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GPS Route Finder - Route Tracker Maps & Navigation 1.1.1
Let's plan the trips, routes, tours and find restaurants nearbywith GPS Route Finder - Route Tracker Maps & Navigation FreeApp. Finder route is an ultimate interesting elegant free eliteapplication designed for users searching of GPS tracker andnavigation for trips or routes. It's all about the maps,directions, route finding, navigation, travel direction and nearbylocations by GPS. Smart GPS Route Finder Maps and directionnavigation takes advantage of global positioning system of networkto get the position on earth also helpful to navigate freely onmaps and get required direction with verity of features likedriving route, shortest route to find, current location, sharinglocation with friends, friends location, compass and many moreoptions in nearby smart GPS route finder. Smart GPS Route FinderMaps navigation and travel direction app with real time traffic forandroid with free 3D maps and route finding. Smart GPS route finderis totally free app to download and user friendly!GPS Route Finder- Route Tracker Maps & Navigation around the world with ease!Feel more like a local than a tourist when you travel. Have instantknowledge about nearby sites, destinations and more, or easily planyour next hike or bike route through GPS navigation. All ispossible with smart GPS route finder. Get accurate driving route& real-time navigation for wherever you want to go. Travelaround the world navigate using GPS route finder. Smart routeplanner app of Maps Navigation & Location Tracker allows userto find Restaurants, ATMS, Hotels, Bank, Schools, Bus Station, Postoffice, Cafe & Police station etc nearby.Top Features of GPSRoute Finder - Route Tracker Maps & Navigation:• Find easiestand fastest route for your destination with GPS navigation routefinder• Get accurate driving route for wherever you want to go•Easily track all the locations you have visited with route finder•Information about current location • Find out the friend's location• Share location with friends • Compass for direction • Supportsdifferent maps types: Normal maps, Satellite maps, Terrain maps•Find real time Driving Route• Accurate speed by using GPS RouteTracker• Get accurate driving route and real-time navigation• Alsosupport nearby locations are ATM's, Airports, Beauty Salons,Church's, hospitals, Parks, Schools Shopping Malls and so on withroute finder navigationIf you like GPS Route Finder - Route TrackerMaps & Navigation, please try other games and applications byclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisheraccount. And don’t forget to rate and review.
Smart GPS Voice Navigation-Route Finder & Compass 1.1
Maps factor and direction global voice navigation accurate apptakes advantage of global positioning system of network to get theposition on earth also helpful to navigate live freely on mapstraffic alerts and get required direction with verity of featureslike driving route, shortest route to find, current location,sharing location with friends, friends location, compass and manymore options in nearby with Smart GPS Voice Navigation Nearby PlaceFinder app. Google map voice route finder system for android isessential for travelers GPS dependent for finding location &finding shortest driving route to destination. Voice Navigation& maps will guide to search places through voice advice. Speakname of desire place and voice navigation advice will take therethrough shortest route on GPS tools. Voive navigation googletracker maps global voice navigation and direction allows planningtrips routes travel and finding restaurants nearby.Smart GPS VoiceNavigation Nearby Place Finder go with maps traffic alerts &live voice navigation, the official app you can rely on forreal-time voice GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and details aboutmillions of places, such as reviews and popular times. Traveldirection maps voice navigation & GPS tracker is an app whichcan find a way to different places. Waze navigation speedometerroute finder maps direction street view app enables you to searchand browse locations of different countries, cities all over theworld. All is possible with smart GPS route finder. Get accuratedriving route & real-time voice navigation for wherever youwant to go. Travel around the world navigate using GPS routefinder. Smart route planner voice app of Maps Navigation &Location accurate app allows user to find Restaurants, ATMS,Hotels, Bank, Schools, Bus Station, Post office, Cafe & Policestation etc nearby with Smart GPS Voice Navigation Nearby PlaceFinder.How to use:• Simple speak the location where you want to go•Confirm location what you have spoken• Take you exact place whereyou want to reach with live traffic updates on the mapTop Featuresof Smart GPS Voice Navigation Nearby Place Finder:• Simple, fastand easy interface• Get route with voice advice• Speak to searchfor direction-finding between two places• Provide you shortestroute from one coordinate to another • Find out current location,address view, car animation and so on• Best voice navigation forwalker, biker, driving, bus and truck driver• Auto save yourdestination with street name• Gps map-routing works with mobiledata, wifi, 3g, 4g and gps as well• Use of Google Map Service•Supports different maps types: Normal maps, Satellite maps, Terrainmaps• Find real time Driving Route• Accurate speed by using GPSRoute Tracker• Get accurate driving route and real-time findingroute • Also support nearby locations are ATM's, Airports, BeautySalons, Church's, hospitals, Parks, Schools Shopping Malls and soon with route finder navigationIf you like Smart gps voicenavigation nearby place finder app, please try other games andapplications by clicking “More from Developer” or by visiting ourpublisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.
