SuricatoTI Apps

Impossible 1.0
You are lost inside a castle and need to past all the doors to getto the end... but, as you are going to discovery, its almostimpossible.
Conversor de unidades 1.0
Vai viajar? Precisa converter valores? Esse aplicativo foi feitopara você. Converta vários tipos de medidas de forma rápida efácil.Are you traveling? Need to convert values? This applicationwas made for you. Convert various types of measurements quickly andeasily.
Lucifer - Ask the demon 1.1
Lúcifer is a game to be played with two persons. Make questions andlook the astonishment face of yours friends while its repondseverything right. See above how it work:. 1. In the box ask, enter. (dot) 2. Enter the work: suricato 3. Press . (dot) again 4.complete the sentence and add a question: "who did this game?" 5.Press the Ask button *suricato will be the answer* Note tha whileyou're typing the asnwer, the app simulate that you'r typing afrase. Actually its storing what you'r typing and show it in theanswer box.
Soldier 1.0
Baseado em um jogo de 1985 em que você controla um famoso soldadoamericano que tem a missão de salvar um soldado que foi feitorefém.Based on a 1985 game in which you control a famous Americansoldier on a mission to save a soldier who was taken hostage.