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SiqChat 3.0
SiqChat is an Instant Messenger for Android 4.0+ smartphones thathas been optimized to provide a unique mobile experience. Built forPrivacy and Security.Mobile OptimizationsCell phones internetconnections drop on several occasions. instead of having toestablish a new connection each time, siqchat will resume apreviously established connection.Read Message MarkersWondering ifYour contact has read your Messages? Siqchat Will tell you. If youdont want your contacts to know whether you have read theirmessage, you can simply disable this feature in settings.SendFilesDont Stop at texting. Siqchat allows you to easily share fileswith your contacts. it also embeds images directly into your chat.Go on and share those pics, music, games, docs, etc.....Ready forBusinessSiqchat is business ready. you can use it in your workplace or company. Have Meetings through the group chat feature.send messages and files in real time.Battery FriendlyEven thoughSiqchat keeps its own connection to its server and thus independentof googles push messaging system (GCM), It does a lot of work tokeep the impact on battery life as low as possible.Message SyncYouare nolonger limited to one device. if you are online with multipledevices simultaneously, Siqchat will send copies of both your sentand received messages to all devices.
Catch the Strawberry 8
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