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Animals Jigsaw Puzzle Free 1.4.3
Two fun logic games for preschool kids ages four-years old and upwith 12 nice, colorful pictures. In both puzzles, your kid has toassemble a whole picture from the allotted tiles. In the first one,the child rotates the tiles, and in the second by placing the tilesin their correct places.The games are great for developing logicalreasoning and spatial intelligence in children. The bright graphicsare optimal for small children, and the engaging, smart andsurprisingly addictive mechanics of these popular puzzles will keepyour son or daughter occupied and quiet for hours, while alsotraining their cognitive processes the fun way.Three DifficultyLevels:Easy (kindergarten, ages 4-5 years old)Normal (preschoolers/ preparation to school, ages 5-6 years old)Hard (ages 7 years andup)These educational games help to develop intellectual abilities(IQ), logic, concentration, imagination, visual memory and otherbrain functions in children. If you want your kids to beintelligent and successful in elementary school and seek outpedagogical apps ("edutainment") that can improve children'slearning skills, you will find this application very useful.Parentsor teachers can easily download and install the game on an Androidtablet or smartphone from Google Play.
Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls Free 1.2.1
All girls like fairies, princesses, flowers, butterflies and otherpretty things! This jigsaw puzzle game has nice graphics and music,and the characters include elves, gnomes, fairies, a unicorn andother gorgeous mythical creatures.This logic puzzle game is fun forall ages, and is also educational. It trains brain functions, suchas attention, spatial intelligence and imagination. Jigsaw puzzlestrain perception of the connection between a piece and a whole.Thepuzzles have two modes:1. Rotating tiles of the picture to buildthe whole picture.2. Dragging separate tiles to their correctplaces to build the picture.The game has 3 levels of difficulty.Easy level is for girls 4 years old and up while Medium and Hardlevels are aimed at girls 6-10 years of age.We develop logic andeducational games for toddlers, small kids, preschoolers andchildren in elementary school. The games are designed by aprofessional child psychologist and teacher. Our apps work best ontablets (as their bigger screens are better suited for kids) butalso support smartphones with Android.
Jigsaw Puzzles for Girls 1.2.1
Jigsaw puzzles for girls with fairies, elves, unicorns, gnomes andother fantasy creatures.These fun educational games for Android aregood for training logic, spatial intelligence, attention,imagination and other brain functions in children.The game has 2modes:1. Rotating tiles to assemble the whole picture.2. Draggingpieces.The puzzles have 3 levels of difficulty for kids ofdifferent ages. You can get a tip to see the solved puzzle.
Animals Jigsaw Puzzle for kids 1.4.3
Logic games for preschool kids four years old and up
Island Princess Dress Up 1.0.2
Do you like to dress up? In one native tribe on a distant island inthe Pacific Ocean live cute aborigen girls who are coolfashionistas just like you! But their outfits differ a lot from ourmodern dresses. In this new amazing dress up game for girls youwill get to know these tribal princesses (who are all daughters ofthe tribal chiefs) and dress them up.Native princesses are primalin their ways, courageous and resourceful. But they are also themost beautiful fashionista girls in their tribe. They playtraditional girl games on the sandy beach of their pristine island,swim in the ocean, run around the jungle and eat tropical fruits.They don't fear wild animals and know how to tame them! Tribalprincesses will share their brave free spirits with you. And youcan dress princess girls up in the most unusual outfits of theirtribe.Features of this dressup game:* 6 charming tribal princesses*20 hairstyles* dozens of colorful dresses, skirts, sandals madefrom leather, leaves, wood, feathers and other materials one canfind on an island* weird masks and accessories* 5 cute petanimalsWith 200 items to choose from, the whole game is free,nothing is locked, there are no in-app purchases. Try all the fancymakeovers and become a tribal fashion designer free. If you loveour makeover games, follow the "More by Games For Girls" todownload other dress up games by our studio to your Android phoneor tablet.
Pony & Girl Dress Up 1.0.2
In this new and free dressup game for girls you can dress up a girland her pet pony animal simultaneously. The app is designed forfashionista girls who love cute little animals, pets and horses.The girl loves her pony very much. They go out and play together.They are great friends!The game offers 100 items which the girl canput on and 100 more items the pony will equip. You can dress upboth on the same screen! Make sure their outfits look greattogether. By the way, all these items are free, nothing is locked.Our games for girls never offer any in-app purchases!To dress upthe girl, select hairstyles, cowgirl hats, t-shirts, tops, fancyjackets, vests, skirts, trousers, boots, gloves and scarves.There's plenty for fashionista girls to choose from!The pony canpick a dozen of manes with different decorations like bands andties. You can select many tails of different colors and shapes.Pick the color and the decorations of the pony's body. Put a scarf,a band, a bell or other accessories on the horse's neck. Switchbetween various saddles, hoofs and even wings! Make a photo of yourgreat outfits and share it with your friends. If you enjoy dress upgames for girls with horses, unicorns, ponies, cute animals, petsand gorgeous magic creatures, download this great makeover game forAndroid free and start creating new amazing magical outfits! Checkour new girl games, download them all free and show your creativedesigns to your friends!
