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League of Tanks - Global War 2.6.1
League of Tanks is the world's first modern tank fair battle game!As a tank game, the League of Tanks is loved by hundreds ofmillions of players for its game quality, excellent game balance,strategic and simple operation. In the same kind of game is aunique show, suppressing the audience. 【Game features】 •Moderntanks and future tanks Massive tanks are free to choose. There aremodern tanks in the game, as well as future spider tanks, heavytanks, medium tanks and armored vehicles. The property values ​​aredifferent, and the strategic tanks play against each other. •GlobalMultiplayer team match fight The game is played in 4v4 team mode,4v4 occupying the square and other modes. Enjoy the thrill of bloodsports! •High quality The next generation of perfect picturequality, comparable to the end of the tour; massive maps, to createa fingertip battlefield, free to display all aspects of tactics.Real trajectory, perfect shooting feel; friends a team to bring youa thrilling competitive experience. •Best game control! Breakthrough the difficult operation of other tank games, theshortcomings of slow movement. Easy to get started, the tank iseasy to handle! •Friends team up to fight! Global world matchbattle! Friends are ready to fight, 3 minutes cool! The mostsuitable tank battle game for mobile phones. Enjoy the competitiveexperience in 3 minutes. Official website: lotanks.surgegame.comFacebook homepage: CustomerService Email: