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Bus Train Driving Simulation 1.1
NEW EXPERIENCE now imagine you are a bus driver in a traffic race& you have to drive in most difficult hilly areas, whileengaged in incredible racing wars. Turn on the heat in anincredibly conceptualized to take on the train counter bus trafficrace. Train Counter Bus Traffic Racer is one of the best racinggames on mountains seen for the first time on android. Race on yourfavorite transport through the mountains. Win against train withyour train counter bus drive skills. Popular concept all over Asiato conclude which transport, transport bus or train traffic raceris the best Mountain Driver.FEATURES- Experience the bus trafficracer on realistic hilly area. - Enjoy driving with differentcamera views. - Drive with three different driving modes. -Controls are very simple and smooth. - The game play is verycomfortable. - The physics of this racing game is really good.Raceagainst fast train traffic racer across dangerous hilly areas. STAYAWAKE these mountains have very dangerous roads with sharp andnarrow turns. So drive carefully or you can end up in very bigtrouble. BUS DRIVING EXPERIENCE Master your driving skills aroundthese hilly areas by driving these transport vehicles. Don’t go toofast. ACCEPT CHALLENGE it’s really difficult to drive in theseareas.So do you have guts to win these racing games?? REAL HILLYAREA Enjoy the sceneries like real hilly areas. With grass, rocks,large mountains etc. TRAFFIC RACE SIMULATOR Enjoy the experience ofreal racing wars and train driver in our brand new transportdriving simulation game. Feel what real bus driver feels. CAN YOUHANDLE Can you handle the skills on these roads?Do you have enoughpower to become the pro Mountain driver? Test your skills in thissimulator game.COMPLETE MISSIONS Survive through different missionand complete the tasks to unlock the next missions. HOW TO PLAY ?In tilt mode tilt your mobile left and right to control themovement. ? In GUI mode tap throttle to race. ? Tap brake button tostop. ? Tap reverse to reverse the bus. ? Tap camera button tochange the camera view.
Transport Train Driving 3D 1.2
Enjoy the journey of transport train across multiple locations ofcity while upgrade your train driving simulator skills and timemanagement skills through simple city driving. Give way to othertransport train by reaching on train station platform within giventime.Given in hand the best train driving simulator games. Traindriver foreseen the approaching train station and paddle the brakeon time or else you will shoot out of the train station area andfrom your job! Load your transport train with freight goodsproperly and set on a journey. Remember, late comers are atrainwreck! TRANSPORT TRAIN DRIVING Game Features> Realisticbraking 3D effects > Multiple locations for train driver cargotransport> Great train simulator games master controls> 4time based challenges of driver cargo transportGoal of game issimple yet very challenging. Cargo transport from one city locationto another, manage to be on time and look out for your cargo trainsimulator controls. Put your train driver and realistic distancemapping skills on lead to perform given tasks to this cargotransport train.Varied locations will come in forth challengingdriver for a timely reach and load off cargo freight, multiple citydestinations lay in line to reach one by one. Plan your nextdeparture before seeing the time schedule you are allocated.
Extreme Bike Traffic Rider 1.0
Extreme Bike Traffic Rider gives you the bestbike racing games experience in urban traffic. Have fun dodgingcars and obstacles while you speed up to the limit. Take yourtraffic rider and race in 2 different game moto racer + modes…death racing or free roam!Extreme Bike Traffic Rider has lots of bikes to purchase with yourhard earned money. Get the best moto racer bike money can & anddestroy your rivals in this extreme bike racing game. Ride yourmotorbike through streets packed with traffic and thematic cars.Avoid Obstacles, blazing cars and even road blocks!Download Extreme Bike Traffic Rider now!FEATURES- 2 extreme bike racing games modes- Lots of city moto racer bike models- Real life traffic- Thematic racing cars- Static obstacles- Great 3D graphics- Awesome music- Endless Traffic Rider fun!