Smart Street View Map Live : GPS Panorama View 1.1
Live street view gps mapia and satelliteview2018 helps you to explore the world live by sitting anywhere intheworld. It shows a 3d view of every street of every city intheworld online. It has different options of the views likesatelliteview, street view. You can see the world landmarks andtake acloser look in a 360 degree view.The live street view will amaze you like a 3d street view map.It’sa live navigation using the visual maps. Its not the indoor mapnorthe live earth map. Just a street map or you can say a streetviewthat just simply gives you a live view on a 3d map. Its justaeffort to make a better app than the google street view alsocalleda gmap and a little bit like the google earth. The 360degreefeature is for famous places not for every street. Googlemaps alsogive railroad map so does we. Our app also has a satelliteviewoption for the street view travelers. You can also looksomeone’smap location if you are using an online map. There is alsoa topview for the streets.Live street view gps mapia and satlite view 2018 is not asimpleapp. It’s a best route finder app. It has a gps trackeroffline,gps tracker, gps navigation, location finder, voicedirections,truckers gps. Without having a internet or dataconnection you canfind your location by using gps tracker. You cango anywhere withgps navigation and voice navigation that helps youto understandbetter. It’s the best app for the truck drivers. Itgives the bestroute for truckers also. So that they don’t getlate.You can also add your favorite places in the Live street viewgpsmapia and satlite view 2018 like Home, any hotel orrestaurants,family members houses, cinemas etc so you don’t have tofind themagain and again. You can also view your friend location.It has aroute 66 map navigation. GPS offline map navigation forAsia andEurope. It also has a marine map navigator for US. Ahandheld GPSmapia for your daily use. It also helps to find thelongitude andlatitude. You can plan your own route by the routeplanner on thespot in Live street view gps mapia and satlite view2018.Live street view gps mapia and satlite view 2018 is a great apptocontribute to your needs. It gives you what you want. Therearemany satellites that daily take different pictures of thestreetsfor the street view and also rotate to have a live view sowe canuse them in future if we have access to those satellites. Wealsohave the traffic maps that lets you know where the traffic isblockand where it is not. You can also find the hotels,restaurants,cinemas, banks, ATM’s etc. It also gives a streetpanoramaview.Features:• Online maps & Offline maps• Street View & Live View• Satellite View• Location Search• Find near Hotels, ATM, Gas Stations, Banks, Food PointsMaps:• Online (All over the world)
GPS Navigation: GPS Route, Live Maps & Street View 1.1.1
Unlimited number of GPS Tools like Live Street View, GPSNavigation, GPS Voice Navigation, location finder, phone tracker,level meter, Speedometer, compass, satellite finder etc. Yoursearch for multiple GPS related tools for different uses ends here.Download nowStreet View live Map Route Finder & GPS Navigation,Speedometer, compass and have all tools in a single app! It is avery useful app for any kind of travellers and the people whodepend on GPS and related utilities.Live Street View & Map ViewLiveStreet View Maps Live is using 360 view data about your livestreet into Satellite world map, best gps for travelling, GPS routefinder, GPS tracker, GPS speedometer, GPS phone tracker, GPS mapfull function, GPS maps & navigation, GPS map camera, GPS mapfree, Find nearby places with direction and a complete road view onGPS maps. Google street view, street view live map, street viewmaps live, global satellite world maps, best gps and satellite map,live street view map, street live map view 3D. Just add thelocation on liveview and road view of live maps, streets, with 360view app maps with nearby street finder maps, GPS maps in free mapsand online maps. Watch free street view camera famous app, StreetView Maps Live offers visual maps,users a chance to latest streetview on liveview of their street view and map search, GPS maps, andreal-time on road view through 360. Best GPS route finder app Youcan have street view of my house. Discover world using Street Mapsview Live offers best streetviewmap services. How to view streetview on maps of Google? Street View Maps Live gives a streetsviewer offers map view with accurate live satellite view servicesof maps street view. Being street view traveler you can see worldfamous places in your phone with visual maps by using street viewlive.GPS Voice NavigationNow make GPS driving routes during drivingmode is very easy with this voice navigation finder app. Tap routeson world maps with voice and get complete voice instruction instreet by street map. Live location of mobile number, GPS map &traffic live, live location of mobile number, best GPS andsatellite map, GPS map navigation, GPS map navigation for fishingboat, bike route GPS map navigation, satellite GPS map navigator.Don’t worry about the correct spelling of the places; we havelaunched GPS Voice Driving Route map Guide: Earth Maps Tracking andGPS Voice Traveling Guide for search worldwide voice routes andplaces search on world map. Now you can find place and make drivingdirection route map in United States (USA) map, India map quest andUnited Kingdom (UK) with just single tap on voice search button.This app will help you as a tourist planner and GPS voice map willguide you turn by turn in all over the world.GPS Speedo Meter &CompassAndroid users rejoice. Your phone is now a fully functionalanalog/digital speedometer. GPS route finder, GPS route findernavigation, GPS route finder Pakistan, GPS route finder withoutinternet, GPS tracker mobile number, GPS tracker by phone number,GPS tracker by follow me, GPS tracking location, GPS trackinglocation. At the same time the app is also a speed radar alarm tosave you from speeding tickets. This GPS speedometer features afully functional speedometer with both analog as well as digitalspeed track display. Analog meter shows speed limit just like yourcar's speedometer using a dial and a needle. Best Digitalspeedometer will show current speed in digits.A magnetic compasswith magnetic declination correction for best accuracy.Features ofStreet View live Map Route Finder & GPS Navigation:-★ Findexact path to your search location with GPS Route Finder★ Findfavorite nearby places with GPS voice navigation★ Get true distanceyou traveled with GPS Speedoometer★ Get history of your traveledlocation★ Get live street view of any location in world with StreetView Live Maps View.
