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Bright Bugz 2.5.9
Named “2014 Top Toy of the Year” by Creative Child Magazine!Mystify your friends and family! Bright Bugz shows, goes, andglows. It’s under your command! With a set of Bright Bugz… and alittle patience… you can grab glowing lights out of thin air andpass them from hand to hand or through solid objects. And now withour new companion app, you can learn even more tricks! Throw one ofthe Bright Bugz into your phone and it magically becomes trappedinside. Bounce it around against your screen, then toss it back toyour hand to amaze your audience! The app is free to download andincludes unlocked animations for all seven Bright Bugz colors. Thenyou can purchase upgraded animations and perform even moreimpressve illusions! *NEW!* Use the Holobeam included in yourBright Bugz package to make your Bright Bugz magically hover aboveyour device! Amaze your friends and astound your family withanimated holograms! Throw a bug into the Holobeam and watch itgo!Specially designed, Bright Bugz comes with fittings for bothchildren and adults.Visit to order yourstoday! Need help? Contact us at:[email protected]
Smile Inc. 1.1
Welcome to SMILE Inc.™!Roman Atwood and crew have FINALLY decidedto get real jobs – the only problem is where they’ve beenhired!Deadly booby traps, devious machinery, and ruthlesscontraptions clutter the floors of your new office. How far can youclimb up the corporate ladder before the lethal reality of businessclaims another victim?**FEATURES**• TONS of playable characters tolevel-up!• Hilarious cameos from the Smile More™ family!• Insanetraps to dodge and conquer!• Over 50 missions with specialobjectives!• HATS!• Mystery boxes with special surprises!• Powerupsand special abilities to help you survive!• …And MORE!New missionsevery day and special holiday events means there’s always actionhappening at SMILE Inc.™!Ready to get to work?
Kreepie Krawlies 2
Your friends will freak for Kreepie Krawlies!This is the companionapp for the Kreepie Krawlies augmented reality prank toy. Use thisamazing AR illusion to grab someone’s attention – then sneak thereal bug onto their hand, and watch the freakout unfold!KreepieKrawlies comes with 3 different bug illusions and provides endlesspranking fun for you and your friends!Kreepie Krawlies outnow!
GoSumos 1.5
GOSUMOS are magical remote-controlled stickers you can play with onyour iPhone or iPad. Stick ‘em anywhere, then bring them to lifethrough the magic of augmented reality! Every GOSUMOS Sticker canbe scanned through the GOSUMOS App, bringing the picture on thesticker to life. Summon a vicious shark from the virtual netherrealm and control its movement in the real world – or, conjure arobot to walk around on your desk! With over 18 different stickersto summon and control, GOSUMOS unleashes your virtual imaginationinto the space around you!As a special bonus, GOSUMOS also lets yousummon characters from the hit game SMILE Inc! Control RomanAtwood, Britt, and others from the Smile More family as theynavigate gauntlets of deadly traps… but watch out! One false movewill send them flying.— FEATURES —- Magical augmented reality!-Dynamic control over 18 unique stickers!- Awesome actions andspecial moves!- Underwater creatures!- Robot minions!- SignatureSMILE Inc. mayhem!GOSUMOS Stickers are available now at retailersnationwide. Grab yours today and prepare for a whole new world ofcontrol – GOSUMOS is here!