Jungle Cheetah: Real Hunter 1.1
It’s time you experience hunting across thevast forest in the world’s greatest hunting jungle. Predator andPrey! Jungle Cheetah: Real Hunter offers you this 2015 the uniquegame-play that you can hunt wild animals as the real hunter onplanet!Jungle Cheetah: Real Hunter lets you hunt as a wild cheetah in thejungle. With access to natural habitats you will rely on yourpredatory skills to hunt animals including Deer, Lemurs, Mandrills,Rabbits, different species of Birds & unlock Beast Mode tofight with other animals. Moreover, chasing your targets whilesprinting makes it even more challenging.JUNGLE CHEETAH: REAL HUNTER FEATURES- Over 30 immersive real hunter challenges to complete- Realistic 3D graphics and awesome sound effects- Dozens of real world animals to attack and take down- Vast jungle environment- Eat, Drink, Attack, Hunt and Survive
Crime City Sniper Shootout 1.1
Mr. John was regarded as the most cold bloodedmodern sniper hitman gunner in the world of crime, until recentlythe mafia turned against him due to an assassin sniper mission herefused to do. In his attempt to save his family, John has to lifthis sniper rifle again and fight the mafia bosses.Gun thug action down the crime mafia from the san andreas city andsave your family and the innocent citizens from their reign of armyconvey terror. Fight against the real gangsters, sniper shootersand armed vehicles with the force of your sniper shooter hitmanskills in intense FPS shooting levels. The enemy waves will comepouring in with heavy ammunition and vehicles. Make each bulletcount!Features- Intense FPS sniper death shooting gameplay- Numerous enemy classes with graded weapons, armouredvehicles- Each level poses a unique difficulty setting- Smooth and ultra-realistic sniper controlsIntense and Engaging StorylineYour family and the whole city depends on your sniper shooterskills. Eliminate the crime city mafia gang once and for all.
Off Road Rescue Mission 1.1
A tourist bus on the outskirts of a hot and dry desert just gotbroken in the middle of the land, leaving all tourists strandedwithout any aid. Your mission in the rescue squad is to drive fastand smart to rescue all the tourists before the desert heat getsthe better of them.Drive fast and furious in an off-road desertride, with a time challenging mission at hand. Pick up the strandedtourists at the various spots in the desert and drop them to therescue outposts in time for treatment. The desert is one of themost unforgiving places in the world. So you better hurry up aslots of lives depend on you! Features - Off-road racing and drivingadventure gameplay- Rescue tourists in the best time possible,without any casualties- Smooth car physics and realistic drivingcontrols- Numerous powerups and upgrades to pick along the way-Lots of dangers and explosives coming your way Rank Highest Amongthe Off-Road Rescue team Transport the tourists in the bestpossible times to lead your off-road rescue rivals. See if you canearn that prestigious GOLD MEDAL!
Elite Army Action Hero 1.0
Jack Nolan is widely regarded as the bestelitearmy supervisor in the worst of jails in the country. As heistransferred in the central cliff jail, the deadliest placesever, heis challenged with contending with the angry criminalattempting toescape the jail.Showcase the elite army action hero skills in an engagingFPSshooter to take down notorious criminals in a deadly shoot war,asyou attempt to fail this prison break attempt to keep the citysafefrom this imminent threat. The prisoner count is large, so itwillbe a long shooter battle ahead. You need to keep your healthcountand armor integrity to survive 4 levels of gameplay, until the5thlevel reveals the notorious boss behind this outbreak.GAMEPLAY FEATURES- Survival based elite army FPS shooter- Tap on screen to shoot enemies or toggle auto shoot mode- Play in 5 levels of gun shooting with a final boss battle- Pick up weapons and wield dual weapons at the same time- Use health packs and armor from numerous break up itemsVARIOUS GEAR MODS TO UPGRADE YOUR ARSENALPick up health packs, armor upgrades and ammo stashes tokeepalive and shooting.DUAL WEAPONS WIELDING AND SHOOTING MODESYour action hero can wield 2 weapons at the same time.Toggleauto shooter mode to detect enemies and trigger bullet burstonenemies.
Russian Army Tank War 1.0
It’s been days since the massive Tankwarsbroke out monster squad to close gates between the twoworldsnation again. A lot of blood has been spilt in the world oftanks,awaiting for even more with no result seeming to come soon.You arethe extreme army tank hero in charge of defending yourcountry byfight with your monster tank with your epic army tankvehicles, armyour monster squad with improved weapons.Driving the best in tank world alpha class panzer tank,theRussian commander needs to show aggression to take the hold ofwarrom the enemy and force them to retreat. As you step into thewarzone with your super power iron tank is equipped with thelatestdestructive weapons and you’ll be greeted with heavyenemyreinforcements, aided by massive tanks, cars, Humvee, busses,4x4,trucks, large construction vehicle and some military stuffsheavytank and missile launcher. Protect your tank from thecounterstrikes. Once you finally manage to put them on the backfoot,don’t hold back and reverse the game altogether. This is amonsterarmy tank dash game with stunning visual graphics, vehiclesandweapons.You can also upgrade your tank with guns boosters andloadsexplosives stuff to make it to fininsh line. Keep yourselfalive aslong as you can. It is a game of survival. Use thedestructivepower of your tank in the best way possible. Don'tforget hoseangry tank monsters will try to prevent you from savingthe worldwar from extinction.RUSSIAN ARMY TANK FEATURES- War focused intense battles between mighty panzer tanks- 5 gameplay levels based on a tank war story of siegeandconquer- Kill, destroy, crash an dash the hordes of differenttankmonsters, and save world from its doom.- Engage in battles with enemy tanks, aircrafts andarmoredvehicles- Use the Russian army tanks dual weapons modeDUAL WEAPONS MODE FOR THE TANKMake good use of the machine guns and the barrel bomb launchertoturn the tide in your favor against a deadly world of tanksenemyarsenal.INGENIOUS FUTURE FORCE ENEMY AIThe level of difficulty becomes sever with eachaccomplishedmissions, as the world of tanks enemy becomes moreaggressive andlarger in numbers to take control of yourterritory.
