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Manchester Zipper Lock screen 1.1
Manchester Zipper Lock screen , is anappliction to lock your phone with the illustration of the famousMan United Kit.This screen Lock is made with beautiful HD graphics and the realsound of the zipper its just like a real zipper with the manchesterKit in your phoneManchester Zipper Lock screen Is easy to use it can be enabled anddisabled easily .Please rate this app to help us to developpe it more ! and alsosupport the app with five star and let other fans enjoy it !
Manchester City zipper lock 1.0
Manchester City zipper lock is a lock screenapp that offers to customizing your phone with manchester city flagwith a fluid zipper . this app is easy to use just drag down thezipper to unlock your phone also if you want enable or disable theapp click on the setting icon in the top and choose either OFF orON.please if you like the app give it 5 star and tell us on commentswhat we must fix in the next update thank's
Brazil kit zipper lock screen 1.0
Brazil football team flag is a zipper lockscreen app, made for brazil national team fans to use it as a lockscreen .enjoy the beautiful yellow brazilian flag with a fluid zipper .brazil flag lock screen does not containig banner ads that blocksthe zipper, also its easy to use just drag down the zipper tounlock your phone . to disable or enable the app click on settingicon in the top and choose off or on .dear users we feel happy when you make a review for the app soplease rate it and tell us about what we must fix in the nextupdate.please give us five star if you like the app thank you !
Argentina zipper lock screen 2 1.0
Argentina zipper lock screen is an applicationto customize you lock screen withthe zipper lock of argentina football team t-shirt. the app is easyto use just drag unzip the zipper to unlock your phone.there is no ads banner that blocks the zipper . also no complicatedsetting to disable the app click on setting icon on the topand choose on or off . please if you like it 5 star it ! and tellus what we must fix in the next update . thank you !
Italian HD zipper Lock Screen 1.0
You Love italian national football team ? youare lucky because this lock screen is made for you ! customize yourphone with italian shirt zipper lock screen , its easy to useand doesnt containing banner ads also the zipper does not block itsjust like a real zipper in your phone , Italy shirt zipper lockscreen can be enabled an disabled easily it's enough to click onsetting icon in the top and choose OFF or ON . we will make anupdate after reading your comments on playstore so please if thereis new ideas for the app tell us and dont forget to give us 5 starif you like it .Thank you soo much .
Call alerts flash up 1.0
Call alerts flash up offer to you making toufon flash Blinks every time you receive Call Or Message .this app is developped to help you find your phone in darkness youdont need to turn on room light .its tiny usefullwith many other* App works on Normal Mode , Vibrate Mode , Silent Mode and in allmodes.* to deosable or enbale flash its enough to choose OFF or ON.* You can also set :amount of flash alerts for call or SMS,duration of a flashblink,flashes per a message as well
Barcelona pattern lock screen 1.0
Barcelona pattern lock screen is powerfulphone security application that offers to you locking your androidphone using pattern lock with the barcelona beautiful t shirt .Barcelona pattern lock screen comes with many other features thatmakes it working in a goodwill such as :- Beautiful graphics- A collection of barcelona flags to choose teh patternbackground- No complicated settingand more ... ill let you discoverwe will be happy if you give our app 5 stars an let a comment toknow what we must fix next update
Profile picture flag up HD 1.0
profile picture flag up is tiny Usefulapplication that provides to you making you country flag in yourprofil picture in all social network.make your country falg in your picture and celebrate pride !profil Picture flag up comes with a lot of flags of coutris shch as:Palestine flag, Algeria flag, Egypt, USA flag, Germany flag, Franceflag, syria flag and Sweden, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Russia,Turkey, Greece, Iraq, Saudi Arabia,Tunisia, Mali, Afghanistan, Belgium, Spain, of Italy, China, Korea,Croatia, London, United Kingdom, Burma, Jordan, Yemen, United ArabEmirates, Qatarand more ...if you didnt find your country falg plz tell us and we will add itin an update ! enjoy
Butterfly pattern lock 1.0
Butterfly pattern lock is a lock screenapplication , it offers to you locking your phone with beautifulbutterfly illustration . the app is coming wth many features tomake users happy and satisfied such as :- Beautiful graphic and Butterfly HD pictures- you can choose from many backgrounds to costumize youLockscreen- choose from many colored Butterfly- Enable or Disable the app easilyinstall the app and give your phone new lock . dont forget to ratethe app and 5 star it . thank's ^^
Madrid pattern lock screen 1.0
Madrid pattern screen lock is apowrfullsecurity application that offers to you lock your phoneusing themadrid fc picture . the app is easy to use its enough tofollowsteps above to to activate it :1 - choose a beautifull background from the collection intheapp2 - set the pattern password3 - enable the lockmadrid screen lock is coming with many other features thatmakessatisfied and happy, we will let you discover it yourself.this app is made for all madrid supporters around the world soifyou like it please give the app 5 star and help other to find itinthe store .
