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Sync.ME – Caller ID & Block 4.12.2
Sync.ME is the best app for caller ID, text ID and to identify scamcalls! ★ TechCrunch - “The App That Turns You into a God”. Sync.MEis a free caller ID app and a call blocker with over 10,000,000active daily users who rely on it to identify scam and discoverunknown caller ID details. With SyncME, you can block calls, ignorephone calls and identify unknown callers from all around the world.It has never been easier to detect, report and block unwantedcalls, identify unknown callers and even block SMS messages. Mainkey features: ✓ Caller ID – Identify unknown caller ID, blockingincoming calls and unwanted calls. ✓ Text ID – Block SMS messages!✓ Identify scam – Sync ME lets you identify unknown phone numbersand report spam calls with a tap of a button. ✓ Social caller ID-Keep your contacts up to date and synchronize their latest picturesand information from all major social networks. ✓ Contactsblacklist – Ignore unwanted phone calls by using our caller IDblock to create a blacklist of numbers. ✓ Full contact ID details –view the complete contact ID of your contacts list including name,number, and data from social media profiles. ✓ Phone lookup –SyncME lets you perform a reverse phone lookup any number to findout who it is and find out who called. ✓ Birthday reminders – Getdaily birthday reminders and send contacts personalized greetingcards. ✓ All in one – text ID, unknown caller ID, sync contactsdetails, identify and report scam calls from one easy to use app. ★SyncMe is the best caller ID app in the market! Use'scaller ID and call blocker features to lookup and identify unknowncallers ID, detect and report calls from unknown phone numbers. Ourlarge database of numbers allows for instantly identifying callers.★ PRESS → “Users no longer have to send a mass email or textmessage” The Next Web → "There are several options, but the bestone we've found so far that's free and works well is Sync.Me." PCAdvisor → "Sync.Me efficiently syncs Facebook or LinkedIn contactsautomatically." Android Pit → “Yearning for a unified contact list?Sync.Me wants your number” ZDNet → "With the nicest userinterface...Sync.ME is really made to be simple and easy tounderstand. And it succeeds." MakeUseOf It has never been easier toidentify numbers from unknown callers and block numbers andunwanted calls! Download SyncMe today! ★ Join our community andsend us your feedback or questions: → → Twitter: → Support:
Caller ID & Block 2.9.4
Take control of your phone! With Caller ID never answer an unknownnumber again. Caller ID features include: 1. Reveal the name andphoto of all incoming and outgoing calls 2. Block Calls from knownspammers and unwanted callers 3. Perform Reverse phone lookups 4.Leverage a Worldwide database of over 1 billion numbers 5. Topmarkets include the US, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain,Mexico, Canada, Japan, India, Holland, Argentina, Colombia, Turkey,Australia, Israel, Egypt and More