Sniper Revenge Assault 1.1
Good morning, private! It’s time to lock,stockand pack your sniper for your first mission into enemyterritory.Armed with your eye and sniper, far from the maddingcrowd, gun downhostile targets before they alert the main base ofa breach. It’s afast-paced sniper shooting op. You are our eyes onground, private.Using your expert aim-and-shooting skills, it’s a raceagainsttime unleash wrath on your enemy. Perched above in anunseenlocation, the army soldiers are oblivious to the incomingattack.Use this stealth to your advantage and gun down your targetsin asystematic manner. Beware, the alarm button is close by. Assoon assniper shooting mission commences, the army soldiers willpull allthe strings to reach the alarm to alert the main base.Your cover is blown as soon as the alarm is pressed.Features• Thrilling FPS shooting game• Cracking gun sounds• Engaging game-play and addictive premises• Eye-catching 3D locations• Beat the clock shooting missions
Air Jet Fighter Supermacy 1.0
Your country is under imminent threat of an ambush by the enemyarmies, with some of the border outposts being attacked and takenover by a massive enemy artillery. Leading the air strike team,your job is to pilot a high profile jet fighter plane and force theenemy convoy to retreat.Air Strike Jet Fighter Mission takesplayers on an action packed air simulation to fight against land,air and sea enemies to defend the borderlands and reclaim the basesfrom enemy grasp. The 4 air defense missions puts you in contestagainst enemy tanks, helicopters, and aircrafts arriving in hordesto take you down. Enemy has a higher resistance and are in biggernumbers, so be swift in the air and keep drifting to avoid hits.Clear out bases in each mission to reclaim areas and survive tillthe enemy is forced to retreat. GAMEPLAY FEATURES - Intense airstrike flight simulator- Trade blows against numerous land and airenemies- Earn rewards with each successful takedown, gaining fueland armor upgrades- Try to complete each mission with leastcivilian casualties to rank higher EXQUISITE AIR SIMULATION MERGEDWITH HIGH OCTANE ACTION Feel the power of a real air jet fighterpilot to take on arch nemesis like helicopters, aircrafts andtanks, while mounted turret guns in enemy occupied bases areconstantly trying to take you down. Only the best survives.
Cars Racing Traffic Racer 1.1
Only a real traffic racer can take on cars racing on real hilltracks - hop in the cars, defeat enemies & destroy theircareers. The cars racing fever is getting higher, so you need to bethe fastest. Earn rewards to unlock the best of cars racingwheels.Immerse yourself in the most exciting and fast paced trafficracer, driving various sports cars on scenic routes in racingadventures like no other. Speed up and take out all racing rivals,destroy opponents and crush down resistances. Take on toughchallenging cars racing courses and make a name for yourself in theworld of real car racing wheels.FEATURES------------ Beautifularcade like 3D graphics in a great car racing games play- 5 heavycar racing wheels to choose from- Destroy careers while racing incar: classic destruction- Cool sounds and effects
Ninja Dark Knight 1.2
“Ninja Dark Knight, Runner”You are the last Ninja who can save theworld from the atrocities of dark forces unleashed byArchmage.Archmage wants to take over the world and make everyonehis slave. He is collecting the soles to take over the heavens.Future of the world depends on the last Ninja dark Night.Run andjump to crush the heads of evil bots controlled by Archmage.