Digital Speedometer HD:SpeedView for Car Bus Train 1.1.0
Digital Speedometer HD: GPS Speed View for android is a free GPSbased head up display (HUD) digital application. Use the carspeedometer gps for useful speed and distance information for yourtravel. Smart Speedometer GPS - Digital Speed KMH, MPH is veryuseful if your car speedometer has died. Use digital hudspeedometer app to if you want to know speed of your vehicle or youwant to know the speed while you are running.Digital SpeedometerHD: GPS Speed View for android speed tracker app will track yourspeed while flying or sailing or cycling. In gps speedometer freespeed app you can see your speed in speed radar. Car speedometerspeed odometer free 2018 has two type of display normal view andHUD mode. You can get display on the windscreen of your vehiclethrough hud mode in gps speedometer digital odometer app. Indigital speedometer odometer speed limit has hud display which isbest for night.Easy to use speedometer will help you to detect yourvehicle speed, it may use for multiple vehicles that are mentionedfollowing below, Speedometer for car, speedometer for bicycle,speedometer for bike, speedometer for cycle, speedometer forrunning train. Speedometer for running bus will show you the realtime speed of bus, train and car. Find speedometer KMPH, KM, KMHfor you ease. Speedometer offline work accurate for yourdestination.You can track speed of your car or bike or cyclethrough Digital Speedometer HD: GPS Speed View for android speedlimit app. Speed meter alarm of digital speedometer gps app willshow you real speed of your vehicle. Digital speedometer gps &hud app show you you’re travelling speed in different units withhud. You can see your travelling speed in mph or kmh in speedometerspeed check gps app.Find distance travelled between two points inspeedometer digital gps speed tracker. You can find your Averagespeed, Altitude, Maximum speed, speed chart and weather data. Youcan analyze your journey through gps speedometer odometer digitalapp. If your bike or car or vehicle does not have odometer orspeedometer? Just set you mobile on your vehicle and starttravelling.Easy to use digital car speedometer altimeter app willshow your travelling speed in digits. Speed count or alarm forspecific speed limit will help you to keep your car in speed limit.Car speedometer gps app will start an alarm if your move above yourspeed limit. You can use digital speedometer odometer gps app whiletravelling in bus or train. You can find your travelling speed inbus or train through digital speedometer odometer HUD widget. Youcan find true speed of your vehicle without internet throughdigital speedometer offline speed tracker app. Digital speedometermph app will show your travelling speed in miles per hour. Freedigital speedometer app has the heads up display which reflectsdisplay on your windshield.Features Digital Speedometer HD: GPSSpeed View for android- Digital Speedometer with Large Digits.-Digital speedometer based on your mobile phone's built in GPS-Supports different scales including Kilometers per hour (km/h),meters per second, miles per hour (mph) and knots speed scales.-You can change this scale any time on the move.- This mobilespeedometer also features a speed alarm. Set a speed cap and yourphone will warn you.- You can enable or disable alarm- Great designand easy to use application on all popular mobile platforms.-Average Speed, Time Duration, Altitude and Maximum Speed.- Savetraveled History.- HUD view / Normal view: Switch between HUD(mirrored) and normal displays- Get your traveled path.- Switchbetween car speedometer and bicycle odometer.- Speed chart.
Superb Flashlight : Bright LED Flashlight 1.2
Superb Flashlight : Bright LED Flashlight app uses camera LED,Screen and Flash for brightness. Use the strobe flash light app forbrightness control. Fast and brightest quick flash lite camera app.Reliable Torch colors light is simple flashlight download free app.Easy to use flashlight download and has HD good flashlight. Flashlite dimmer and torch effect will give you the flash lite discoeffect in super bright flashlight lite. Flashlight edge and flashlite galaxy is for the users of smartphones. Enjoy brightest lightwith flashlight gadget and flash lite high power. Super brightflashlight lite is the high power torch app. get the flashlight innotification bar to easily use it. Flashlight install can help youto bright the dark. You can use nice torch light for study. NiceFlashlight color will give you the multi colors in your flashlightapp.Superb Flashlight : Bright LED Flashlight is awesome and multifunctional app for android. Super bright flash light lite is thelow size and efficient or nice flashlight mobile. Use the torchlight notification to quickly turn on the light. ReliableFlashlight new version 2017 has the flash lite clap feature. In newtorch 2017, you can find your phone with the clap. LED flash litenotification app will show notification or status of your batterycharging. Torch new is the flash lite projector for better vision.Good Flashlight original will work like the real torch. Flash litepro has the amazing features for torch quick on. Flash lite powerhas the feature of low battery usage. For the better and brighterlight use the flashlight professional. For the quick and easy touse flashlight quick setting. Torch red will give you the amazingview of surrounding with flashlight red torch.Flashlight alert oncall and sms will blink your led light on every incoming call andsms. You can use the flash lite on call only or use flash lite calland sms. Powerful flash on call and sms will give you flashlightalert on calling and sms. Smart flash alert on notificationincoming call and sms will give you the early alert for call andsms. You can also use the light during video call. Best Flashlightalert on cell phone will alert you of incoming call. SuperbFlashlight : Bright LED Flashlight app also contain digital compassfor accurate direction. Flashlight Gps compass feature will showtrue north wherever you are. Compass direction finder is a highaccurate and insanely beautiful digital compass.With the help ofSimple Digital compass navigate you can get real direction by usingtorch gps compass sensor. Flash lite Gps compass map will show thereal view of your location. Professional compass in your pocketwhen and where you need use this best accurate compass app.SuperbFlashlight : Bright LED Flashlight also has the screen coloradjustable feature for you. Torch add free will give you thefeature to change your screen color for low battery usage. Amazingflashlight app is the flash lite army application. Use the bestassistive flash lite to turn dark into light. Flash lite auto isthe best flashlight for kids at night. To make your super brightflashlight lite app look different and beautiful use seasonalthemes for you automatic Torch. Use the black, white and pink (forgirls) themes. In setting of the torch app you can turn sound offand on. Simple Flashlight auto has the strobe light and sosblinking light feature.Features Superb Flashlight : Bright LEDFlashlightUltra brightness quick Torch light.Simple Torch flashlite has Gorgeous realistic user interfaceAmazing realistic compasswith reliable bright flashlight.Strobe/blinking mode is amazingfeature of torch liteEssential SOS mode for emergency in nicetorchPower saving mode for long battery lifetime in best flashlite.
