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Wrestling for India 1.0
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Again Salo Bahi wants to become the Champion. He Wants to Dominatein O Champion ship. For this purpose he wants to never give up andwants to become the proud for India !!!!The Game is creative andyou are suppose to help Salo Bahi. Salo Bahi also Fall in love withbaby and Now he wants to Dominate in the society !!!In this gameyou are suppose to smash all the coward enemies and never allowthem to escape !!! The Game have 1200 Challange Levels !!!!Thanksto Download the game !!!!
Sultan Champion 1.0
Super Plus
Salo Bahi is a great wrestler and he wants to become Olympicchampion again and wants to become proud for India ...Salo BahiFall in love Will Babe (Female Wrestler) and wants to spend hiswhole life with her ....He is the Character which never likes toGive Up and still on the ground at the age of forty ...What you aregoing to do:You just wants to make him world Champion and Help himfinish his all enemies (Wrestler)How to play:You are just supposeto Smach all the other wrestlers which are creating Hardle for SaloBahi. You will jump from the upper size and Smach them.The gamehave 1000 Challanging levels and each and every level is differentfrom each and other, becuase in each level thye wrestler aredifferents. Why to play:1.Show your Love to Salo Bahi Khan2.Thegame play is different as compare tom other games. 3.3D Sound4.1000Challanging levels
King of India 1.0
Super Plus
great game for them who wants to see him the king if India. Sultanis the great hero and he have won already many times but know hewants to won again and its does not mater to him what is his Age?Sultan wants to prove himself and wants to become the proud forindia ...sultan is the character which never like to give up !!! Hehas also fall in love with girl and wants to marry with himHelpsultan to win this competition and let him become the proud forIndia !!!