Family Dress Up 1.0.4
If you like dress up girls games, you need to download this new andunique game where you can dress up 3 different families. Eachfamily has 4 characters: parents (mom, dad) and two kids (a girl(daughter) and a boy (son)). Dress them up for a shopping day inthe city, for a weekend in a theme park or even for a vacation at asunny beach resort.Every family member has his or her owncategories of clothing items to put on. Mom's items: stylishhairstyles, dresses, tops, skirts, leggings, shoes, handbags;Dad'sitems: modern hairstyles, t-shirts, trousers, shorts, shoes, hats,accessories;Daughter's items: hair, tops, skirts, dresses, socks,shoes, girl toys (dolls, stuffed teddy bear and other toys);Son'sitems: hair, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, socks, shoes, boy toys(toy car, airplane, robot and others).Just like in all other gamesby our studio, everything is free. There are no in-app purchases!Train your fashion designer skills by creating outfits for thewhole family! Create cool outfits for mommy and daddy and for thebrother and sister, all on the same screen.If you like dressupgames with two or more dolls to make over simultaneously, checkother free games of ours: "Couple Dress Up", "BFF Dress Up" and"Pajama Party". To find them, follow the "More by Games For Girls"link!
Princess Dress Up For Girls 1.0.2
The king is throwing a ball tonight! The most famous and richestpeople in the kingdom are invited, as well as princes andprincesses from neighboring lands. Unleash the inner fashiondesigner in you and help princesses to make the most beautifuloutfits for the ball!It's fun to rummage through the wardrobe of aprincess girl! There are over 230 items to choose from, nothing islocked! There are no in-app purchases in our dressup / makeovergames at all! Our fashionista girl games are truly free.Learn howprincesses live and dress up. Princesses are fashionistas with alot of talent to look stylish. Pick the best dresses, tops, skirts,capes, jewelry, pets and more. Download this new girls game forfree and start the dress up fun! For more princess games and othermakeovers for girls check "More by Games For Girls" list.
Baby Fashion Designer & Cosplay 1.0.2
All little babies are just adorable and these cute girls and boysare no exception! Help the proud mom to pick out something for herlittle boys and girls to wear!This dress up game is totallyadorable! You have 4 girls and 4 boys to pick from. Choose one ofthe 6 backgrounds and then experiment with over 180 items to createcute outfits for the babies! There are a dozen categories here:bodysuits, baby costumes, dresses (you would want to put those ongirls), summer and winter jumpers, panties, pants, hats, babyshoes, pacifiers, toys and hairstyles. That's a lot to choose from!And more importantly, all of that is free. No in-app purchases inany of our dress up girl games whatsoever. Just unleash yourimagination and dress all the babies up!Dress the adorable littlebabies in all kinds of cute baby clothes and costumes!We have tonsmore amazing new games for girls about dressup and makeover on allkinds of different topics, like toddlers and babies, e.g. "ToddlerDress Up". Download our dressup games free, with no in-apppurchases, by tapping the "More by Games For Girls" link!
Little Princess Dress Up Games 1.0.3
Six little princesses await in this new dressup game for girls.They love nothing more than to dress up and design fancy outfits!These young fashionistas have their own magic princess beauty salonwhere they think up cool makeovers for each of the princesses.Pickone of the 4 backgrounds and then choose among dozens of dresses,skirts and tops, shoes, pants, necklaces, diadems, handbags,gloves, bracelets and even cute little pets. 200 items will makemillions of possible combinations and outfits to fit the tastes ofany princess. And all of them are completely free, nothing islocked behind those pesky in-app purchases you may have seen inother dressup games for girls out there.Gorgeous little princesseslong for a makeover. Dress the fashionista princesses up!We lovegirls games ourselves and share your addiction to fashion, dress upand beautiful little things, that's why we never request real moneyin our games and let girls play with huge inventories of clothingitems completely free. Just follow the "More by Games For Girls"link to download other free girl games by our studio!
Couples Dress Up - Girls Games 1.0.3
In this new dressup game for fashionista girls you can dress a guyand a young girl simultaneously. 4 different couples, 4backgrounds, and 200 items (100 girl's items and 100 boy's items)make a huge fashion collection to experiment with! Good news:everything is free here, no in-app purchases, nothing is locked.Just make sure that the girl's and the boy's outfits fit welltogether.The young lovers met on the Valentine's Day and had acrush on each other. Since then the young couple has spent allweekends, holidays and vacations together. Summer came, and warmsummer days are great for romantic love dates! Will it be a walk inthe park, on the riverwalk, a date in a cozy cafe or a fun night ata night club? There aren't many date & couple makeover games onAndroid, and it's even rarer when you can dress the boy in as manyitems as the girl. You've got that here.Girl's item categories:hairstyles, hats, dresses, skirts, tops, tunics, leggings,trousers, jackets, shoes, handbags, flowers, necklaces.Guy's itemcategories: hairstyles, hats, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers,shorts, shoes, scarves and neckties, mustaches / beards,accessories.If you like makeover games with more than one doll todress up simultaneously, check "Family Dress Up", "BFF Dress Up"and "Pajama Party" by our studio! Just follow the "More by GamesFor Girls" link to find them.
