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Lamebo MM 1.2
Swag Soft LLP
= REVIEWS ="There’s no shortage of games with Zombies, but SwagSoft’sLamebo vs Zombies manages to be an attention-grabber andbetteryet, worthy of a deeper look." - iPhoneLife.com"Nine Over Ten 9/10 awards Lamebo VS. Zombies with a 4.5 outof5. AWESOME STUFF." - Nine Over Ten"The game mechanic is simple, but with multiple weaponsandupgrades, Lamebo VS Zombies offers an incredible amountofdepth—and hilariously offensive battle cries to boot!" - TheiPhoneApp Review“Lamebo is one of those games that gets more satisfyingthelonger you play.” - iPhone Footprint“Play is fast and exciting, and you’ll find yourselfquicklywrapped up in conquering 36 levels of zombie blastingaction.” -Mevio Tech“Listening to Lamebo’s victory celebration had my little oneinsplits. He never seemed to get enough of the zombie bearsandzombie chickens.” - Iphone Apps Review Online"Lamebo is one of those games that gets more satisfyingthelonger you play, since the longer you play it the more absurdyourweaponry and enemies get." - What's on iPhone“The first thing you’re going to notice with this game istheincredible attention to detail” -Daily App Show“Forget about Rambo,Lamebo is the new tough … sheep in town.”-AppAdviceWho’s a foul mouthed magma gun yielding zombie blastingmutatedlamb then? Lamebo, that’s who!= ABOUT THE GAME =Lamebo VS Zombies is an addictively fast and furiouszombieblasting game! With MatchMe, you can play real-timemultiplayermatches with real players all over the world!You will control the mutated lamb called Lamebo anddefendyourself against a multitude of strange zombified creaturessuch ashalf-bodied crawling zombies, katana-yielding zombifiedninjarabbits and explosive keg throwing zombie bears!You are likely to find yourself chortling aloud as you listentoLamebo’s borderline offensive victory chants and thezombies’feverish ramblings!Controls are kept simple to engage even the mostunsophisticatedplayers. You literally just need one finger to tapaway and blastthe zombies back to where they belong!
6Cube MM 1.2
Swag Soft LLP
6Cube is an addictive block building game,withhigh replay value too! With Match Me, you can playreal-timemultiplayer matches with real players all over the world!Not just any block, but the enigmatic L-Block... TwoL-Blocksforms a Quad and starts a cycle of Clear, Score and Evolvethateats away at your hours. Learn to form Quad with 3, 4 ormoreL-blocks and see 6Cube blocks seamlessly evolve intodifferentcolors levels, creating a "One More Block" experience thatishighly addictive!Deceptively easy to play and a Challenge to master!Visuals can be deceiving, Playing is believing Experiencethemagic of 6Cube Match Me today!
Love Hot Chicks 1
Swag Soft LLP
Do you love to be a hero for girls outthere?Do you want to have girls screaming your name as they arefallingfor great heights?Do you want girls to fall for you?Wait no further! Love Hot Chicks is here to fulfil yoursuperherolove fantasyLove Hot Chicks is the epic new arcade game that allows youtodress as random trendy heroes while saving theseabsolutebeauties.With one-touch controls, players get to be fleet-footedmegaheroes.Embark on a death-teasing adventure as you extend yourloving,heroic arms to these hot chicks who are falling helplesslyONyou.Love Hot Chicks - Being A Super Hero is aHeavyResponsibility.
Building The Lion
Swag Soft LLP
Building the Lion is an official SG50 gamemadeespecially to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday.This game allows you to build iconic Singaporebuildings,restaurants and housing around the island. You get tolearn aboutfamous Singaporeans and historical events. You will alsoget tosolve pesky crimes to make Singapore crime-free.Play with your friends and family to create your own uniqueversionof Singapore and see who completes the game first!Features -- Play with the computer or with up to 3 human opponents- Play and build on Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong andSingaporemain island- Build dozens of Singapore's most iconic buildings, liketheEsplanade, CK Tang Building, Central Fire Station and more- Build and own restaurants selling Singapore's most iconicfood,like the Chilli Crab, Satay, Chicken Rice and more- Learn about Singapore's key historical events and the peoplethatbrought Singapore to the world map