Alaska nature wallpapers hd 1.0
Alaska nature wallpapers hd isbackgeoundschanger app it offers to you a big collection of thebeautifullalaska nature wallpapers .feel the magic of nature , theapp comeswith awsome features such as :- wallpapers in high resolution to make it looks real-beautifull UI-easy to use ,just surf the gallery and choose youfavoritewallpaper-Alaska nature wallpapers hd can work in offline mode (nointernetno problem )Please rate the app and put a comment we need to know whatmustfix next update .
England red zipper lock screen 1.0
customize your phone with the englandfootballteam T-shirt zipper lock screen ! this app is categorizedas a lockscreen application with a zipper as you see in screenshots, theapp is very easy to use its enough to drag down the zippertounlock your phone its also easy to be disabled and enabledjustclick on setting botton in the top and choose on or off . theappalso does not containing banner ads .Please if you have some ideas tell us in rating comment and ifyoulike the app give us 5 star .Enjoy
western HD wallpapers 1.0
Customize your phone with awsomebackgroundsusing western HD wallpapers . this app offer to you acollection ofbeautiful american western wallpapers . Enjoy ourAwesome Contentswith Simple UI and Great performance also allpicture are in Highdefention quality (HD) . get the app right nowfeel the westernsambience .the app is easy to use its enought to surf the gallery and clickon(set wallpaper) and you are done !the app also can work on offline mode (no internet)please if you like " western HD wallpapers " give it ★ ★ ★ ★ ★andtell us in comments what we must fix in next update .
western usa zipper lock 1.0
Enjoy the american western nature in yourphone! using the western usa zipper lock screen app .this appcomes withmany features such as :- a fluid zipper that never blocks-Beautifull graphics-simple settingwestern usa zipper lock is easy to use . to unlock your phoneitsenough to drag down the zipper and you are done.also to enable or disable the app hit setting icon in the topandchoose either ON/OFFif you like the app please rate it thank you !
animals Cool wallpapers HD 1.0
animals Cool wallpaper HD is a phonebackgroundcustomizing application , choose you backgroundwallpaper from abeautiful collection of cool animals HD picturesand make your phonelooks awsome .as you see in the screenshots all pictures are in highresolutionalso the app is very simple just choose the picture youwant andclick on set wallpaper , you can also share the picturewith yourfriends in social network .please if you have some ideas tell us on comments and dont forgettogive it 5 star if you like the app .thank you
QR barcode ultimate scanner 1.0
QR barcode ultimate scanner is a tinyusefullapplication that allows you read and scan Qr code andbarcodeeasily, QR barcode ultimate scanner comes also with manyotherfeatures such as creating your own QR Codes and Barcodeseasily andShare them with your friends Via social networks, email,textmessages, save them for later use or print.to scan codes its enough to open the app, point the camera atthecode and you’re done!