Superstar Dress Up Girls Games 1.0.2
Do you dream of getting famous? To be a famous actress, a top modelon the red carpet, a superstar of a popular reality show, a Youtubeor Younow celebrity, a pop singer, or maybe a best-selling fashiondesigner? Do you want to marry a millionaire when you grow up?Everything is possible! The world of glam celebrities always needsnew, young and beautiful girls, and who knows, with some luck youcould just get there. But what will you wear when you become asuperstar, that's the question!Here is a dress up game for youwhere you can dress up 6 different dolls like superstars. What'syour favourite girl? Dress her up in various outfits: classy,stylish, fancy, casual, glamorous or a mix of several styles. Don'tforget about the other dolls and create outfits to fit theirpersonalities, too.This game lets you experiment with 6 dolls, 4backgrounds and over 200 items. With this glorious variety ofoptions you can create a virtually endless number of outfits forthe girls. However, you might want to keep an eye on what items fitbest together - that's where you learn a sense of fashion andstyle. Best of all, the whole game is completely free. No in-apppurchases, no locks on anything, just download and play forever, noquestions asked. By the way, that's how all our games for girlswork! We've got dozens already and more are on the way. To browseour huge catalogue of truly free, trendy girls games, tap "More byGames For Girls" link.Join millions of other fashionistas in theirpassion for dressing up and girl styling. The super star dolls havea photoshoot soon and need your guiding hand in their amazingmakeovers. They are super-famous, trending super stars, and theyneed super-cool looks! Lights, camera, action!
Zombie Dress Up Game For Girls 1.0.2
6 zombie girls want to dress up to go to the Halloween holiday. Asa cool and open-minded fashionista, you are going to create a newfancy outfit for each of the zombie girl friends.Select one of the4 backgrounds, 20 hairstyles and 200 items (18 categories) intotal, including demonic wings and tattoos for the zombie girl. Asin all our dressup girls games, everything in Zombie Dress Up iscompletely free, nothing is locked. Just pick anything you want inthe zombie makeover!We have other scary games about dressing upundead and dark creatures: Vampire Dress Up and Monster Dress Up.Download them free by following the "More by Games For Girls" link.All our games for girls are truly free, with no in-app purchases,and cover dozens of interesting topics for girls and fashionistasof all ages and tastes.
Pajama Party Dress Up 1.0.3
This free dress up game lets girls feel the amazing atmosphere of acool pajama party with your best girl friends. What could be morecomfortable and cozy than to get into soft big armchair or a couch,wearing pajamas and having some sweets with cup of tea orcoffee.Join the party! Girls will choose cool outfits for thepajama party in this dressup game!There are tons of items (over220) to pick: pajamas, t-shirts, shorts, pants, dresses and lastbut not least, slippers and warm socks :) Nothing is locked!You candress up both girl friends simultaneously! Make sure their outfitslook great together.A pajama party with your BFF (best friendsforever) means being yourself, in a natural and simple way, but onestill needs to prepare. Girls will make cool hairstyles and pickfancy pajamas and other accessories. All of that you can put onyour dolls in this amazing dress up game for girls completely free.For the cozy feel, place some pillows and plush toys around. Wheneverything is ready, have a nice chat with your BFF. You couldorder pizza, play some games, text your friends, comment on thelatest news on Facebook, look through fashion magazines or justgossip about mutual friends and schoolmates. Just download and playthis new and great makeover game on your Android for free. Dress upgirls games are a great way to train your fashion sense. Ourfashionista games are completely and truly free, with ridiculouslyhuge amounts of items to choose from. Just download them all onyour Android phone or tablet and enjoy!
Model Dress Up - Girls Games 1.0.2
Being a top model is a fun job! You get all the attention of thefans, they show you on TV and send you flowers and love letters.Isn't that great! And most importantly, you have to dress up like aprincess in different stylish outfits every day. You meet withcelebrities, millionaires, superstars, famous actors and actressesand other top models. You eat in expensive chic restaurants andtravel abroad where you stay in luxury hotels and the best searesorts.But to become a famous supermodel and get allowed to thered carpet, you first must look very attractive. An important partof that is having a good taste in clothes and having a fashion /style sense. That's why so many girls who dream of becoming asuper-model love dress up games with princesses, stars and gorgeoussupermodels. It's cool to fantasize about your future career of acelebrity and a top model while playing these fun girl games.230clothing items to choose from await you in this dressup / makeovergame for aspiring fashionistas: dresses, tops, skirts, trousers,leggings, handbags, hats, jackets, jewelry, and of coursehairstyles. You can create millions of possible outfits with that.Try to get all these different pieces of the outfit look welltogether - that's where the fashionista skill lies. You can createany kinds of superstar outfits here: trendy, stylish, romantic,glam, fancy, classy, or even casual. Experiment to your heart'scontent, and only your own imagination is the limit because thewhole game is free, all items are unlocked, there are no in-apppurchases or anything. By the way, all our girls games arecompletely free. Download them all and play free, forever, byfollowing the "More by Games For Girls" link. On the topic offashion and top models you will find more similar new games by us:"Fashion Show Dress Up", "Model Wedding", "Super Star" andmore.ccf57626b9
Princess Dress Up 2 1.0.2
Dear girls, would like to get into a fairy tale and become a realprincess? Are you into fashion and salon games? Then you will enjoythis new makeover game for girls where you dress up beautifulprincesses!4 gorgeous princesses await you in this interestingdress up game. There are dozens of fancy dresses, tops and skirtsto pick from, as well as hats, necklaces, handbags, gloves, flowersand belts. All princesses can have their unique outfit to matchtheir beauty. Dress up every princess as you like!Girls willdefinitely like this amazing dressup game because nothing is lockedin it and every is free! Dress up your princess for a ball, a walkin the park, a party with girl friends or even for a royalwedding!Get more free girl games for aspiring fashion designers andfashionistas of all ages by following the "More from Games ForGirls" link!