Swift Digital Compass 360: Accurate Direction Find 1.1.2
Swift Digital Compass 360 : Accurate Direction Find is a highprecision and insanely beautiful digital 360 compass. DigitalCompass for android or compass for Samsung galaxy without themagnetic sensor is an essential app for your Android device. It isa professional compass or led powerful compass for dish in yourpocket, when you need it, where you need it and you never know whenI might come handy. Smart compass for direction, Simple bestcompass to help you determine the direction quickly andaccurately.Find North, West, East, South direction with SwiftDigital Compass 360 : Accurate Direction Find. First, we’ll need tocover a little bit of compass jargon first. The part of best 3DCompass or free compass application that moves and always pointsnorth is called the card (with N, S, E, and W indicated, and abeveled edge with a series of numbers on it). A red double lineacross the top of the compass is called the lubber line, andfinally, there is a little window above the compass which is oftennamed as side-window (as it is on the side of a real compass).SwiftDigital Compass 360 : Accurate Direction Find can be used throughGPS maps and navigation for most of your outdoor activities such astravel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating. Navigation directionPRO Compass with magnetic compass shows the direction of north,south, east and west, shows degrees in a side window and has arotating bezel for advanced compass navigation. The app can workoffline as hiking compass and even without the magnetometer.NordenCompass app download, free compass download and enjoy the compassfor direct TV or compass for degree. This is a high precision andinsanely beautiful GPS digital smart compass, gyro compassdirection. Compass sensor for android application is a navigationalinstrument that shows directions in a frame of reference that isstationary relative to the surface of the Earth. The frame ofreference defines the four cardinal directions north, south, east,and west and Intermediate directions are also defined.Polariscompass or standard compass that accurately finds the directionsthrough rotation and variation is on the basis of GPS maps andnavigation. GPS maps navigate can be kept regularly compass updatewith the use of its position, rotation, and waypoint. An outdoorexact position of coordinates of a magnetic 3D compass is definedby GPS maps and nav. GPS maps and navigation strongly locatecompass by GPS or navigation direction compass.The ultimatecompass, super compass rare pro app depends on the performance ofyour device exactly. If the compass works perfectly, it means thatyour sensors are perfect, too. If it is inaccurate, please checkthat yours aren't being affected by a magnetic field.How to useSwift Digital Compass 360 : Accurate Direction Find:• Keep yourphone parallel to the ground and turned toward the red arrow thatyou want to define.• Compass will display on-screen directions anddegrees.Features Swift Digital Compass 360 -Accurate DirectionFind: • Beautiful and simple user interface• Display Latitude,longitude, and address• Full-screen map• Save current position orget coordinates from map• Display current location
Live Earth Map 2018 : Satellite View, GPS Tracker 1.3
Live Earth Map 2018 : Satellite View, GPS Tracker is a powerfultool to enjoy live earth view real time. Explore earth from spacelive. Visit live earth view real time. Live earth map online app isusing maps to display the powerful insights of the nearbylocations. Now global GPS tracking device in your pocket, it is thesurveillance of location through the use of the GPS. Enjoy the realtime street atlas view with actual satellite view in free map toolsapp. This Satellite earth view let you search Google map live &also see your home on Google street live view. Nearby place locatorearth tracking is a route planner application through which you caneasily find the best and shortest way from current location to thedesired destination location with voyager view in a live earth map2018. Find live earth location of your favorite places that youwant to visit. Satellite earth Map uses global positioning systemfor route tracking. Global earth map navigation make ease to routenavigation. GPSs route tracker planner application has the abilityto give you or find shortest and easy route from your currentlocation or make path between two locations. GPS live earth MapStreet live view application use global positioning system to findbest route. Find your home with satellite view 3D map. You caneasily search or find nearby places or locations like hospital,gym, bus station, airport, casino, and train station or yourfavorite food point and club, ATM banks with many other placeswhile enjoying the voyager view. This location tracker applicationhas the three view of earth like satellite view, street view andearth view to give you a better understanding of the places. Bestnearby places locator for android smart phones and tablets. Youneed to enable location services and internet connection for bestresults in Live Earth Map 2018 : Satellite View, GPS Tracker.Explore world wonders with live earth camera view app. Plan yourjourney with real time satellite navigation. Live Earth Map 2018 :Satellite View let you search and find global earth map satellite3D and see you area live. It is free to use and you can check yourown location on map. street view map live 3d and GPS navigationallow you to determine your location and live view earth from spacearound you or any location you search all over the world with atlasmap view. Street map view nearby location finder is designed foryou to give you live map data and navigate through live data. Mapslive view is an android application. Live earth satellite viewallow you to view your area or any location or your currentposition with voyager view. You can see the real time voyager view.Explore the streets or discover natural wonders and see locationsmuseum or restaurants through voyager navigation atlas view. Findlocal addresses and places through voyager live maps app. LiveEarth Map 2018 : Satellite View, GPS Tracker Features : • routefinder driving and find walking route • Live Earth Map Real TimeAvailable 24/7 • Up to date GPS live earth map HD • Speaking andwritten distance, time instructions • View Someone's House or otherplaces Via Satellite or voyager view. • See Live Satellite MapViews or voyager atlas views • Street map View - Go around in thestreet - HD. • Small size, and Friendly interface of app. • Searchby location name or street name or city name. • Satellite viewVoyager view– Enjoy the view from the space • 24/7 Maps, TravelingRoutes, Navigation, current location & Directions uses and OpenStreet clear Map • Driving routes finder for Car, Bike, Bus andhill area tourist’s real time. • Get Live atlas view and Streetlive View on Your device. • See a Real Time live satellites viewsmap of your home and neighborhood map.
