SwiftStar Apps

Landlords 2.7
The most classic poker game Landlords.* Complete stand-alone mode, without a network!* Completely free, without money and you can not afraid ofnegative, infinite permanent play!* The new AI, human-computer interaction stroke, enjoy thechallenge!The rule is simple, highly entertaining and confrontational, nowbegin to landlords!
1010 Blocks 1.0
1010 - It is a simple blocks eliminatestand-alone game.In a 10 x 10 area, each time will appear 3 different blocks, notime limit and no color collocation. When a row or column isfilled, it will be eliminated, and the game will end when there isno longer a blank area.Immediately enter this new and interesting squares world!
Period Tracker 1.1
The APP provide warm care and rigorous calculation for womenmenstrual period, leave the precious record and make healthy lifeevery day. 1. Prediction function, it can effectively manage thesafe period, menstrual period and dangerous period. 2. Simplecalendar function, you can visually browse the menstrual period. 3.Everyday health tips, according to the period for your tips. 4. Canbe set for each menstrual cycle according to the actual, you canview the historical record and compute the average cycle data. 5.Can make memo on the date. 6. Can set a reminder on the date.
Sudoku 2.0
Do you know Sudoku? If you like Sudoku,themost powerful Sudoku has come!We have four and six cells mode for children, and,From simple mode to medium mode, even to expert mode.Exam are all randomly generated and never repeat! Evenmorecrucially that is the only answer!Exam is no longer a mass, but endless!Come to download it! Let's start a Sudoku life!Operating tips:1. Choose a game mode, you can start from simple modeandprogressively unlock.2. Go to the game, choose a no digital space, and calculatethedigital can be filled in this position.3. After get the figure, click on the bottom row of thenumericbutton then enter the number.4. You can also use the Notes and Tips feature to helpsolveproblems.Score Tips:1. The game has a benchmark score, it continuously decreaseovertime, and the harder mode the higher score.2. Fill in the correct number, score = numeric value Xcurrentbaseline score numeric values3. Complete a row or a column, or 9 grids, there is a bonusscore,score (=) 11 (x) current baseline score numeric value,whilecompleting the row and column of the nine grids. Score canberepeated to get.4. From the 1, 2 and 3, we know that the way to get higher scoreisto do quickly!
FisherKing is a very popular casual game,whichenables you to experience arcade fishing delight in yourphone andfamiliar with underwater world, classic game willdefinitely makeyou fondle admiringly.Big fish and small fish even golden fish, you can catch thewholelot in an action.Big cannon and small cannon even super cannon, which can hitthetarget every time without a miss.Numerous gold coins are waiting for you, you can obtainvariousdeep-sea resources, the unique missile reflection wave makesyourbullet fly.Why do you still hesitate, just make sail now, fish iswaitingfor you.