Chubby Girl Dress Up 1.0.2
6 chubby high school girls pick new dresses. After a makeover theyare going to look stylish and fashionable! Create great outfits forthese chubby cuties so that the dresses fit them well. A lot ofitems of various shapes and colors are great for training yourfashion design skills!This dress up game is designed to supportteenage girls with extra weight. Not everyone can or even shouldhave a body of a top model. Besides, female body changes with age,especially after pregnancy and birth of children. Why do dress upgames then never show real women? We are confident that any womanor girl, in any age and with any body shape can look cute,charming, modern and fashionable and wear amazing stylish outfits!Our chubby girl characters are positively-thinking, active, joyousteenage girl friends. They go to high school and have a lot ofhobbies. They love to play dress up games on their Android phonesand tablets. These chubby highschool beauties love fashion andmakeovers!There are 200 items in this girls game, all available forfree, nothing is locked. All our dressup games for fashionistagirls are free! Download more by tapping "More by Games For Girls"!
Winter Dress Up Game For Girls 1.0.2
Winter season, snow and cold don't mean you have to stay at home.For the fashionista girls in our new winter dressup game the coldmonths are a great opportunity to buy new winter outfits and go toan ultra-modern mountain ski resort for the Christmasholidays.Active recreation requires skis, snowboards, skates andlast but not least, a company of best girl friends! You can dressup 6 girls in this game. Each girl has her own appearance,character and interests. There are also 4 different backgrounds inthe app: steep ski tracks, a skating park, a cozy cottage where thegirls can have a cup of hot tea or coffee and a nice chat. Thewhole game is free, there are no in-app purchases or any lockedcontent! Train your fashion sense and clothing designer talentswith winter outfits in this amazing new dress up game forfashionistas of all ages. Come up with new ideas on how to dress upduring winter time!We've got dozens of other dress up girls gameson various topics. To download them all free, follow the "More byGames For Girls" link!
Toddler Dress Up - Girls Games 1.0.2
Adorable toddlers await in this new dress up games for girls! 3girls and 3 boys of different skin colors, 200+ items of baby andtoddler clothes, 4 backgrounds - all of that completely free,without any in-app purchases.Free your clothing designer talent andassemble amazing costumes and outfits in baby & toddlerfashion. Make a screenshot of your girl or boy with "Camera" buttonand share the pictures with your friends.All dressup games forgirls and kids developed by our studio are free and have no in-apppurchases. Check out "Baby Dress Up", "Little Princess", "CuteMermaid" for other kid characters in dress up games. Just tap the"More by Games For Girls" link to download and play free of charge!
Anime High School Dress Up 1.0.1
In this makeover game with anime graphics you can design outfitsfor 6 cute girls. Create a unique outfit for each school girl outof millions possible from the 240 available clothing items,hairstyles and accessories. Everything in the game is free, thereare no in-app purchases, nothing is locked.Every highschool studenthas a different face, eye color and skin tone. Some of the clothesresemble school and college uniforms you will find in Japan orother countries. Try creating both formal and casual outfits fordifferent schools or occasions.If you are fond of anime cartoonsand manga comics with Asian / Japanese girls and chibi princesses,we've got dozens of dressup games for you: "Anime School", "MangaDress Up", "Chibi Angel", "Anime Couples" and more. Just tap on the"More by Games For Girls" link!
Indian Princess Dress Up 1.0.2
"Indian Princess" is a new dress up game for girls who areinterested in the culture of India, Indian dances and traditionalIndian clothes.Design a unique outfit or a dancing costume for eachof the girl princesses from over 200 items, accessories andhairstyles. Among them sari (saree), petticoats, and choli (ravike)blouses.You can download our new dress up games on related topicsfor free. E.g. if you like Asian/oriental cultures, try "ArabianPrincess Dress Up". If dances are your main interest, get "DancerDress Up" and "Ballerina Dress Up". Tap "More by Games For Girls"to see the full list of our dressup/makeover games.
Chibi Angel Dress Up Game 1.0.1
Dress up 6 amazingly kawaii chibi angels in our new makeover gamefor anime and manga enthusiasts!The game offers over 240 items,including hairstyles, wings, dresses, magic wands, and much more.There are no locks, timers, in-app purchases or any similarannoying stuff standing in the way of your creative talent andfashion designer abilities. Each cute little angel girl has her ownskin tone and face. Make sure her outfit looks best on her andreflects her personality!If you're into manga comics, anime gamesand moe Japanese girls, be sure to download other anime-themedgames for girls by our studio: "Chibi Princess Dress Up", "AnimeHigh School", "Cute Anime Dress Up" and more! They are all free!
Anime Wedding Dress Up 1.0.2
This is a new dressup game for girls who love anime graphics styleand manga culture. Pick any of the 6 cute and young Japanese bridesand dress them up in the finest and the most beautiful dresses ontheir wedding day! 200 items to choose from here: diadems andcrowns, wedding dresses, skirts and tops, necklaces, veils, gloves,shoes, handbags, flowers and even cute little pet animals!Everything is completely free in this game, nothing is locked,there are no in-app purchases or other annoyances typical in otherdress up games for Android you may have played before.Every girldreams of her wedding because it's the day when she is the centerof everyone's attention in her bridal outfit and she looks like abeautiful princess. These kawaii anime girls have dreamed of theirmarriage, too, and now it's time for each girl to dress up properlyand become the princess of the day!We have several other dressupgames for anime and manga lovers: "Anime Dress Up", "Manga DressUp" and "Anime School". Also, we have other games about marriageand bridal outfits: "Wedding" and "Princess Wedding". That's a lotof games, and they are all free, with no in-app purchases. Justfollow the link "More by Games For Girls" on this app's Google Playstore listing.
