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Alien Doom
Alien Doom is a fast paced flying and shooting game. Fly aroundwithjetpack, destroy endless waves of aliens and bugs withpowerfulweapons! Keep jetpack flying around the spaceship withjoystick andshoot down the bugs to collect crystals. Survive theattacks and getto the teleport In this fun endless jetpack game!Download FREE andstart your adventure today! FEATURES: • Fly thecoolest jetpack andshoot your way through 12 spaceship levels. •Complete daringmissions with 4 stars to boost your rank. • Dodgegoop, blast bugsand aliens with plasma gun. • Simple 360° joystickcontrol and thumbslide control. • Collect crystals and upgradepowerful weapons. •Many different alien bugs to destroy. • Shootaliens before theyshoot you with goop. • Weapon upgrades increasedamage or bulletcount. • Every level is fast flying fun arcadeaction. • Rise up theleaderboard, earn achievements and battle itout with friends.Intense Fun Shoot Em Up Game This highlyaddictive shoot em up gamepacks a lot of fast jetpack flying andfun action in a spaceship!Feel the adrenaline rush by shooting upaliens and bugs with guns.Responsive Fun Jetpack Flying ControlsOn-screen joystick controlworks well in mobile flying shoot em upgames. High responsiveness,smooth movement will not disappointhardcore gamers nor casual fans.Join the the fun and Jump in andjoyride through intense shootingaction. Earn ranks andAchievements Complete levels with minimallost of life and earnstars. Levels completed with 4 stars will earnyou ranks. Competewith friends and rise up the leaderboards.Upgrade Weapons Shootbugs, collect crystals to increase yourcrystal counter and upgradepowerful weapons. If you enjoy shootinggames, you will have funkilling bugs and aliens in this addictiveshooter game. Alien Doomis one of the most fun shooting games thereis!