmakeyour skin glow and will increase your complexion. Using thisfreefairness tips and beauty tips you will become more beautifulandfair. Follow simple and easy homemade remedy to make pasteandfollow the instruction to get fair skin in 1 month. As most ofthepaste are made using homemade products, fruits and vegetablethereare no change for side effects. Download this beauty tips appnowand get fair skin. Do leave your comments and rating for thisappand share this app with friends and family members onsocialmedia.
Diet Plan for Weight Loss 1.0
the best weight loss guide containing dietplanto reduce your weight upto 5 Kgs in just 1 month. Downloadandinstall this weight loss diet plan app in your mobile. Checkoutthe Simple and easy Diet plan which will help you reduce bellyfatand overall body weight. Using this Diet plan for weight Lossguideyou can help your friends and family members to stay healthyandfit by just forwarding this weight loss diet plan on yoursocialmedia. Do rate this app and leave your comments alongwithsuggestions and feedback. Follow this weight loss guide at yourownrisk after consulting dietician or your family doctor. ThisDietplan is provided based on healthy person conditionwithdisease.
Hindu Pilgrimage Places and Information 1.0
Make your Religious place Journey a littlemorecomfortable and informative with the use of Best HindiReligiousPlace Information app. This Hindi Religious placeinformation app isdedicated to all Hindus across Globe. The bestPilgrimage or DharmYatra information is gathered in this app. Manyplaces informationis provided in this Hindu Religious Placeinformation app likeinformation about 12 Jyothirlinga, 4 DhamYatra, Shirdi, VashnoDevi, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, andYamunotr, tirupati Balajiand many more GOD. A Make in INDIA andMADE for INDIANS app.The information about(a) How to reach(b) Special things about the pilgrimage place / holy place(c) Story of the Holy Place(d) Must watch places and things to do(e) Information of special Darshan or tickets(f) And many more informationDo share this Hindu Religious place Information app on socialmediawith all Hindu across Globe and help them make their journeymoreconformable and convenient. Do rate this app and leaveyourcomments along with suggestions
Breast Enlargement in 1 Month 1.0
Increase your breast Size to getbeautifullooks. Big breast are more attractive and provides a sexylook toyou. Follow this Breast enlargement tips app and increaseyourbreast size in 1 month. Give yourself a Sexy girls look andbecomethe hottest girl in your group. This Breast Enlargementguidecontains diet and few exercise which helps you to make yourbreastbigger. Shape of breast also matter, following thesesimpleexercise and following the tips you can remove breast saggingandgive your breast the required shape. The tips mentioned inbreastenlargement tips app also provides method to tighten yourbreast.Share this app with all girls of your group and help themget abeautiful big breast. Do rate this app and leave your commentsforthe same
How to Measure Bra Size 1.0
Know you correct bra size using this How tomeasure Bra size app. Do you know wearing a wrong Size Bra may leadto many physical problems like breast cancer, Lumb formation, Headache, breast Sagging and much more. Measure your breast size toknow your bra size. According to a study, wearing Bra for more than16 Hours increase Changes of Breast Cancer and Sagging of breast.Breast consist of soft tissue and should not be hold for 24 hoursusing bra. Help your girl friend to measure their Bra size and giftthem this Diwali, Christmas, New Year or Valentine day a Newperfect size bra. Do share this app with all the girls and helpthem know their Bra size. Do rate this app and leave your commentsalong with rating
Eat Right – Healthy Me 1.0.1
Eat Right helps you to plan your dietcorrectlyand help you in may ways. You can lose your weightfollowing thisapp, Fight health related issues, cause for hairloss and many more.This app contains fruits and vegetables detailscontaining amount ofpotassium, nutrients , calcium, proteins,carbohydrates, minerals,etc. You also have BMI calculator in thisapp which helps you tocalculate the BMI level of your body. Checkyour weight and heightcombination and know your health. This apphelps you in belowthings1. Weight loss2. Fight Hair loss3. Fight dandruff4. Helps control diabetes, blood sugar level, cancer, bloodpressurelevel and many more5. Back pain issue6. And many moreYou just need to download this healthy me eat right plan yourdietapp now and stay healthy and fit. Share this Eat right –healthy meapp with friends and family members on social media anddo ratethis app along with comments.