Little Fairy Dress Up Game 1.0.3
Play this new magic beauty salon game for free! No in-apppurchases! All girls will just love this cute makeover game withtiny fairies to dress up and a huge selection of fancy items topick from. Choose hairstyles, dresses, wings, magic wands and manyother types of items for your fairy girls.6 fairies, 4 backgroundsand over 200 items to choose from. Nothing is locked!Beautifullittle fairies with magical wings live in a world full of flowers,fun and happiness. Join these young fairy fashionistas in their fungames and help them in their makeovers. These little princesseslove fashion and design their own gorgeous outfits from flowers andleaves to stroll across enchanted forests and fly above meadowsfull of majestic flowers.These tiny cuties are all girl friends ofThumbelina, their princess. Fairy girls invite elves to theirfeasts and parties. What other great way to spend a weekend forthese cool girl friends than to throw a ball where all theprincesses are invited! Dress up your fashionista fairy and thinkup the most exciting outfits for your cute little girl!If you are afan of games with princesses and fairies, don't forget to downloadother new games for girls by our studio! All our dress up games andmakeover salon apps are completely free, we promise!
Princess Dress Up 3 1.0.1
This new princess dress up game for Android offers you a hugeselection of items (200+) without any in-app purchases, locks,timers and similar annoying stuff. The whole game is truly, reallyand completely free.Pick one of the princess girls (each girl has adifferent skin tone), and then rummage through their huge wardrobefull of dresses, tops, skirts, gloves, diadems, handbags and otherclothing items. To finish the makeover, don't forget to select ahairstyle as well. When you're happy with your outfit for theselected princess, tap the "Camera" button to save a screenshotinto your Gallery - you can share it with your friends to show offyour fashionista talent!We've got a huge collection of truly freedress up games for all the fashion- and dressup-addicted girls outthere. Just tap the "More by Games For Girls" link to see the fulllist.60851458b5
Subway Surf Run 3D 2017 1.2.0
Most good games are the games subway surf, super subway game is agame run from the pursuit of security is very challenging. Run awayto avoid pursuit.Subway surf provides a very enjoyable game andalso very challenging, while you run will be many obstacles thatmake there be caught by the security guard rail. Therefore, youshould be more careful.In this game, a lot of items in the game runsurfers who desperately need, not only that, you are required tocollect as many gold coins as possible, the usefulness of thesegold coins can be to purchase a variety of items and also buyin-game characters new subway in 2017.Before discussing the itemsand characters in the game surfers, I will discuss the advantagesof the new game's new subway surf.- 3D Game- Games are fun- Gamechallenging- HD Graphics- Having many items and in-game characters-etc....Those are some of the advantages of this latest subway rush.Then the next I will discuss in-game items.- Rocket, handy for youto fly and collect as many gold coins without a hitch.- Shoes jump,useful to run faster and jump over many trains that block you.-Adhesives Coins, useful to collect as many coins quickly.- GoldStar, useful to double gold coins that you get from the rushsurfers- Skateboard, surfing belt of railroad tracks safely andquickly.- The key, useful to buy in-game items subway surf 3D 20178d93bb66d2That item in the game very much, this game does have alot of challenges but also very comforting.Hopefully, this 2017subway surf new games can make you entertained every day. Have anice play
Anime Date Dress Up Girls Game 1.0.2
A cute girl had a crush on a handsome guy and is going out on adate with him tonight. What to wear, what to wear... Help thisyoung beauty out! Rummage through her huge wardrobe, with dresses,tops, skirts and other categories of clothing items to assemble thebest possible outfit out of millions! Almost 250 items and 6 kawaiigirls with different skin colors are there to choose from, all ofthem free, without any ridiculous locks, timers or in-apppurchases.Will they make a great couple? What will she write in herromantic diary after the date? How long with the love and romancelast? Much of that depends on what impression she makes on the guy.She has to take care of every little detail in the outfit, and useher fashion sense and style to the maximum. Can you help thesegirls in getting really amazing makeovers?For all the anime andmanga lovers we've got dozens more dressup / makeover games on allpossible topics: "Anime Wedding", "Anime Couples", "Manga DressUp", "Chibi Princess" and more! Download and play free of charge!Just tap "More by Games For Girls" to see the huge list of newgirls games we have for you.