Disco Music Player : Play MP3 Song & Bass Booster 1.0
Disco Music Player : Play MP3 Song & Bass Booster is a powerfulmp3 music player with EQ and bass booster for Android having musicEQ, music library, and awesome interface.Disco Music Player : PlayMP3 Song & Bass Booster is the best free audio virtual playerapplication for Android devices in 2017! No tension of datapackages because free bass booster music player EQ is an offlinemp3 music player that will play your favorite musical song fromyour local music library and increase the volume of your music toits best level. If you are looking for an mp3 player that verysimple, light weight, without Wi-Fi, giving you crystal clear HDsound with beautiful interface and visualizers that will take yourmusic to next level? Then you find the perfect virtual music playerbass boost 3d.Our Disco Music Player : Play MP3 Song & BassBooster app is carefully developed with extraordinary powerfulfeatures like bass music player, mp3 music player, music bass andwoofer that will raise your music experience with best music playerbass and volume booster beyond dreams. There are so many best musicapps but we are confident that you will love our music equalizerbass booster 2018 the most. Once you play music with bass boostermusic player or play your favorite song with Music Volume EQ BassBooster 2018 app, you will forget to try other Android mp3 playeror audio player and bass booster or volume booster virtual musicapps.★ Music Equalizer Eq and Bass Booster★Music Equalizer BassBooster 2018 allows you to adjust your sound volume according toyour music with a five-band equalizer.Music Volume EQ Bass Booster2018 provides professional music default presets or music mixersfor your choice of music, they are Classical, Hip-hop, Rock, Dance,Pop, Latin, Metal etc.★Best Audio Player for music formats ★Mp3Music Player Volume Booster will give you opportunity to listen anyaudio files or music easily! virtual music player bass boost 3dAndroid mp3 player supports all popular sound formats such as MP3,WAV, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, MIDI etc.★Awesome visual sound spectrum★Music Equalizer Bass Booster 2018 has the most stunning musicvisual with sound spectrum graphic music equalizer bars andbeautiful circular sound bars when you are listening songs. All themusic spectrums will move according to audio rhythm of your songsor music.★ HD Sound Quality - Bass boost & equalizer effect★Music Volume EQ Bass Booster 2018 for Android is using advancedaudio decoding technology, best amplifier technology will improveaudio quality of music. Enjoy the local music with HD sound qualityand bass boost with equalizer effect, whether it is dance, easylistening, trance, or any music genre of your taste.★ Best OfflineMusic Player with Volume and bass boost★Music Equalizer BassBooster 2018 is an offline music player for Android. Virtual musicplayer bass boost 3d only lets you play local Music files alreadyon your device. mp3 music player volume booster app is not a mp3music downloader.★ Features of Disco Music Player : Play MP3 Song& Bass Booster:• Browse and play music by songs, artists,albums, playlists, folders and genres• Simple and effectiveinterface, showing visualization of your music played.• Backgroundmusic play • predefined presets, based on different music genres•Ability to save and delete custom presets• Music progress bar foran easy navigation within the song you're listening to• Repeatfunction to keep listening to your song over and over • Mediavolume control• Home screen widget • Lock screen widget• Supportsheadset / Bluetooth controls for easy listening.• Material designinterface• Set song as ringtone• Volume Balance control• Loudnessenhancer
Weather Alerts 2018: Live Weather Forecast, Widget 1.3.1
Weather Alerts 2018: Live Weather Forecast, Widget is a super bestandroid app. now you can easily check live weather updates on themobile screen by using this latest and free live weather forecastapp. check the temperature, humidity in air, atmospheric pressureand accurate weather predictions around you and all over the worldby using daily weather channel. Install this radar featured hourlyforecast app on your android device to remain comfortable by usingthis real time weather widget detector gadget app. This freeweather alert application shows the current weather predictions aswell as the weekly real time weather report so enjoy numerousfeatures through free fast hourly weather widgets.Weather Alerts2018: Live Weather Forecast, Widget is very helpful and useful liveupdate app for everyone. You will know today and upcoming hourlyweather information, you can prepare your plans according to realtime weather radar. You will be successful at work and have abetter life while knowing accurate weather forecast. If you aretravelling to some other country or visiting a popular place, packaccording to real time weather predictions. Daily Weather Alerts2018: Live Weather Forecast, Widget will update hourly. RadarWeather forecast widget app also has