Bouncy 8 Ball Pool 1.2
Bouncy 8 Ball Pool brings with it some amazing puzzles andfantastic snooker and 8 ball pool physics , and a new creative wayto mix bouncing balls and Billiard Ball. Challenge your brain withmind-boggling puzzle . With crayon physics draw sticks to guide theballs as they fall from above and move downwards for eternity .Complete your goal . Pot 10 balls each round to pass the puzzle .Just 10 balls?It is easier said than done .Test your limits. Findyour way of solving the crysis . As there are shapes that spin tostop your progress , like in duet or color switch . And you candraw any shape using sticks in which you can draw any shape ,Bouncy 8 Ball Pool is just alot more cunning and harder.With above25 level train your mind to be a genious.Feature :-> Awsomegraphics-> Challenging puzzles-> Unlimited 8 balls->Crayon Physics-> Unlimited Drawing Capabilities-> Draw overdrawn sticks-> tap to erase unwanted sticks-> Realistic 8Ball physics-> Harder Challenges-> 25+ Levels
Maze Ball 1.0
Maze Ball is a classic puzzle for kids and adults with lot of fun.There are two balls, just tilt your cell phone and pass the ballthrough the maze to find a hole in the required time frame. Itshaving 2D graphics make it feel like a classic maze game.MAZE &KEY FEATURES- Ease to play, tilt controls with accelerometer.-Randomized levels- Darkness and Time trial. More will come!- Easeto play maze for kids and adults.- 2D graphics, Fun toPlayDifferent random path in this free maze adventure. Play andexplore and find a way out through the complex walls.
Chick Adventure 1.1
Description:Bored of her daily farm life, a common chicken decidesto change her daily routine. Unknown of the dangers and hardshipsof places other than home, the chicken sets out on the journey tofind amusement. Thus begins the Chick Adventure.As the chickendecides move out of the farm and explore the rest of the world,everything else naturally becomes the obstacle of her way, asanimals try to stop her from leaving and people try to crush herunder the feet.On this journey, all the chicken needs is a tastymeals, which is her favourite worm, to keep her going.Help thechicken reach her goal by timing your run/jump to successfullyovercome the hurdles that the chicken experiences along the way
Fruit Squash 2017 1.0
A new addition in pattern matching games. From matching candies,jewels, balloons, marbles, here is a game where you have to matchfruits. Here is a game which sounds fruity but fun to play. Thiswill make u escape from your busy time and play thegame.Features:-> Match 3-> Match 4-> 290+ Levels->Awesome Boasts-> Great Graphics -> Brain Teaser->Mystery-> Puzzle
Real Moto Bike Racing 1.1
Super Cloud Games Studio is going to release its first moto speedbike raicng game . Real Moto Bike Racing simulator game is full offun. Go as fast as you can as a Bike Rider and defeat your enemies.Most importantly how fast can you go on a super fast bikes with theperfect handling control at the same time. This game gives you thechance to show that you are a talented bike rider by racing superfaslty and by performing various stunts.So show your racing skillsand become hero of this fast and furious game.This game gives youthe opportunity to show the world you are a talented driverspeedboat racer and a hero in this fast and furious game race.Thisgame is not like other driving simulator games. The heavy bikes inthis Real Moto Bike Racing are fast, strong and perfect for theultimate bike racing games.Game play of Real Moto Bike Racing:Thisis pretty awesome bike racing game ever.Its Gameplay is simple, youhave to defeat your opponent to win the Race. It is a Knockout modegame in which if you want to access new level then you should notbe remain in Last position.Real Moto Bike Racing Features:• PerfectRacing background sounds• Smooth & realistic bike controls•Excellent Graphic Quality• Different type of Bikes Selection Raceyou fast and speedy bikes in ultimate race and defeat youropponents in knockout mode now.Real Moto Bike Racing containsexcellent visuals and sound effects with amazing gameplay ofknockout competition. Real Moto Bike Racing is provided withleaderboard so complete your race as fast as you can and become thefastest rider of the world. Real Moto Bike Racing is integratedwith facebook.Finish a race as quickly as possible and show yourfinish time to your facebook friends through FacebookLeaderboard.You can also challenge and invite your facebook friendsto play this game.How to Play Real Moto Bike Racing:• Press Racebutton to increase speed• Press Left button to move left side.•Press Right button to move right side.• Press Wheelie button forOne Wheeling.