Math Formulas 1.0.1
This is a perfect app on Google Play that provides all basicformulas in mathematics. It's very convenient for all students inhigh school or university and engineers to look for any easy orcomplicated formulas. It includes:All essentials math formula andequations:AlgebraGeometryTrigonometryCalculus:LimitsDerivativesIntegralsBasicProperties & FactsArithmetic OperationsExponentPropertiesProperties of RadicalsProperties ofInequalitiesProperties of Absolute ValueDistance FormulaComplexNumbersLogarithms and Log PropertiesFactoring and SolvingFactoringFormulasQuadratic FormulaSquare Root PropertyAbsolute ValueEquations/InequalitiesCompleting the SquareFunctions andGraphsConstant FunctionLine/Linear FunctionParabola/QuadraticFunctionCircleEllipseHyperbolaSquareRectangleCircleTrianglesParallelogramTrapezoidCubeCylinderSphereConeAllin oneGeometric SymbolsTrigonometry FunctionsSpecialAnglesTrigonometric Function Values in Quadrants II, III, and IVTheUnit CircleAngle Addition FormulasDouble Angle FormulasHalf AngleFormulasPower Reducing FormulasProduct‐to‐Sum FormulasCo-functionsFormulasLaw of SinesLaw of CosinesLaw of TangentsPythagoreanIdentities (for any angle θ)Mollweide’s FormulaLimitsDefinitionsRelationship between the limit and one-sidedlimitsLimits Properties FormulasBasic Limit EvaluationsFormulasEvaluation Techniques FormulasSome ContinuousFunctionsIntermediate Value TheoremDerivatives Definition andNotationInterpretation of the DerivativeBasic Properties andFormulasCommon DerivativesChain Rule VariantsHigher OrderDerivativesImplicit DifferentiationIncreasing/Decreasing – ConcaveUp/Concave DownExtremaMean Value TheoremNewton’s MethodRelatedRatesOptimizationIntegrals DefinitionsFundamental Theorem ofCalculusPropertiesCommon IntegralsStandard IntegrationTechniquesImproper IntegralApproximating Definite IntegralsMathFormulas - a must-have app for your smartphones andtablets.ef57a81c25
The Angry Pets: Shoot, Attack & Kill Zombies 2.6
It is apocalypse here and the ruthless zombies have attacked thepeaceful town of pets. So, you are one of the few brave pets in thetown and you get to fight against the zombies, attack and shoot atthem, and of course, have fun while playing this free adventuregame. Although you are all alone in this free pigs games and youneed to take down the zombies by yourself, but it doesn’t mean youare not fully equipped. Thanks to your powerful arsenal, you get tochoose from different weapons and even improve their performancesand powers by upgrading them. So, do you think you’ve got what ittakes to kill zombies in this free pigs running game, collect asmany coins as possible, upgrade your weapons, and finally get yourrevenge save the town from the attacking zombies? If so, downloadThe Pets for free, choose your favorite pet to fight with, startjumping and running, and kill as many zombies as you can.Angry PetsAre Just Looking For A RevengeThe Pets, the free fast-paced piggame, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is souser-friendly and the game is so easy to learn that you’ll get thewhole idea after playing this adventure pig running game for a fewtimes. The pig (or any other character) is automatically movingforward and shooting, and you just need to use some simple gesturesto accelerate, brake, jump, and dive. The pig starts shootingautomatically at the zombies once it gets close enough to thatzombie.In this fast-paced pig running game, you’ve got only 3 livesand you have to start over as soon as you lose your all threelives. So, in order to move further, collect more coins and killmore zombies, you first need to be completely focused on thegameplay, you need to make sure you’ve got used to the gameplay,and you should follow a solid strategy to know when to accelerate,when to brake, when to jump and when to dive. Before starting thegame, you get to change your weapons in the arsenal and choose theweapon suits you the most. So, 17 different and unique levels arewaiting for you in this crazy adventure game, and other reachingthe end line, you may collect more coins to be able to improve yourweapons and unlock new characters.The Pets: Kill Zombies MainFeatures at a Glance:• Clean and neat design with fresh andintuitive interface• Wonderful graphics with awesome sound effectsand music• 17 unique levels to complete (more to come soon)•Powerful arsenal to choose powerful weapons from • Assign newmissions in each level• Easy to learn, yet addictive gameplay•Variety of enemies and monsters• Choose 3 different characters toplay with: Pug, Grumpy, and Pig• Free with no in-app purchaseitemSo, The Pets delivers everything you should expect from suchkill zombie games, and it even sets the bar to a higher level byoffering crazy adventure levels, realistic sound effects, differentpets, enemies, monsters, and weapons to choose from, easy to learngameplay and a lot more.Download The Pets for free, let us knowabout bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.
Pop Star Dress Up - Music Idol Girl 1.0.3
If becoming a famous singer is your dream and you're also intofashion, try this new makeover game about celebrities and stars ofthe stage. Pick a doll from 6 girls of various races and rummagethrough their huge wardrobes to assemble that unique, stylish lookproper for the occasion. The game has over 160 apparel items,hairstyles and accessories - all available for free, without locks,timers, in-app purchases or other annoyances. All of the dolls arereal beauties, and their garments are glam, trendy, chic and justamazing! A life of a superstar is as hard as it is fun. You sing atconcerts, record labels with your band of musicians and go fortours around the world. As a celebrity, you have to keep in touchwith your fans, visit events and frequently appear on the redcarpet and covers of fashion and music magazines. It's not enoughto be a great musician and have a stellar voice to sell a lot ofcopies of your album and make millions. To beat the top charts,your artist's talent needs a boost from your supermodel-level looksand gorgeous outfits. But before you could even get to a concert(pop, rock or other), go on a tour or make a label of your own,there are tons of hurdles on the way, like auditions, networkingand the actual work, through which you will get if you love thecraft. Let your dreams flow with this beauty & fashion salonsimulation for top models and fashionistas. Want more makeovers anddressup apps? We have a lot of games for virtual cosplay fans ofall ages: girls, teens and women. Be a fancy outfit designer, wakeyour inner fashionista and enjoy styling!
World Fashion Tour: London, Paris, Rio 1.0.3
Love travelling and learning about other countries? The maincharacter of this game is a super-rich woman whose hobby is shop inluxury boutiques of big cities of the world. Today's trip includesLondon, Paris and Rio, where she will check out some British,French and Brazilian fashion trends. Pick one of 24 diversebackgrounds, then do make up for the virtual doll, and finally puttogether an outfit from hundreds of stylish apparel items, trendinghairstyles and fancy accessories. The whole application is free,there are no in-app purchases or locks. Over 250+ items in thegame: it's an enormous selection that any girl would enjoryrummaging through. Press "More games" button inside the app todownload and play more cosplay & salon apps for youngfashionistas. With a huge inventroy of free garmets, they are thebest you could find for your Android phone or tablet. Press"Camera" button to grab screenshots of the outfits and looks youcreated. Share them with your friends to show off your fashionistataste and image designer talents. Beauty & styling games aregreat for women and girls of all ages to become more educatedshoppers. It's much faster and easier to try out new styling ideasin these digital makeovers on dolls than put on all those clothingarticles in a dressing room. Also, if your goal is to become afamous supermodel of the runway, a movie star walking the redcarpet, or a celebrity of social networks, video-blogging and otheronline channels, you should learn to present yourself to youraudience. Makeover & dress-up games will train your sense ofstyle by letting you dressup virtual models the easy way.
High School Makeover 1.0.3
Start styling virtual dolls in our new make-up and dress-up game.This beauty & fashion app is great for fashionistas of all ages(girls, teenagers and adult women). Give the doll a geekyappearance of an intelligent college student up for a career inbusiness, STEM or politics. Or maybe a stylish glam look of afuture star of the runway, famous movie actress, reality showcelebrity or a millionaire's wife. Or rather some everyday image ofa next-door schoolgirl with pigtails. Finally, there is a choice ofcute school uniforms, including the traditional Japanese sailorshort-skirted look. If you enjoy our digital girl makeover, press"More games" to download and play other makeup, cosplay &dressup apps for Android for free! Train your fashionista taste bytaking on the role of an outfit designer for fancy virtualcharacters.
Anime High School Couple - First Date Makeover 1.0.4
A new doll styling app where you pick hairstyles, facial features,makeup, apparel and accessories for a Japanese young chick and aguy on their romantic go-out. Rummage through the large wardrobesof both comic characters and try out dozens of fashionablegarments: dresses, pants, shorts, tops, skirts and more. Exploreoptions and design all kinds of outfits. E.g. give the pair anintelligent, geeky look with glasses and formal suits or jackets.Or go for the cool popular image. Go glam / classy for a prom queenoutfit, and maybe make the guy look like a quarterback of thecollege baseball team. Be the fashion-, hairstyle- andlooks-designer for the young lovers. Fill first date with romanceand happiness, and the girl would write a cute love poem in herromantic diary about her crush tonight. Press "More games" buttoninside the application to download more Android apps for girls withkawaii anime graphics. In our salon & fashion games, you candecorate moe animatronic characters, cartoonish chibi princesses,Asian highschool students in the traditional short skirts, highheels and sailor school uniforms popular in Japan. Our digitalmakeovers are great for otakus of Japanese pop culture and cartoongirls with an awesome schoolgirl look. Dressing beautiful virtualdolls is fun to an otaku of manga comics and anime figurines, butalso to any fashionista and dressup lover.
Brazilian Wedding Salon - Bridal Makeovers 1.0.4
Take the role of a personal VIP stylist for lucky Brazilian modelswho are marrying princes, millionaires and movie actors! Thismakeover game lets you dress up virtual dolls, select facialfeatures and makeup, pick hairstyles, wedding dresses, veils andaccessories. Over 250 clothing items and 60+ makeup options, 8backgrounds and 8 handsome men from Brazil to choose from - a hugeselection to let your fashionista fantasy flow. No locks, no in-apppurchases - everything is completely free! Do you also dream of theday when you'd marry a faboluously rich millionaire guy, move to anocean-side villa in Latin America (e.g. near Rio) a live a crazyaffluent life like you're made of money? With immense wealth, youcould go on a shopping spree in classy fashion malls or glamboutiques for high class shoppers! Spend your morning at a gym, spaor joga class. During the day, give the inner shopaholic and shopuntil you drop in the celeb mall. Go to events in the evening,rubbing shoulders with celebrities, supermodels, actresses and therichest socialites on the red carpet. Design a trendy bride outfit,then press "Camera" button to grab a screenshot. Share it with yourgirlfriends to show off your image designer skills. For moredressup apps for cosplay fans, press "More games" button - downloadthem all to your Android phone or tablet and play for free,forever. Our new beauty & styling applications are the best forfashionistas of all ages: women, teenagers and girls alike. In ourapps you can dress-up a top model, a super-star, a celebrity or aprincess in all kinds of fashionable apparel. Dreaming of becominga glamour supermodel, reality show superstar or a famous actress,pop singer or fashion blogging idol? Then you need to getknowledgeable in fashion trends and develop a great sense of stylebefore you become that status shopper in an elite boutique. Whileyou future multimilionaire actor husband is on his way to find you,get ready for the luxury life by creating fancy doll looks andamazing girl outfits from luxurious garments.
Catwalk Superstars - Fashion Show Makeover 1.0.3
Create unique looks of glam supermodels in this new dress-up andmake-up simulator. Features: - over 250 items of apparel,hairstyles, accessories, dresses, skirts, tops and more - dozens ofmakeup items, selectable facial features - 8 backgrounds to set upcontext - no IAPs or locks, everything is free Rummage through avast wardrobe of glamour and luxury garments to design amazing,luxurious outfits which a movie actress, a celebrity or asupermodel from a magazine cover would wear. If you are a fan ofshopping, cosplay, beauty salon and dressup simulators, be sure topress "More Games" button inside the game to download and play moreof our makeovers for Android. Our doll styling and fashionista girlapps are free and totally cool. Design a fancy outfit, pick atrendy hairstyle and make up actresses, top models, celebrities,and socialite shopaholics on the red carpet. Train your outfit& image designer talents with our great fashion apps for girlsand fashionistas of all ages.
Manga Girls Makeover - Dress up & Make up 1.0.3
For all girls out there who love kawaii Japanese girls drawn inanime / manga style we have a new dressup game for Android! With250+ items, 50 makeup elements and 8 backgrounds available free ofcharge and without any in-app purchases, you will be able to designa lot of outfits, for various occasions. Chibi princesses, highschool schoolgirls in sailor-style uniforms, nerdy chicks inglasses, traditional kimonos and more. After you've decided uponthe looks for each cute girl in the game, make a screenshot withthe "Camera" button and then share it with your friends or save itin your personal collection. We have more dress up / makeover gamesfor young fashionistas. The games are all completely free, andnothing is locked behind in-app purchases.
Anime Friends - Cute Team Make up & Dress up 1.0.2
Enjoy virtual doll makeovers and moe Japanese characters from mangacomic books and cartoons? Here is the ultimate beauty and fashionsimulator app where you can create outfits for as many as 5 kawaiidolls on the same screen! Pick nice hairstyles, tops, jackets,short skirts, high-heel shoes, dresses and fashionable accessoriesfor the Asian high school girls. Choose male shirts, caps, pants,shorts, suits and boots for the guy. Each character has a selectionof adorable pets. And for each friend you can choose from a varietyof facial features and make-up options. If you love fashionistagames with large selections of garments and stylish graphics, besure to press "More games" button inside the game! We've got manygirl apps about cosplay and styling. Specifically for otakus ofchibi princesses and cartoonish cuties in highschool sailoruniforms we've got awesome outfit designer application in animestyle which you can download and play on your Android phone ortablet for free, forever. We're big fans of Japan, manga comics andAsian pop culture - we hope that you have as much fun playing ourmakeover games as we had creating them :) Search for "Games ForGirls" on Google Play: millions of young fashionistas love ourbeauty salon and doll dressing applications - with tons of fabulousapparel items and gorgeous looks of the models our games are simplythe best in the genre.
Luxury Wedding: Glam Dress Up & Makeup 1.0.1
Dressup 4 gorgeous brides in wedding dresses for their marriage!The game offers a huge selection of clothing items, trendyhairstyles and classy accessories. Over 300 items in the app, allavailable for free for all your styling fantasies! A whole beauty& fashion salon for bride princesses and fashionista girls.Apart from the hairstyle, you can select facial features, earrings,blush and veils. Pick one of 10 grooms: famous actors,billionaires, princes, handsome celebrities and crazy richsuperstars. Check out 8 backgrounds to fit the setting of celebwedding, super wealth and good life. Press "More games" buttoninside the application to download and play more virtual makeovers,doll games and cosplay simulators on your Android phone or tablet.All our new girl apps are free! Design your fabulous glamour outfitfor the models and press the "Camera" button to make a screenshot.Post it on social networks to show off your personal stylist talentwith other fashionistas among your friends or followers. Are you ashopaholic who loves to spend weekends at a fashion mall and shopuntil you drop? Do you dream of becoming an actress on the redcarpet, a supermodel from the fashion magazine cover, a wife of amillionaire or an Internet celebrity some day? Would you have anaffluent multimilionaire husband, the richest on the block, and runon a shopping spree in the best elite boutiques in the city as ifyou were made of money? Take the role of a high class VIP shopperin this digital makeover simulator and style fancy dolls for thehappiest day of their lives!
Emo Makeover - Fashion, Hairstyles & Makeup 1.0.1
Makeover a cute emo girl with her trademark side-swept bangs,updos, or beautiful multicolored hair. With a variety of light ordramatic eyeliner, mascaras, lipsticks, and piercings! Dress her ingorgeous rock inspired emo fashion, a popular choice for teens wholike to dress alternative and outside of the mainstream. Skinnyjeans, black dresses, knee-high socks, and multicolored bracelets.Accessorize with glamorous bows, or pair with her own rock brandguitar, and cute or creepy pets. Backgrounds can place her atschool with her own backpack, at a concert, in her cozy room, or inthe gloomy rain. Free game to download & play for Android, withno in-app purchases or locks. Over 40 hairstyles and countless glamaccessories. Press "more games" button inside the application toinstall our new dressup and make-up sims. E.g. we've got "GothicDress-up" for goths and fans of tartan mini-skirts, Edwardianblouses, sad glamor look, doom, existential angst and bad luck.Check out "Gothloli/Loligoth" which has sweetness of kawaiiJapanese lolitas mixed with the sadness and seriousness of fallenangels in gothica. You might also like "Pastel Goth" which is a mixof Victorian black and red clothes style with light pink and lightblue hair colors. Finally, "Goth Wedding" will let you design fancywedding outfits, pick unusual bridal dresses and intricateaccessories. Doll styling apps are great for teenage fashionistasand aspiring fashion & image designers to build up asophisticated sense of fashion and style. Girls all over the worldlove our fashionista / cosplay simulators. Create serious, dark andimpressive outfits in the emokid, scene queen and other styles forteenagers and young models. Learn to become a trendy stylist,outfit designer or beauty salon expert using digital makeovers.