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HUB messenger 0.1
File and media sharingQuickly share large videos, documents (.doc, .ppt, .zip, etc.),andsend an unlimited amount of photos to yourfriends.Stickers,emoji,hashtagsExpress yourself with custom sticker sets and fun emojis.Use #hashtags to easily find related messages and media.Cloud-based messagingWith Telegram ecosystem your app will deliver messages withlightspeed across all devices.Unbreakable encryptionYour messages can't be hacked, intersepted or be stolen. Yourdatais safe and very encryptedGroup chatsYou can create group chats with up to 200 users and broadcastyourideas and thought to your whole contact list.BotsAdd bots to make your chatting fun and unique. Play games rightinchat window or learn something new from trivia bots
Everything 5 Pounds Clothing 0.1
New Fashion Arrivals Daily - Everything £5-Get the latest from Dresses, Shoes, Tops to Bags &Accessories- Shop Women's Clothing and Men's onEverything5pounds.comBrand new top brand clothing at £5 each.
Free Movies DownloaderHD 0.1
Download your favourite movie today. WithFreeMovies DownloaderHD, you can store all your favourite moviesandplay it whenever and wherever you want, when you are atyourleisure time. Enjoy watching your favourite movies with yourlovesone and families, and with Free Movies DownloaderHD it'salwayseasy.Enjoy your movies with Free Movies DownloaderHD today.