Real World Robot Racing 1.1
Are you extremely enthusiastic about robot games? Here is the RealWorld Robot Racing, the best game to play and race with otherrobots in the real world.Real World Robot racing game is free,addictive, attractive and futuristic game of 2017. The game playconsists of 6 vs. 6 racing competition, there are six robots youhave to race with them and finally finish first to progress ahead,unlock more level and collect points, so you would be able to buymore efficient robots to achieve hardest targets.In this game thereare 3 laps in every level, try to be first in every lap to earnmore points. You have to be faster, quicker, smooth and steady towin a race. You have to control your robot from falling intounrestricted area, control your robots to be on the way. If anyrobot intrudes into wrong way then it will take some seconds toreset, and your robot will be automatically directed to thededicated racing track. Real World Robot Racing made in verybeautifully detailed surroundings the graphic quality is beyondamazing, this game has rich, detailed and awesome graphics, whichis the good thing for players, they will be happy to play. The bigthing is that having attractiveness in gameplay, this game willmake players to take out their mobile phone and play this gameevery time, they will manage time to play this game from theirprecious time of workout. Every time people play this game therewill be an excitement smile on their faces. Game Features:GreatgraphicsReal world city environmentAttractive game playMultipleawesome racing tracksImpressive and intuitive on-screencontrols.Futuristic robotsRealistic sound effects
Robot Runner in City 1.0
This is the new era of robotic and army personals. lets start therun with futuristic robot in heavy city traffic, throughthis robotyou can run through the city and get the coins and other prices tocomplete the given targets and tasks. Its time to have fun withrobotrunner in the beautiful city environment. In this game youwill get a chance to run faster in crowded area and heavy citytraffic where all type ofcity traffic could exist and other hurdlesand obstacles are present on the road. You can avoid these hurdlesand obstacles while running on theroad and try to complete thetargets. You can get the score while running in the street, you canalso compare this score with your fellows and family members. Thisis the complete power packed package of fun, you will definitelyenjoy this game while playing this. This is the best robot runnergame of 2017 in this galvanizing city environment.every stage ofthis game have different challenges which are face by userwhileplaying this robot runner. Visuals are the key to win andcomplete the challenges of this game. this game have breath takingenvironment and youcan run faster and faster within the city. Thisgame provide you the safe journey while running within the citytraffic because of easy driving control.Complete the targets andkeep enjoying this endless running game.features: futuristicparkour style endless runner challenging tasks environment subway,City Traffic beat your friend's high score easy to control therobots challenging tasks beautiful graphics cool sound and visualeffects realistic weather control download and enjoy the thrill ofthis games
City Bicycle Pizza Delivery 1.1
Get ready for pizza delivery! drive your bicycle and rush to thecustomer's guiding location for hot pizza delivery on time.If youare getTing annoyed by playing some car racing, stunts, motorbikeracing, fighting and running games, then here is the best chancefor you to get energized and excite your feeling with fast pizzadelivery. By playing this beautiful game we test your drivingskills and reflexes.In this game you have different bicycles todeliver the pizza all around the city on time. in the cityenvironment you can face different hurdles and obstacles liketraffic jam, signals, pedestrians, children are playing in thestreets and people are also walking on the roads, you must takecare of these all while driving through the city traffic fordelivering the pizza. its time to have fun with city bicycle pizzadelivery boy. In this game your target is to beat the time and makethe pizza delivery on time as per customer demand. in this game youprovide your best services to your customer by driving BMX bicycleand easy driving control. Remember its a city environment game andyou will drive it within the city traffic where other transportsare also exists and you will go for delivery with cool visuals andsound effects. In this game you will be punctual to enjoy thethrill of this game. Complete the targets and keep enjoying thisdelivery game.features: attractive bicycles challenging tasksgalanzing environment easy driving control many engaging levelsbeautiful graphics. cool sound and visual effects realistic weathercontrol. download and enjoy the thrill of this game.
Desert Bouncing Ball 1.1
In this game, Ball moves forward through the desert area of theworld, making it the world’s hardest game. This game is veryaddictive as spikes behave differently according to the time. Youcan jump high and low by tapping, provided by the two buttons. Theball is provided in the beginning of the game with jump line. Sincethe jump power of default ball is weak. So the extra balls areprovided therefore user can enjoy and score higher then theirfriends. With the power of the extra ball, It is most fun game toplay.FeaturesDesert AreaCreate AddictionLeader BoardGreatGraphicsTwo tap buttonOffer Extra balls Game
Spider Hero vs Superhero Robots 1.1
Be a Spider Hero in City War to fight as Transform Fiction SuperHero – If your city had been attacked by criminal and evil robotsthen what should you do? Get ready for the war against criminalsand evil robot fighter and become a hero and savior of a city. Youcan play as a Spider Hero with amazing power skills where Spider asa character of super Hero fights and catch the evil and TransformRobots. Try yourself in the role of a City Hero in a dynamicsimulator. Your giant, powerful Spider Hero jump into the city andchase the Transform Robots to kill them who come into your cityfrom another planet. So safe your city from evil and transformRobots. Your Spider Hero has a special power for destruction theenemies. You will be able to protect civilians and save the citywith the help of your fantastic fighting skills and strategy. Youmay Crush and smash everything on your way and become a superSpider Hero of City war. Spider Hero saves the people and city fromthe evil Transformer Robot enemies and become a champion forjustice. GAME STORY:Follow the story and accomplish all themissions on your way. The more missions completed, require moreenergy you have to fight against gangsters and criminals. Your mainobjective is to stop the unpleasant activity from the city. Thereis only last hope of humanity is “Spider Hero” to serve the peopleof city with its power. So you can be a real time super hero inthis battlefield. FEATURES:Futuristic City Environment.Fightbetween Spider Hero and Transformer Robots.There are 10 levels withincreasing difficulties and game addiction.Enemy Robots can punch,kick and jump. This is a new Spider Hero war game. Jump into battlefield for peace into your city. Be a true super hero againstrobots. You will stop the crime finally in the city with yourutmost efforts. Play this game and become a legendary super spiderhero of the city.
Zig Zag Soccer 1.1
Tap the screen to change the direction of the soccer.Go as far asyou can on a zigzag path.Try to do as many zigzags as you can andmake high scores.So how far can you go??
Police Robot Hero : City Battle 1.0
Are you ready for an ultimate transform war game of 2017 toexperience unlimited destruction? If you are looking for anunlimited and non stop transform fighting game then this game isfor you. This game is specially for those users who want toplay atransform games in the realistic city environment. This game hasmany effects ans phases, like you can fight with other transformrobots and with different weapons which are built in the transformheroes .Our transform Superhero can change into the police car andgo for the race with other cars in the city. Transform Robotsstarted the mafia war with shooting and machines in the city ofVegas and cops are here for minimize the war effects. In this gamePolice Robot Hero are transform into different cars like SUV,wrangler, jeep and other cars. this game has realistic environment,graphics and breathtaking game play.A realistic environment withsmooth controls excite the thrill of this game. Beautiful graphicsmake your journey much exciting and memorable.Get ready to havefun,immersive and dangerous gun wars.Features: Robots can transforminto the cars City environment Realistic environment Friendly forusers Many engaging levels Beautiful graphics Easy to controlAdvanced weapons Cool sound and visual effect. Install and play thebest thrilling adventure.
Bat Hero Fidget Spinner Rider 1.0
If you like simulation games than Bat Hero Fidget Spinner Ridergame is best for you. After a positive response of Spider Hero Warand Superhero War in City, Supercloud Game Studio is launching BatHero riding games on a fidget spinner. So hover your Bat hero on afidget spinner on an endless track and avoid hitting fromtraffic.You can enjoy and have a lot of fun with this amazingmonster hero game with the touch of superhero games and futuristicgames. So show your riding, hovering and flying skills on a fidgetspinner by showing stunts and dodging the traffic cars like othertraffic rider and traffic racer games. Collect as many coins as youcan and increase your points and become super hero rider of afidget spinner. Go far as you can and collect the objects in theway to score more points and get rewards.You have played a lot ofsuper heroes fighting and stunts games but you have neverexperienced such a stunning fidget spinner rider game. Features:•Smooth and realistic controls.• Awesome 3D graphics• RealisticSound effects. • Endless forest type environment.• Collect coinsand unlock more superheroes.• Best hovering feel on a fidgetspinner.• In Game Purchases.You have a lot of fun to see your superhero riding, racing, flying and performing stunts on a 3D fidgetspinner. So hover on a fidget spinner on endless track and becomethe Super Hero of this game.Bat Hero Fidget Spinner Rider will beupdated according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leave areview with your feedback.
Real Car Racing Battle 1.1
Real Car Racing Battle is the best racing game. Race against thebest race driver and become the champion of this Formula racingbattle among the world superheroes. Car racing is one of the beststunts racing game with a realistic racing track and the fast speedrider and drifting game. Car racing is action game in which extremesports cars with highly speedy features to tackle with the opponentracers.Drift Car Racing Battle is full action packed fun game. Ridein your favorite sports car and win as many races to unlock severalexciting features and customization of the cars. If you are tiredof other games so now change the taste and get you favorite doctorof drivers in action packed racing game. The concept of this gameis totally new as there is no car racing simulation game on theplaystore.The game has several exciting modes like drift mode,knockout mode, circuit mode & time mode and lap system withseveral exciting features like replay and different controls. Soshow your driving skills and win the championship and show theworld that you are a superhero of this marvelous racinggame.>Realistic controls and physics of the car.>Hand Brakefor drift.>Different camera views and controls for realisticreplay after race.>Nitrous for overtaking.>Awesome andEnjoyable Graphics.>Multiple camera views for better racingskills.>High Quality sounds effects and music tracks.
