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Here Comes the Bus 2.5.4
Notice: In order to use the app, your school district must have acontract with Synovia Solutions and make Here Comes the Busavailable to parents. Please contact your school district orSynovia Solutions for more information, including applicable costs.Here Comes the Bus® is an easy-to-use app that lets you view thereal-time location of your child’s bus on your smartphone, tabletor computer. With Here Comes the Bus, you can send your child tothe bus stop at just the right time, helping to avoid missed busesor long waits in freezing temperatures, pouring rain, the hot sunor rush-hour traffic. KEY FEATURES: Find your bus quickly andeasily See the exact location of your child’s school bus using yourown customizable map. Access arrival & departure info Confirmyour child’s bus has arrived at the bus stop and at school, bothbefore and after school. Get updates via email or push notificationBe notified when the bus is within five minutes of your stop, has aschedule change and more. Track all of your children Have childrenthat ride separate buses? Here Comes the Bus lets you keep tabs oneach one. Know your privacy is protected To use Here Comes the Bus,parents must obtain a private ID number, which grants them accessto their child’s bus only.
Synovia 2.3.0
Whether your fleet is public or private, Synovia Solutions can helpyou increase savings, improve safety, enhance customer service andmore. With the Synovia Solutions app you can track vehicles, maphistorical routes, and view/edit vehicle properties.