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Video converter mp4 Baklayon
AvideoConverter is an app to convert videos easily to a compatibleAndroid format, but is fully customizable to convert videos to anykind of formats. Key features: -Profiles to convert videos todifferent devices easily. -Convert to mp4, mkv, flv, avi, 3gp, asf,mpg, ts, m2ts, ogg, vob, wmv, etc... from any kind of video format( video to video converter ). -Support all kind of video formats,if one video is not recognized, please send a mail to support tofix the issue. -Custom profiles to convert videos and adjust theencoding properties. -Easy file browser. -Video player integrated.Is a free video converter with all the features enabled withoutrestriction. -Optimized for many devices and architectures. -Testedin many devices and compatible with all Android versions.AvideoConverter has implemented a smart algorithm to convert fastersome specific cases, it will analize the source video and will tryto choose the best and fast codec to convert the video. Has aprofile system to easily choose your target device, but also hasthe custom profile to get a full set of options for more advancedusers. Video conversions: + Convert avi to mp4, mp4 to avi. +Convert mkv to mp4, mp4 to mkv. + Convert 3gp to mp4, mp4 to 3gp. +Convert Asf to mp4, mp4 to asf. + Convert flv to mp4, mp4 to flv. +Convert mpg to mp4, mp4 to mpg. + Convert ogg to mp4, mp4 to ogg.
AMemoryBoost ( Swap enabler ) SantAndrew
An easy tool to increase ram memory and boost your mobile. Rammemory is an important component in an operating system. Androidmanages RAM well but sometimes it can end some process when it isin scenarios with little RAM, other times the device slows down.Adding a partition or swap file will increase the RAM memory ofyour device, and you will notice more smoothness especially in somegames. By eliminating background processes you can make your mobilerespond faster in the graphical interface. <- Features Memorybooster: -Clean memory in the background. -Activate a swap file.-Activate a swap partition. <--Requirements--> Someoperations need ROOT permits.
AParted ( Sd card Partition ) Sant Andrew v1.51
This tool allows you to create partitions and administer them inyour sdcard or usb device. You can add more RAM to your device bycreating a swap partition. Also you can repair some damaged sdcardand scan for bad blocks. Working in all Android versions since 2.3to 5.x This application is not a game, AParted will erase all yourdata in your sdcard if is not correctly used. Aparted is a softwarefor advanced users that know what are doing, please don´t use thisapplication if you are not an advanced user. The developer is notresponsible of any damage to your sdcard so use it at your ownrisk. !!!!ROOT MOBILE REQUIRED.!!!!!
Audio convert Baklayon
mp3 converter is a free tool to convert several multimedia ( audioand video ) files to any format.(Mp3, Flac, Wma, Ogg, Aac, 3gp,Ac3, Ape, Wav, aiff...) Features: +Encode all kind of audio formats. +Extract audio from videos. +Audio player included. +VBRencoding. +Really fast encoding in Android. +Hi quality and lowquality options. - Convert Wma to Mp3, Mp3 to Wma - Convert Aac toMp3, Mp3 to Aac... - Convert Ogg to Mp3, Mp3 to Aiff... - ConvertFlac to Mp3, Mp3 to Flac... This app uses libffmpeg and lame toencode and decode.
Screen Recorder ( Ascrecorder) SantAndreu
Ascrecorder is a tool that enables you to capture the screen ofyour Android device. The intuitive and easy-to-use software offersa complete suite of tools and options for professional screencapture with audio. With our screen recording software you canrecord games, tools and any application included Skype videos inHD, and much more in a quick and hassle-free way.This software iscompatible with all the versions of Android since 2.3(GingerBread).There are a set of tools Included for Audio and Videoediting:-Audio Maximize.-Audio track mixing.-Audio effects.-Audiosynchronize.-Video cutting.
ARecover recover deleted photos Baklayon
ARecover is a tool designed to recover the deleted data fromanykind of drives and partitions. It will recover data fromdeleteddisks or formatted as well, giving the user the chance torecoverthat pictures, documents, music, videos, etc that were lostin acorrupted or formatted sd card. It works with external andinternalsd card and external Usb drives. It supports many commonextensionsas jpg, gif, png, bmp, mp3, mp4, doc, pdf, xml, zip, gz,rar, etc.and a friendly user interface to let the user recover hisdataeasily. This application is hardly based in recphoto recovertoolfrom Cgsecurity, so credits to them to offer that nice tool.Alsocredits to Open Source community, for all the efforts andtoolsfreely available with its open source code. Rooted phoneisrequired to recover the data and read the raw devices. For bugsyoucan send a mail to Thanks for using it.