Luxury Limo Car Parking 1.0
Supercloud Game Studios presents the best car parking and drivingskills games on google play store!Show all your driving, driftingand racing skills as a legend Driver in this modern city parkingsimulator game. Control your modern luxury limo car with anon-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals or you canchoose your controls of your choice for e.g.: tilt, buttons orsteering wheel. You have to shift your gear up and down forforwarding and reversing your car.There are many games on the storehaving parking and driving skills but Limo Parking Simulation isthe modern and latest game having that requires perfect andaccurate driving skills according to modern city traffic rules andregulations.This is a challenging game in which you have a cityenvironment and you have to find the car parking area and park yourcar with in given time limit and you can only collide for limitedtime. There are various cars and obstacles in the parking area.Youhave to avoid to collide with the cars and the obstacles and parkyour car to increase your score.This game have exciting car parkingtasks. In this Simulation game you may have to park your car on themountains or may have to perform stunts to park your car on theroof of the building like roof stunt games and other Car stuntgames.If you are a parking, drifting and stunts car games loverthan this game is for you .Just complete the given tasks andimprove you driving skills. The more you go the more you get toughchallenges and the more your driving skills required. So installthe game and be ready to face the adventurous challenges of thisreal luxury limo parking simulation game.How to Play:>Controlyour Luxury Limo car with different controls of your choice alikeon-screen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals, tilt modeand button mode. >Finish the task as soon as possible toget high score to unlock other cars.>Press Help button to findthe target parking area.>Shift the gear to up or down to moveyour car forward and backward respectively.Features:>City &Off Road environment>Realistic Controls.>HD 3D & 2DGraphics.>Awsome sound effects.>Varoius Exciting levels withincreasing difficulties.>In Game purchases.So quickly downloadthis real luxury limo parking game become the master and expertdriver of the car parking simulation game. Your suggestions arevery important for us so don’t forget to give a feedback.
Amazing Gokuhero Bike Racing Battle 1.0
Amazing Hero Bike Racing Battle is the best racing game. Raceagainst ultimate monster hero, mutant wolf hero, bat hero,mongokuhero& spider hero and become the champion of this real amazingbike racing battle amongst the world superheroes. This bike racingis one of the best stunts racing game with a realistic racing trackhaving fast speed riders. Amazing Hero Bike Racing Battle is actiongame in which extreme sports bike with highly speedy features totackle with the opponent racers. Bike Racing Battle of superheroesis full action packed fun game. Ride in your favorite sports bikeand win as many races to unlock several exciting features andcustomization of the bikes.If you are tired of other superheroesfighting games so now change the taste and get you favoritesuperheroes like monster hero, spider hero, bat hero,mongoku hero& wolf hero in action packed racing game. The concept of thisgame is totally new as there is no bike racing simulation game onthe play store. The game has several exciting modes like knockoutmode, circuit mode & time mode and lap system with severalexciting features like replay and different controls. So show yourdriving skills and win the championship and show the world that youare a superhero of this marvelous racing game.> Features:>Realistic controls and physics of the bike.>Different cameraviews.>Controls for realistic replay after race.>Nitrous forovertaking.>Awesome and Enjoyable Graphics.>Multiple cameraviews for better racing skills.>High Quality sounds effects andmusic tracks.This game will update according to your suggestions.Sodon't forget to leave a feedback.
