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Gurmukhi Keyboard 1.7.3
Provides input method (Keyboard) in Gurmukhi and Hindi Locale withdictionary support. Automatically toggles to Gurmukhi mode with myapplication called "Gurbani Searcher". Please follow followingsteps to enable the keyboard:- Android version < 4.0 1.Settings-->click Language & Keyboard on phone 2. SelectGurbani keyboard from the list. 3. Go to Gurbani Searcherapplication(or any text field) 4. Long click on the text field. 5.Select Inputmethod 6. Select Gurmukhi keyboard. 7. System willdisplay warning, press "OK" 8. Go to settings of Gurmukhi Keyboardand enable Punjabi in "Input Languages". 9. Go back to theapplication and swipe on "spacebar" to toggle between Punjabi andEnglish. One can also enable other locales by going to settings ofGurmukhi Keyboard. Android version 4.0 (ICS) 1. Settings-->clickLanguage & Keyboard on phone 2. Select Gurbani keyboard fromthe list. 3. System will display warning, press "OK" 4. EnableGurmukhi keyboard as default keyboard in settings. 5. Go tosettings of Gurmukhi Keyboard and enable Punjabi in "InputLanguages". 6. Go back to the application and swipe on "spacebar"to toggle between Punjabi and English. One can also enable otherlocales by going to settings of Gurmukhi Keyboard. HTC Sense UIusers OS version 4.0 and greater (ICS)(Thanks to Harkamal SinghSandhu for the instructions below:-) 1. Once the keyboard isinstalled, do a hot reboot. 2. You cannot long press or swipethrough the keyboards to find Gurmukhi keyboard. 3. When thekeyboard is activated, you will get an icon on the top, which is ofa keyboard. Drag this down and you can change the input method fromHTC Sense Input to Gurmukhi. 4. Go to settings of Gurmukhi Keyboardand enable Punjabi in "Input Languages". 5. Go back to theapplication and swipe on "spacebar" to toggle between Punjabi andEnglish. One can also enable other locales by going to settings ofGurmukhi Keyboard. Please note that without the above steps, thekeyboard will not show and by design(android feature), the keyboardwill not get listed in application. Please do not rate theapplication in ignorance, I would suggest to read the instructionsand enable it correctly and after doing due diligence and rate it.A bad rating out of ignorance may prevent others genuine users totake advantage. BTW, the above set of steps are applicable for anyandroid keyboard and that's how android allows to plugin otherkeyboard. Also I would like to impress upon the fact that Androidby default has no support for Punjabi fonts and this keyboarddoesn't provide any magic to enable non-cooperating application tostart supporting Punjabi fonts. This keyboard helps cooperatingapplication (like Gurbani Searcher) to type in Punjabi fonts. Iwould like to re stress that the participating application shouldprovide support for Punjabi fonts for this keyboard to work inharmony with it. The keyboard supports following types ofkeyboards. Punjabi Keyboard, Gurmukhi Keyboard, Gurbani Keyboard,Gingerbread keyboard, Hindi Keyboard. Regards, -Surinder Pal Singh
Gurbani Searcher 12.0.5
Gurbani is the Light to illuminate this world; by His Grace, itcomes to abide within the mind. ||1|| Attention: Please use"Gurmukhi Keyboard" along with this application for typing-in thequeries in Gurmukhi. Searches Gurbani from SGGS, Vaaran and KabitSavaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji. It also supports search from Dasam Granth.Recently added support for searching gurmukhi shabad from "ShabadKosh". It supports fuzzy search and is tolerant to spellingmistakes. One can add the shabad search results in favorites andcan tag them. Organize the favorites, export them for futurereference and import them as required. Choose different fonts fromthe provided list. Can opt to display gurbani in Hindi andenable/disable the english translation and many more. Theapplication also provides "Live Kirtan" from a variety of onlinecontent (channel) provider. This feature needs internetconnectivity. One can listen to divine kirtans at the convenienceof hand-held device any where, any time. The application alsoprovides Sikh Jantri (both original nanakshai and the one publishedby SGPC). The reminders for important events are poped asnotification. One can modify the event definition or create his/herown events as desired. Please use Gurmukhi Keyboard to work withapplication. The keyboard will automatically toggle to Gurmukhimode. Important: Please use second Query option i.e. AppendTrailing wildcard(*) if you face performance issues and append awildcard at the beginning if search string is in the middle.Following features are supported - Gurbani Search on SGGS, Vaaran,Kabit Savaiye, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Dasam Granth. - Sunder Gutka,Nitnem, Granth, jaapji shaib, Jap shaib, anand shaib. Rehras Shaib- Jantri or Sikh Calendar - Live Kirtan Radio - Shabad Kosh, MahanKosh, Gurbani Kosh. Regards, -Surinder Pal Singh
Gurbani Wall Live Wallpaper 1.5
G-Wall is a live Wallpaper application which is designed to beextensible to work with multiple "Data Sources". There are two Datasources configured to start with viz. 1. Pre CannedPhotos/Pictures: A new photo/Picture will be randomly be picked andpresented as wallpaper. The daily Hukumnama from Sri Darbar Sahib,Amritsar will be pushed on to the phone. Touch with two fingers onthe home screen ( at empty location) will show the Hukumnama. Userscan do a pinch zoom on the screen to launch "Gurbani Searcher" toview the detailed meanings and translations. One must installGurbani Searcher version >9.9.0 for this to work. Touch with twofingers while Hukumnana is showing, will take it out of the screen.2. Photos from Gallery: A new photo will be picked from user'scollection in the phone. User can also define the set of photosfrom which to pick for wallpaper under settings. In this sourcealso Daily Hukumnama will be pushed from Sri Darbar Sahib,Amritsar. Please try touch with "Two fingers" and Pinch zoom onwallpaper. More sources can be configured and any third party canwrite his/her own source by adhering to the published API ( will bepublished shortly) . The sources can be designed to push "thoughtof the day" and will not be limited to Gurbani in future. User havea lots of choice to adjust the appearance of the wallpaper. (S)Hecan chose to blur, dim and grey the wall paper as per individual'schoice to avoid any distraction on the main screen. User can alsoconfigure to get notification for new wallpaper and can configureto Blur on lock screen.
Everyday Business Calendar 1.2
Everyday Calendar is a high quality calendar application whichsyncs with Google to manage your day-to-day appointments forbusiness needs or for other needs. One can create different typesof calendar to systematically manage and partitions different typesof events. The calendar syncs with Google Calendar and also workswith MS Exchange. It has following features in free version.1.Month View2. Week View3. Day View where user can select the numberof days to view.4. Agenda View.5. Search on any view for events.6.Create an appointment/event, with automatic reminders.7. Email theappointments to participating people.8. Define the location ofappointments/events.9. Colour selection for calendar.10. All typesof events like recurring event, one time event, all day event.11.Auto suggestions while creating the events.Please note this is Adenabled version. A paid version with no ads is coming soon!Cheers,Surinder pal singh