a graph to show you accuratevalues. You can use this application globally. Enjoy 7 day reportin this perfect live weather app. Weather widget live forecast isweather channel app which will let you manage weather of differentlocations.This is a perfect live weather prediction app that willprovide you correct and accurate weather information with livenotifications. Due to live service and great functionality of theapp, you can see real time weather forecast and updates from anypart of the world. In any winter or summer season you can determinetemperature with help of this accurate weather radar app. Checkcurrent weather condition and coming seven days forecast reportwith help of this latest and unique live weather widget.CoolFeature and best advantage of weather alerts 2018:• Latest hourlyweather forecast widget with live weather updatesof your currentlocation• Add your location to for detail weather report andinformation• Fully supported on Android devices.• Explore the realtime weather conditions in multiple locations.• The small sizedailyweather app with live updates and forecast.• Check local and comingweek simple weather predictions.• Tap on the temperature to changeamong Celsius and Fahrenheit.• App contains comprehensive awesomeweather graph.• Live weather alerts, updates and notifications.•Widgets for locations.• Daily and weekly forecasts.If you like thisWeather Alerts 2018: Live Weather Forecast, Widget app, please tryother functioning tools apps by clicking “More from Developer” orby visiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate andreview.
Sky Map View: Solar System, Star Tracker Real Time 1.1.0
Do you love starry night? Do you want to know about stars,galaxies, planets and want to know everything in sky? Sky Map Viewapp is for your smart phone. Just hold up you phone and this appwill tell you what you are pointing at.Sky Map View: Solar System,Star Tracker Live View is a sky map to explore night sky, find andobserve planets walk, asteroids, comets,ISS constellations, starsand celestial bodies in real time in a huge sky above you. All youneed to do is to point your device to the sky. If you do not knowabout stars and want to find stars or constellation in sky. Getfull star chart or real sky map free with this sky map for androidapp. You can get full stars information through star constellationchart. Enjoy sky night with guide to identify and find location ofstars with this perfect sky map free app. Dark sky map will solvemystery of night sky stars with star map tonight constellation app.Night sky map tonight sky view is a beautiful and intuitivestargazing app that uses your camera to precisely spot and identifycelestial objects in sky. Find constellations sky night as theyfade in and out in star tracker mobile sky map app. Locate planetswalk in our solar system in the sky tonight, discover distantgalaxies and witness satellite flybys in night sky app forandroid.Sky Map View: Solar System, Star Tracker Live View identifystars in night sky map is perfect stars, explorer planets andconstellations finder which can be used by both adults andchildren, star gazers and space armatures. It is also interactiveconstellation map and interactive star chart great educational toolfor teachers to understand current night sky. Sky Map View is animpressively good looking star tracker sky map of constellation appfor stargazing at any time and place. It is online star chart skymap pro app with beautiful interface astronomy knowledge and smallsize. Calibration option to zoom in and out space planets.Sky watchtonight star map app determines your location automatically. Youwill see constellations, stars, moon in their proper position. Asyou move app sky map will update in real time. Astronomy educationand satellite view for children and adults.Sky Map View: night skystar map app which has a virtual sky gorgeous view and it’s veryeasy to use. You can simply know about many things which are hiddenin night sky.Sky Map View: Solar System, Star Tracker Live View isa stargazing star chart map app offline with more stars andconstellations. Get Live Sky satellite view with calibrationoption. This app will guide you through most known stars and allnecessary information. This app is like a star finder with realtime information. Make yourself a night stars map safari. Take aplanet walk to open sky, hold your device towards night view. Starmap 2018 is good tracker for all celestial objects. You can alwayshave a seeker power for sky things in our pocket.If there is GPSsensor, turn on to show get your position automatically. Sky MapView Features:- Unique simple app for checking planets in solarsystem.- You can check galaxies & stars link with super beststar chart map.- Users can check features using GPS sensor system.-Search Stars location according to Moon.- Get information aboutplanets in full HD images.- Time travel: see the direction of moonaccording to your position.- Get different galaxy stars informationin your device.- Detailed sky map with stars location finder.