Flying Panther SupeHero:City Rescue 1.0
Supercloud Games Studio presents the exciting Flying PantherSuperhero:City Rescue.This game is perfect for the robot andfictional super hero’s lovers because it has all the worldsuperheroe"s included such as rope hero, monster hero, spider hero,bat hero, captain superhero, megatron robots, the most favoritegoku hero, Ninja hero and other transform robots fighting.Game Play:You were on a mission to save the San Andrea's city on whichrobots and monster hero ,rope hero bat hero and other world duperpower heroes attacked. These were sent by a mafia of gangsters totake control of the city. You as a panther hero stops the disasterin the city and stop the heroes sent by mafia from Vegas city tocause disasters and any other unpleasant activity in your city. Youcan choose your player between incredible superhero, incrediblemonster, incredible superhero Captain, superhero mutant spider,incredible goku hero & turtle hero. You can hit any car and canget any car and bike you want to ride and can transform into a fpsshooter to complete your mission.Panther Superhero Features:>HD3D Graphics.>Stunning game play with variety of transformerrobots.>Perfect Futuristic game.>Detailed environments withdifferent Views.>AI Enemy Robots and Superheroes.>Severallevels and Exciting Missions.>Realistic SoundEffects.>Panther Hero vs. Incredible Monster Herofight.>Realistic Fighting animations and perfect car & BikePhysics.>Stunning Game play with variety of superheroes andtransform robots.This game is perfect future generation game. Inthis game you have to face the following fights to become the citysavior :Panther hero vs. monster hero, Panther hero vs. bat hero,Panther hero vs. goku ,Panther hero vs. wolf hero, Panther herovs. transform robots, Panther hero vs. captain hero. Act as asavior of the people. Become the most courageous and fearless hero!Determine the fate of the whole city with the super soldierpowers.Let’s play this amazing stunning super heroes war battlegame that gives you the pleasure and enjoyment into the world offighting futuristic robots and super heroes. All the cities likeVegas and San Andrea’s City are save now it’s time to save yourcity using you super hero skills and powers. It’s a good chance tosave the world and to fight mortal battle war against world heroesand evil gangster’s robots causing terror and threats. If you lovestunts games, fighting games, army games, police battle games,simulation games ,army tanks & helicopters games,fututristicrobots war games, first person shooter games, Grand city games,open world games, savior games and survival games than this game isperfectly for you as it contains all these features in one gamethat’s why it the the most addictive game ever .So download andplay this game and use your mortal fighting skills, shooting skillswisely and perfectly. Flying Panther Superhero:City Rescue isupdated according to your suggestions so doesn’t forget to leave afeedback.
Super Goku Hero : Grand City Battle 1.0
Supercloud Games Studio presents the exciting Super Goku Hero :City Battle. This game is perfect for the robot and fictional superhero’s lovers because it has all the world superheroe"s includedsuch as rope hero, monster hero, spider hero, bat hero, captainsuperhero, megatonThe robots, Ninja hero and other transform robotsfighting.Game Play :You were on a mission to save the city on whichrobots and monster hero ,rope hero bat hero and other world duperpower heroes are causing destruction. These were sent by a mafia ofgangsters to take control of the city. You as a Goku hero stop thedisaster in the city and stop the heroes sent by mafia from Vegascity to cause disasters and any other unpleasant activity in thecity. You can choose your player between incredible superhero,incredible monster, incredible superhero Captain, superhero mutantspider, incredible goku hero & turtle hero. You can hit any carand can get any car and bike you want to ride and can transforminto a fps shooter to complete your mission.Super Goku HeroFeatures:>Detailed environments with different Views.>AIEnemy Robots and Superheroes.>Several levels and ExcitingMissions.>Realistic Sound Effects.>Spider Hero vs. IncredibleMonster Hero fight.>Realistic Fighting animations and perfectcar & Bike Physics.>Stunning Gameplay with variety ofsuperheroes and transform robots.>Stunning gameplay with varietyof transformer robots.>HD 3D Graphics.>Perfect Futuristicgame.This game is the best next or future generation game. In thisgame you have to face the following fights to become the citysavior : Goku hero vs. monster hero,Goku hero vs. bat hero ,Gokuhero vs. goku ,Goku hero vs. wolf hero, Goku hero vs. transformrobots, Goku hero vs. captain hero. Act as a savior of the people.Become the most courageous and fearless hero! Determine the fate ofthe whole city with the super soldier powers.Let’s play thisamazing stunning super heroes war battle game that gives you thepleasure and enjoyment into the world of fighting futuristic robotsand super heroes. All the cities like New York City and SanAndrea’s City are save now it’s time to save your city using yousuper hero skills and powers. It’s a good chance to save the worldand to fight mortal battle war against world heroes and evilgangster’s robots causing terror and threats. If you love stuntsgames, fighting games, army games, police battle games, simulationgames ,army tanks & helicopters games,fututristic robots wargames, first person shooter games, Grand city games, open worldgames, savior games and survival games than this game is perfectlyfor you as it contains all these features in one game that’s why itthe the most addictive game ever .So download and play this gameand use your mortal fighting skills, shooting skills wisely andperfectlySuper Goku hero Grand City Battle is updated according toyour suggestions so doesn’t forget to leave a feedback.