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Helicopter Craft: Flying & Crafting Game 2018
Perform epic maneuvers and try your skills in a helicopter flightsimulator in 3D. Craft and build anything you like, explore theamazingly huge world, be free and have fun! Building and craftingon every possible plane! Create amazing structures and fly aroundthem in your aircraft. Games like this allow you to let yourcreativity flow to previously unreachable heights. Fly on imaginaryheli rescue missions, explore the world, become a real helicopterpilot! No need to mine or craft any mod, addon or PE to fly thehelicopter - everything is available in this version of aircraftflying game! Crafting & building is not required to explore theworld of this game in full extent, but building houses is alwaysfun! You can even have a block in a city of your own. Do your cubeplane craft in a sandbox game, pocket edition. A real flyingsimulator (sim), for teenagers and even parents! Fly around hugeskyscrapers, feel the wind and do anything you want in thisbuilding & crafting game. Mine for fuel, craft any building youlike, get into the rc helicopter games for free - you can fly it!Explore the skies of an amazing and huge map. Your exploration inlite of the day will be easy enough, there are no survival modeelements present - you won't have to do any flying and shooting ina helicopter. New games in 2017 are really creative and fun! All ofthe building games fans will find their favorite elements with manycrazy additional twists. Care to have a look? Upcoming features inthe next updates: - Flying and shooting helicopter games - Onlinemultiplayer for free - Block Airplane simulator - Craft a plane -Gunship 3D - Battle, survival, strike modes Take note that thishelicopter flying game is suitable for boys and girls! Teens!Parents! There is nothing that could stop you reaching your destinyin the skies! Flying games for free like this one are very rare onthe store, so act fast and download now this cool rc helicoptersimulator!