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Who Is Spy - Cool Party Game 1.0.8_ww
A text "peek-a-boo" game! “Spies” need toconceal themselves to survive. Friends should try to judge who isthe spy and kick spies out. Friends' funny words would make youlaugh, young people's views perhaps are different from the old's,but each can get fun from it.Totally free! Come and join us.There are different types of cards. Sport, Movie, Tech, Campus,Adult, etc.More cards are updating continuously.[Easy to Play]Every player will get a word; someone who gets a different word isthe spy. All players are required to describe their words 1 by 1.Then all vote to decide who is spy. If all spies are kicked out,villagers win. Or spies win.[Who Would Like the Game]Friends who like to party together;Families who wish to spend some quality time together athome;Colleagues who has a free time after working hours;And classmates, Partners travelling on the way, whoever andwherever;So, enjoy yourselves and make any time be party time![Old Man Suggests] Nobody knows the role of himself, so you should identify the roleas soon as possible Your words should not expose your role but give others ahint. Spies should conceal themselves and try to survive.At last, thank all the players for your support.You are happy, our efforts are worth it.