Coloring Art Book: Mandala Drawing, Painting Pages 1.2
🎨Coloring Art Book: Mandala Drawing, Painting Pagesis the bestmandalas book for adults is now available on your Android phone.Engage yourself in hours of peaceful color therapy with dozens ofoutlines to painting pages, including mandala drawing, flora,fauna, and geometric designs in color blocks. This 3d coloring artbook is a path to mindfulness, meditation and some kind ofpsychological nirvana. Just select your color for color effects proand tap to filling as colouring expert. You can fill in the blankdrawing pages online or offline painting pages in color book 2018.🌸Try now one of the best color book art and colour learning gamefor kids. Girls and boys can also draw mandala and paint severalcoloring pages in this colour mixing app paint. Make your ownunique painting pages–choose different color shades and startmaking real works of art.💐Coloring Art Book: Mandala Drawing,Painting Pages is the coloring and drawing games for all ages onAndroid. Start fill in and fill out now for the purpose of thecolour name for learning to kids. Kids can also enjoy the picturesof mandala, florals, animals, and patterns. Kids painting andcolouring in color filling app are proved to help child and adultsrelease the stress and feel better test it now. Our paintings,illustrations, and drawings range in complexity from a beginner toexpert level. Pixel coloring book is a free great way to relax yourmind and have fun. Enjoy this color therapy for free now tokidsmandalas drawingsand painting pages. The magic color book is afree and fun book for all adults and kids to color splash effect.Create your own pic collages that look like real paintings ordrawing photos through the color dictionary. Unleash your innerartist in colour editing app.🌼Coloring Art Book: Mandala Drawing,Painting Pages app for all ages. Just like the best games –children, girls, and adults can enjoy it without any restrictions.Have fun with colour on photo in the garden, while kids play videogames, or during a long flight. Relax and be creative in colouringlife throughmandalas drawing and painting pages. Colour bookadjustment help you to a creative color inspector. Get creative andjoin the latest painting pages craze and explore your artisticselves. Our coloring pages fill in or fill out right away andpersonalize drawing pictures, sketch images and illustrations witha splash of filling. 🌺Play with the most beautiful color paletteand use your imagination to create a work of art. Coloring stuffpremium app is created with the intention of allowing yourimagination to come alive. Grab colored pencils and crayons from acolor book, sit back and relax with this therapeutic color bookgreat app that brings interesting illustrations, painting pages andmandala drawings you can color in.🌷Features🌷- Easy controls! Simplytap to paint and pinch to zoom on the coloring pages- Color bookbeautiful florals, animals, buildings, vehicles, and more-Personalized color palettes, pick your favorite one or create yourown palette- Easy to save your work and share them with all yourfriends, whenever and however you like it.- Use drawing andillustrations tools for even more creativity.- Color and recolor asmany time as you want- Designed for adults but kids and girls canalso enjoy the coloring experience- Design unique work with newfilters and effects- Gradient color book, Mandala Drawing, PaintingPages
Perfect Pedometer : True Step Counter 1.0
Perfect Pedometer : True Step Counter is a handy mobile tools contain different powerful smart tools for android. Enjoy usefultool box app with smart DIY and sensor tools. this multi tools kitapplication is all in one tool box app. use device's built insensor advanced assistant for android app. it is a smart toolstation application.Perfect Pedometer : True Step Counter haspedometer for walking, which use built in sensor to count yourfootsteps. No need to turn on GPS tracking, so pedometer stepcounter app greatly save your battery power. Pedometerstep countand calories burned app also tracks your burned calories, walkingdistance and time with steps count. Step counter and count caloriesoffline will give you info of burned calories. All the informationwill be displayed to you.Just tap the start button and smart stepcounter distance meter will start counting your steps whether yourphone is in hand or in pocket or bag, it can auto record yousteps.Step and distance counter app is the best step counter appfor android. Smart sensor tools – Pedometer is exercise stepcounter app.Perfect Pedometer : True Step Counter is multi tool boxfor everything your mobile need. It is a collection of tools thatyou will need in daily life. No need to download separate app foreverything when you have an all in one tool box app. Currentlythere are five different smart tools for you mobile in one placefor easy use.Tool station editor is set of handy and elegant toolkit with awesome feature of step counter pedometer. It turns yourdevice into Swiss army knife that will cover things you need.It haslots of features described below.Perfect Pedometer : True StepCounterThis step counter offline app use your mobile built insensor to count your steps. Smart pedometer for android is stepcounter application. You can use this pedometer step counteroffline freely. Measure distance from starting position to endposition in smart foot step counter calorie burn meter.PerfectPedometer - Phone Info and PedometerYou can keep an eye on yourmobile CPU frequency so that you can know how much time your CPUwas on what frequency in power tools application.Perfect Pedometer-Sensor ManagerNow you can see all sensors details of your mobiledevice. You can find all the sensor values in the graph. Enjoy thefully featured powerful mobile sensor tools in smart tools forandroid app.Perfect Pedometer - Color Picker & StepCounterColor picker useful tool will helps you find all colors ofan image, just select image and tap on desired point of image tofind out color name, rgb values and hex code of the colorin allsmart sensor tool app.Perfect Pedometer - Compass &PedometerUsedigital compass for directions feature of smart sensorcompass app to find out directions.True Step Counter - Mobile Info& Color Pickeruse mobile info feature of Smart Sensor tools -Mobile Info app to find out all the device or mobile informationlike screen density and pixels.Perfect Pedometer– GPS NavigationLocation FinderYou can track your current location through smartsensor location tracker app. You will get your location on locationmap through this location app. True Step Counter- Low SizeSmartSensor Tools is a power tools widget app. it has a very low sizefrom other standalone tool apps. This way you will save a lot ofyour mobile date, disk space and searching frustration for all thedaily life tools.If you like Smart Sensor Smart Sensor Tools:Perfect Pedometer Step Counter, GPS application, please try ourapps by clicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisheraccount. And don’t forget to rate and review.
