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DriverDiary Pro - Gas Mileage 3.0
***YOU MUST ALSO HAVE DRIVERDIARY FREEINSTALLED IN ORDER TO USE THE PRO VERSION. THIS IS ONLY A KEY FILETO UNLOCK THE PRO FEATURES WITHIN DRIVERDIARY AND DOES NOT OPEN ORHAVE A LAUNCHER ICON. IT WILL NOT APPEAR IN YOUR APP DRAWER, ONLYIN YOUR MANAGE APPS MENU***Sync your data between multiple devices! DriverDiary Pro is thefirst and only vehicle tracking app to incorporate syncfunctionality.Do you know how much it costs to drive your vehicle every day?Find out with our comprehensive stats as you enter and track yourfill ups, service costs and expenses. DriverDiary has a familiar,user friendly interface and conforms to Androids latest standardsunlike most other similar apps.DriverDiary is compatible on all devices running Android 2.1 andup including tablets. It has an unsurpassed feature list in thefree version, including unlimited vehicles and records andimport/export/backup functionality. Where other apps limit you andcharge, DriverDiary is fully functional and UNLIMITED for FREE! Webelieve that the data you enter is yours and you should be able toexport it, back it up and do whatever you want with it whenever youwant without having to pay an additional charge to get to it.If you encounter any bugs or errors, please email us or use the"Report" button so we can attempt to resolve the issue beforeleaving a bad rating and/or a bug report in the comments. We can'treply to the comments to help you or notify you when the bug isfixed. We fix bugs quickly when they arise and we want you tocontact us. We pride ourselves on our customer service and quickresponse times.PRO Features-All standard features plus...-Sync your data to the SweyPro server for easy restore of data andsyncing to multiple Android devices-Automatic Sync-Automatic backup††-Use GPS/Network location to populate location addresses andattempt pre-populate of gas station-Backup/Restore to Dropbox, Box and Google Drive-Add multiple attachments to any item including images andfiles.-Get EPA fuel efficiency ratings for your vehicles†-Map view of fill ups and trips that contain addresses-Add vehicle by VIN†††-Recalls and TSB's viewable for vehicles added by VIN†††-Factory service types and reminders for vehicles added byVIN†††-AD FREE!-Warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the dev :)†EPA fuel efficiency ratings currently available ONLY for USsold vehicles dating back to 1984. Some upcoming model yearvehicles may not yet have ratings available.††Automatic backup and service reminders use your devices built inalarm manager and NOT a constantly running background service.DriverDiary is resource and battery friendly!†††Adding a vehicle by VIN, recalls, TSB's and factory servicescurrently available ONLY for vehicles dating back to 1990Please leave a review for DriverDiary Pro if you download it anduse it. Let others know what you think!Any comments or suggestions for future versions, please email usand let us know! We want your feedback!This app is acar fuel log.Driver Diary fuel mileage tracker