QR & Barcode Scanner 2018: Fast QR Code Reader 1.0.5
QR & Barcode Scanner 2018: Fast QR Code Reader is the lightningfast and real barcode decoder app on Play store. Barcode finderbest bar code checker app has user friendly and easy to useinterface. This barcode app just use your phone camera and it willscan any type of qr code or bar code to show you valuableinformation hidden in qr code image. While scanning if you want tosearch the product you can search it through our qr code detectorapp. qr code detector bar code reader app is most convenient, fastand easy android application. You can use this qr code reader barcode scanner for android. It’s totally free without limits. You canshare any qr code scanner information with your friends orfamily.Now is digital era, products are digitalized with uniqueidentification code called qrcode or barcode. QR and bar code aregenerated for each products or information separately. It cancontain names, urls, texts and other information. With QR &Barcode Scanner 2018 Bar code reader and qr code decoder it is noweasy to get information of any product which has bar code or qrcode.QR & Barcode Scanner 2018 QR & Barcode reader can readand scan all barcode/QR types Including email, location, wifi,products, url, calendar, ISBN, Contact, Text and many otherformats. After Scan and automatic decoding user will provided willinformation and some options like search product on internet orshare it. You can use this fast barcode scanner for android to scancoupons or coupon codes to get discount on products and savemoney.QR & Barcode Scanner 2018 barcode checker qrcode readerwill be used in shops to compare prices of products to save somemoney. This is most efficient QR code reader barcode scanner appyou will need most. How to UseIt's easy: just point your camera atthe QR code or bar code and our QR & Barcode Scanner 2018 QRCode Reader will immediately display the scanned contentInformation! Do not waste any more time typing a free web-address,contact information or password on your smartphone's Wi-Fi.Featuresof QR & Barcode Scanner 2018 - QR Code decoder application•Fast QR Code Scanner app can scan and read barcodes of any productinformation including one-dimensional bar codes and bar codematrix.• Light QR Code Reader app can scan and read barcodes froman image available on the phone.• accurate Barcode Checker candecode barcodes of the application, bookmark, contact list, memoryor any text line• Fast scan Barcode Reader allow you to searchproduct on internet.• Pro QR Code Reader app can look up productinformation barcode scan on internet.• You can share Informationwith other with QR code Checker app.Supported formats• 1D barcodes:EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC / EAN-extension, Code-39, Code-93,Code-128, ITF, Codabar• 2D barcodes: QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF-417,AZTEC, MaxiCode, RSS-14, RSS-extension
Phone File Manager - File Explorer & Transfer 1.0
Phone File Manager - File Explorer & Transfer is afull-featured file (Images, Music, Videos, Documents, and app)manager for your mobile local storage. File explorer or real fileexplorer helps manage your android phone data efficiently andeffectively and share that data between storage spaces in datamanager for android. Get to your data from anywhere that isorganized by nougat file manager and browser 2018. Root file andfolder manager provides access to the entire data system and alldata directories to perform phone file manager plus browser andallows the user to change permissions for data managing andviewing. Through My Files Manager: Best File Organizer lets, youcan browse and access your data by category. The best free filemanager, real file explorer is the good file manager for androidand performs fully the responsibility of a data manager, browser,and viewer. With Phone File Manager - File Explorer & Transferyou can easily manage your files and folders on your device. Smartfile explorer, file manager app download it’s free, fast andfull-featured, because of its simple UI, extremely easy to use.Phone File Manager - File Explorer & Transfer manage your dataon best data explorer for android like you do on your desktop orlaptop using multiple basic operations (Select, Cut, Copy andPaste, Move, Create or Delete folders, Rename, Search, Share, Send,Hide, Create Shortcut and Bookmark). Free, Safe, Simple, Manageyour data efficiently and easily with the mega file manager as bestfile organizer in real file manager- file explorer. Real filemanager pro free with data transfer or files transfer manager helpsyou handle all your files whether they are stored in your deviceinternal storage space as files transferring app. You can browse,transfer, organize and manage your data efficiently and easily inreal file explorer& transfer with the data manager originalbrowser. With file managing apps you can browse files easily bycategory right from manager’s home screen images, videos, music,applications, downloaded, and favorites in high-quality datamanager as a phone file manager root. Lite file manager plus alsosupports media files and major data formats including apk. PhoneFile Manager - File Explorer & Transfer easy and powerful fileexplorer for Android devices. Phone File Manager - File Explorer& Transfer provides these functionalities:• Main Storage: Youcan manage all files and folders in your local device storage andSD card.• Downloads: You manage all data (including apk and zipfiles) in the download folder.• Images: You can manage image andpicture data in your storages. Image preview is available.(Supported formats: BMP, gif, jpg, png and etc.)• Audios: You canmanage all music and sound related data. (Supported formats: mp3,Ogg, FLAC, m4p, wav, WMA and etc.)• Videos: You can manage allvideo data on your device. (Supported formats: asf, avi, flv, mp4,MPEG, WMV and etc.)• Documents: You can manage all document data onyour device. (Supported formats: doc, ppt, pdf, and etc.)• Apps:You can see all applications installed on your local device. Youcan stop or delete apps.Features:- Manage, browse, organize,explore and transfer your files- Light and smooth UI design- Simpleand user-friendly - List and grid view for file explorer&transfer- Compress and decompress support- Search and share files-Multiple selections and various sorting support- Thumbnail forphoto, video and apk filesWe are also looking for your feedback,suggestion or recommendation. Feel free to rate and review the app,share with others so we can continue to bring you the bestexperiences and updates.